388. (1) sharp–witted (Adjective) :           cordial (Adjective) : pleasant          egoist (Noun) : a person who
     having sharp intelligence                and friendly                            thinks that he or she is better
     obtuse (Adjective) : slow or             fast (Adjective) : very quick           than other peop le and who
     unwilling to understand ; blunt          heartfelt (Adjective) : sincere         thinks and talks too much about
     transparent (Adjective) : not                                                    himself/herself; selfish
                                              friendly (Adjective) : in a cor-
     opaque                                   dial manner                             spiritless (Adjective) : without
     timid (Adjective) : not brave ; shy                                              energy, enthusiasm or determi-
                                         394. (2) rational (Adjective) : based
     and nervous                                                                      nation
                                              on reason rather than emotions;
     blunt (Adjective) : saying exact-        reasonable                              senseless (Adjective) : having no
     ly what you think without trying         instinctive (Adjective) : natu-         meaning or purpose; pointless
     to be polite                             ral; based on instinct, not an          soulless (Adjective) : lacking
389. (4) deliberately (Adverb) : inten-       thought or training                     the ability to feel emotions; de-
                                              innate (Adjective) : inborn; that       pressing
     tionally; on purpose; slowly and
     carefully; not by chance                 you have when you were born        399. (1) drought (Noun) : a long peri-
                                              inherent (Adjective) : that is a        od of time when there is little or
     inadvertently (Adverb): uninten-
                                              basic or permanent part of some-        no rain
     tionally ; by accident ; without
     intending to                             body/something and that cannot          flood (Noun) : a large amount of
                                              be removed                              water covering an area that is
     secretly (Adverb) : not openly
                                              inborn (Adjective) : innate             usually dry
     accidently (Adverb) : by acci-
                                         395. (3) unpardonable (Adjective) :          dry (Adjective) : not wet
                                              that can’t be paradoned                 cyclone (Noun) : a violent tropi-
     completely (Adverb) : totally
                                              venial (Adjective) : not very se-       cal storm in which strong winds
390. (4) rash (Adjective) : impulsive ;       rious and therefore able to be          move in a circle
     reckless ; doing something that          forgiven; pardonable                    desert (Noun) : large area of land
     may not be sensible without first                                                that has very little water and very
                                              minor (Adjective) : not very
     thinking about the possible re-                                                  few plants growing on it
                                              large, important or serious
                                              pardonable (Adjective) : excus-    400. (4) intolerant (Adjective) : not
     wary (Adjective) : cautious ;            able; that can be forgiven or ex-       willing to accept ideas or ways
     careful while dealing with some-         cused                                   of behaving that are different
     body/something                           clean (Adjective) : clear               from your own
     conscientious (Adjective) : tak-    396. (3) master (Noun) : a person who        liberal (Adjective) : willing to
     ing care to do things carefully and      has people working for him              understand and respect other
     correctly                                slave (Noun) : a person who is          people’s behaviour, opinions etc. ;
     daring (Adjective) : brave               legally owned by another person         generous ; lavish ; free
     thrifty (Adjective) : stingy             and is forced to work for him           irrelevant (Adjective) : not im-
391. (2) clear (Adjective) : easy to see      surf (Noun) : waves in the sea          portant to or connected with a
     or understand                            or ocean, and the white foam that       situation
     ambiguous (Adjective) : not              they produce as they fall on the        free (Adjective) : not confined
     clearly stated or defined; having        beach, on rocks, etc.                   sensitive (Adjective) : aware of
     different meanings ; that can be         landlord (Noun) : one who is the        and being able to understand oth-
     understood in more than one way          owner of a building, house, etc.        er people and their feelings
     plain (Adjective) : easy to see          tenant (Noun) : a person who       401. (2) boon (Noun) : something that
     or understand; clear                     pays rent for the use of a room,        is very helpful and makes life
     simple (Adjective) : plain               building, land etc. to the person       easier for you
                                              who owns it                             bane (Noun) : something that
     easy (Adjective) : simple; not
                                         397. (1) shallow (Adjective) : not           causes trouble and makes peo-
                                              having much distance from top           ple unhappy; curse
392. (1) blame (Noun) : responsibili-         to bottom
     ty for doing something badly or                                                  curse (Noun) : oath ; swear word ;
                                              deep (Adjective) : having a large       something that causes harm or
     wrongly                                  distance from top to bottom             evil
     accolade (Noun) : praise or an           hollow (Adjective) : having a
     award for achievement that peo-                                                  base (Noun) : the lowest part of
                                              hole or empty space inside              something ; an idea, a fact, a sit-
     ple admire                               steep (Adjective) : rising/falling      uation, etc. from which some-
     reticent (Noun) : unwilling to tell      quickly, not gradually (slopes,         thing is developed ; basis
     people about things ; reserved           hills, etc.)                            violent (Adjective) : involving or
     decorate (Verb) : to beautify            low (Adjective) : not high or tall      caused by physical force that is
     permeate (Verb) : to spread to      398. (2) selfless (Adjective) : think-       intended to hurt or kill somebody
     every part of an object or a place       ing more about the needs, hap-     402. (4) recruit (Verb) : to find new
393. (4) hostile (Adjective) : very un-       piness etc. of other people than        people to join an organisation/a
     friendly or aggressive                   about your own                          company