373. (2) bondage (Noun) : slavery; the       prudent (Adjective) : sensible            extricate (Verb) : to escape/en-
     state of being a prisoner               and careful while making judge-           able to escape from a difficult
     liberation (Noun) : freedom ; in-       ments and decisions                       situation
     dependence                              thrifty (Adjective) : not gener-          hate (Verb) : to have a strong
     movement (Noun) : act of moving         ous; stingy                               dislike
     service (Noun) : The work that          economical (Adjective) : frugal;     384. (3) hidden (Adjective) : not open ;
     someone does for an organisation        not spending more than neces-             secret ; concealed
     unrest (Noun) : a feeling or rest-      sary                                      overt (Adjective) : done in an
     less agitation                     379. (1) clear (Verb) : not to block/          open way and not secretly ; open
374. (4) kind (Adjective) : generous         hinder/prevent ; to move freely           open (Adjective) : not closed
     cruel (Adjective) : unkind; wick-       obstruct (Verb) : to block ; to           complete (Adjective) : in totality
     ed                                      hinder ; to prevent                       culvert (Noun) : a tunnel that
                                             block (Verb) : to hinder                  carries a river or pipe for water
     rich (Adjective) : wealthy
                                             instruct (Verb) : to direct ; to          under a road
     wicked (Adjective) : cruel
                                             tell somebody to do something        385. (1) self–assurance (Noun) : be-
     poor (Adjective) : not rich                                                       lief in yourself and your abilities;
                                             prevent (Verb) : to stop some-
375. (2) optimist (Noun) : a person                                                    self–confidence
                                             one from doing something
     who always expects good things                                                    diffidence (Noun) : lack of self–
     to happen or things to be suc-     380. (3) discouraged (Verb) : to make
                                                                                       confidence; self–doubt; self–dis-
     cessful                                 somebody feel less confident or
                                             enthusiastic                              trust; shyness
     pessimist (Noun) : a person who                                                   expansiveness (Noun) : a friend-
     expects bad things to happen            encouraged (Verb) : to give sup-
                                                                                       ly open trait of a talkative per-
                                             port, courage or hope ; to per-
     theist (Noun) : relating to the                                                   son
                                             suade to do something
     belief in the existence of God                                                    shyness (Noun) : a feeling of fear
                                             neglected (Verb) : to omit; not
     vocalist (Noun) : a singer                                                        of embarrassment
                                             to give attention
     believer (Noun) : a person who                                                    sharpness (Noun) : a quick and
                                             feared (Verb) : to be scared
     believes in the existence or truth                                                penetrating intelligence
                                             disowned (Verb) : to decide that
     of something                                                                 386. (2) professional (Noun) : a com-
                                             you no longer want to be con-
376. (2) concerned (Adjective) : wor-                                                  petent person ; a person who
                                             nected with or responsible for
     ried and feeling concern about                                                    does an activity as a paid job
     something ; interested in some-                                                   rather than as a hobby
                                        381. (4) inability (Noun) : the fact of        amateur (Adjective) : doing
     thing                                   not being able to do something
     callous (Adjective) : cruel ; not                                                 something for enjoyment/interest,
                                             knack (Noun) : a habit of doing           not as a job ; novice
     caring about other’s feelings/suf-      something ; a special skill or abil-
     fering                                                                            novice (Noun) : a person who is
                                             ity that you have naturally or can        new and has little experience in
     careless (Adjective) : not careful      learn                                     a skill, job or situation
     caress (Noun) : a gentle touch          disgusting (Adjective) : ex-              lover (Noun) : a person who
     or kiss to show affection               tremely unpleasant ; revolting            loves or is loved
     carefree (Adjective) : having no        skill (Noun) : the ability to do          apprentice (Noun) : a young per-
     worries or responsibilities             well                                      son who works for an employer
377. (4) enemy (Noun) : a person who         enmity (Noun) : feelings of ha-           for a fixed period of time in or-
     hates somebody or who acts/             tred towards somebody                     der to learn the particular skills
     speaks against somebo dy/          382. (1) selfish (Adjective) : caring          needed in his job
     something                               only about yourself                  387. (1) sanity (Noun) : the state of
     comrade (Noun) : a friend ; a           altruistic (Adjective) : show-            having a normal healthy mind ;
     person who is a member of the           ing unselfish concern for the             the state of being sensible and
     same communist/socialist political      welfare of others ; selfless ; un-        reasonable
     party as the person speaking            selfish                                   lunacy (Noun) : behaviour that
     friend (Noun) : comrade                 cruel (Adjective) : wicked                is stupid or crazy ; madness ;
     associate (Noun) : a person that        unkind (Adjective) : cruel                mental illness
     you work with/do business with/         evil (Adjective) : morally bad            stupidity (Noun) : behaviour that
     spend a lot of time with                and cruel                                 shows a lack of thought or good
     follower (Noun) : one who fol-     383. (4) exhale (Verb) : to breathe out ;      judgement ; the state or quality
     low others                              to breathe out the air/smoke in           of being slow to learn and not
378. (1) generous (Adjective) : given/       your lungs                                clever/intelligent
     giving willingly                        inhale (Verb) : to breathe in; to         sensibility (Noun) : the ability
     stingy (Adjective) : not gener-         take air into your lungs                  to experience and understand
     ous ; mean ; not given/giving                                                     deep/feelings
                                             insert (Verb) : to put something
     willingly ; thrifty                     into something                            insanity (Noun) : madness ; lu-