can learn ; dexterity ; a habit of   363. (4) safety (Noun) : the state of         brilliant (Adjective) : extremely
     doing something                           being safe and protected from            clever or impressive; very intel-
     talent (Noun) : a natural ability         danger or harm                           ligent or skilful
     to do something well                      peril (Noun) : serious danger ;          solvent (Adjective) : not in debt
     dexterity (Noun) : skill in using         the fact of something being dan-    368. (1) disorganized (Adjective) :
     your hands or your mind                   gerous/harmful                           badly planned ; not able to plan
     balance (Noun) : the ability to           fatal (Adjective) : causing or           or organize well
     keep steady                               ending in death; causing disas-          coherent (Adjective) : logical and
359. (4) beneficial (Adjective) :              ter or failure                           well–organised ; easy to under-
     favourable ; advantageous ; im-           mortal (Adjective) : causing             stand and clear ; able to talk and
     proving a situation ; having a use-       death or likely to cause death ;         express yourself clearly
     ful or helpful effect                     very serious                             inept (Adjective) : acting or
     pernicious (Adjective) : having           uncertainty (Noun) : the state           done with no skill
     a very harmful effect                     of being uncertain                       carefree (Adjective) : having no
     prolonged (Adjective) : relative-    364. (3) moving (Adjective) : in mo-          worries or responsibilities
     ly long in duration ; extended            tion                                     distorted (Adjective) : changed
     ruinous (Adjective) : extremely           stationary (Adjective) : not             shape/facts/ideas etc.
     harmful                                   moving ; static ; not intended to   369. (1) humane (Adjective) : show-
                                               be moved ; not changing in con-          ing kindness
     ruthless (Adjective) : hard and
     cruel                                     dition or quantity                       brutal (Adjective) : violent and
                                               slowing (Noun) : a decrease in           cruel; direct and clear about
360. (4) poverty (Noun) : the state of
                                               speed                                    something unpleasant; not think-
     being poor
                                               standing (Adjective) : having a          ing of people’s feelings
     opulence (Noun) : luxury ; rich-
                                               supporting base ; not moving or          fearless (Adjective) : without
     ness ; wealthiness                                                                 fear
                                               flowing (liquids) ; maintaining an
     luxury (Noun) : comfort; rich-                                                     criminal (Adjective) : connect-
                                               erect position
     ness                                                                               ed with crime
                                               writing (Noun) : the act of cre-
     transparency (Noun) : permit-                                                      adamant (Adjective) : deter-
                                               ating written words ; the work
     ting the free passage of light; the                                                mined not to change your mind
                                               of a writer
     quality of being clear and trans-                                             370. (4) goodwill (Noun) : friendly or
                                          365. (2) peaceful (Adjective) : not in-
     parent                                                                             helpful feeling
                                               volving in a war, violence or ar-
     wealth (Noun) : riches                                                             malice (Noun) : a feeling of ha-
361. (2) fertile (Adjective) : that pro-       aggressive (Adjective) : angry           tred that causes a desire to harm
     duces good results or a lot of new        and behaving in a threatening            ecstasy (Noun) : bliss; a feeling
     ideas                                     way ; ready to attack ; acting with      of great happiness
     barren (Adjective) : infertile ; not      force and determination in order         happiness (Noun) : cheerfulness
     producing anything good or use-           to succeed                               honour (Noun) : great respect
     ful                                       dull (Adjective) : not bright            and admiration
     frigid (Adjective) : frosty ; very        doleful (Adjective) : very sad ;    371. (3) hostile (Adjective) : very un-
     cold ; not showing any feelings           mournful                                 friendly or aggressive and ready
     of friendship or kindness                                                          to argue/fight
                                               inactive (Adjective) : not busy
     fallow (Adjective) : not success-                                                  genial (Adjective) : friendly and
                                          366. (2) cheerful (Adjective) : happy
     ful ; a period of time when noth-                                                  cheerful; affable
                                               and showing it in your behaviour
     ing is created or produced                                                         stupid (Adjective) : foolish
                                               doleful (Adjective) : very sad ;
     ferrous (Adjective) : connected                                                    intelligent (Adjective) : clever
     with iron                                                                          affable (Adjective) : friendly and
                                               mournful (Adjective) : very sad ;
362. (4) sympathetic (Adjective) :             doleful                                  cheerful
     kind to somebody                                                              372. (2) ordinary (Adjective) : not
                                               deceitful (Adjective) : behaving
     hostile (Adjective) : very un-            in a dishonest way ; dishonest           unusual
     friendly or aggressive and ready                                                   emi nen t (Adjective) : re-
                                               beautiful (Adjective) : having
     to argue or fight                                                                  nowned; well–known ; famous
                                               beauty; pleasing to the senses
     host (Verb) : to organize an event ;                                               and respectful
                                          367. (1) diligent (Adjective) : show-
     to compere                                                                         renowned (Adjective) : eminent ;
                                               ing care and effort in your work
     proud (Adjective) : haughty               or duties                                well–known ; famous
     systematic (Adjective) : done             indolent (Adjective) : lazy; not         special (Adjective) : extraordinary
     according to a system or a plan,          wanting to do work                       ignorant (Adjective) : lacking
     in a thorough, efficient or deter-                                                 knowledge or information ; not
                                               malevolent (Adjective) : mali-
     mined way                                                                          educated
                                               cious; wicked