impulsive (Adjective) : rash ;             malevolent (Adjective) : mali-          benign (Adjective) : kind and
     impetuous ; acting suddenly                cious; wicked; having/showing           gentle
     without thinking carefully about           desire to harm other people             unsparing (Adjective) : not car-
     the results                                spiteful (Adjective) : malicious        ing about people’s feelings ; giv-
     reckless (Adjective) : rash ;              baneful (Adjective) : evil/caus-        ing/given generously
     showing a lack of care about               ing evil                           354. (1) poor (Adjective) : not wealthy
     danger and the possible results       349. (1) disappear (Verb) : to vanish;       opulent (Adjective) : made/dec-
     of the actions                             to stop existing                        orated using expensive materi-
344. (1) retreated (Verb) : to move             emerge (Verb) : to come out ; to        als; luxurious; extremely rich;
     away/back ; to retire ; to recede ;        appear ; to become known ; to           wealthy
     to escape                                  transpire                               sumptuous (Adjective) : very
     approached (Verb) : to come near           fall (Verb) : to drop from a high-      expensive and looking very im-
     (in distance) ; to speak to some-          er to a lower level                     pressive
     body about something ; to come                                                     drooping (Adjective) : hanging
                                                mark (Verb) : to indicate ; to
     close to something in amount,                                                      down; weak from exhaustion
     level or quality
                                                fade (Verb) : to become/make            wealthy (Adjective) : very rich
     reached (Verb) : to arrive at ; to
     increase to a particular level,            something paler/less bright        355. (1) advance (Verb) : to move for-
     speed, etc ; to achieve a partic-     350. (3) meagre (Adjective) : paltry ;       ward ; further
     ular aim                                   small in quantity and poor in           recede (Verb) : to diminish; to
     arrived (Verb) : to get to a place;        quality                                 withdraw; to stop growing; to
     to reach                                   ample (Adjective) : enough/             move gradually away from some-
                                                more than enough ; plenty of ;          body; to retreat
     reproached (Verb) : to blame/
     criticize ; to feel guilty                 large ; sufficient                      retrograde (Adjective) : making
345. (4) beginning (Noun) : start               sufficient (Adjective) : enough ;       a situation worse or returning to
                                                sufficient                              how something was in the past
     culmination (Noun) : the high-
     est point/end of something                 minimal (Adjective) : very small        retreat (Verb) : to move away/
     completion (Noun) : the act/               in size/amount ; as small as pos-       back ; to recede ; to retire ; to
     process of finishing                       sible                                   back off
     climax (Noun) : the most excit-            optimal (Adjective) : the best          withdraw (Verb) : to recede ; to
     ing/important event/point in time          possible ; ideal                        retreat ; to move back/away ; to
                                           351. (2) allow (Verb) : to permit            pull out ; to retract
     conclusion (Noun) : the end ;
     completion                                 curb (Verb) : check ; to control/  356. (1) intermittent (Adjective) :
346. (3) eliminate (Verb) : to remove/          limit; to restrain                      sporadic ; stopping and starting
     get rid of/defeat/kill/knock out           help (Verb) : to aid                    often over a period of time, but
                                                                                        not regularly
     include (Verb) : to make some-             restrain (Verb) : to keep under
     body/something a part of some-             control                                 perpetual (Adjective) : continu-
     thing                                      remove (Verb) : to get rid of           ous ; continuing for a long peri-
     embrace (Verb) : to hug                                                            od of time without interruption;
                                           352. (4) straight (Adjective) : not
     embody (Verb) : to represent               bent or twisted
     enclose (Verb) : to surround ; to                                                  frequent (Adjective) : often
                                                crooked (Adjective) : not in a
     put something in the same en-              straight line ; bent/twisted ; an-      continuous (Adjective) : con-
     velope, package, etc.                      noyed                                   stant
347. (2) reliable (Adjective) : depend-         twisted (Adjective) : bent ; not        rare (Adjective) : not done, seen,
     able ; that can be trusted                 normal ; strange in an unpleas-         happening etc. very often
     unpredictable (Adjective) : that           ant way                            357. (3) orderly (Adjective) : behav-
     cannot be predicted because it             devious (Adjective) : behaving          ing well ; arranged in a neat,
     changes a lot                              in a dishonest/indirect way ; de-       careful or logical way
     pliable (Adjective) : flexible ; easy      ceitful                                 unruly (Adjective) : difficult to
     to influence                               bended (Adjective) : not straight       control/manage ; disorderly
     possible (Adjective) : that can            (of the back and knees)                 uneven (Adjective) : not level,
     be done/achieved                      353. (1) self–centred (Adjective) :          smooth or flat; irregular; unequal
     potential (Noun) : possible                tending to think only about your-       undue (Adjective) : more than
348. (4) benign (Adjective) : kind and          self and not thinking about the         you think is reasonable or nec-
     gentle; not hurting anybody; not           needs or feelings of other people       essary ; excessive
     dangerous or likely to cause               philanthropic (Adjective) : be-         dirty (Adjective) : not clean
     death                                      nevolent; generous in assistance   358. (2) dullness (Noun) : slowness
     malicious (Adjective) : spiteful;          to the poor                             in understanding ; stupidity
     malevolent ; having/showing ha-            benevolent (Adjective) : kind,          knack (Noun) : a special skill/
     tred and a desire to harm/hurt             helpful and generous                    ability that you have naturally or