329. (1) submissive (Adjective) : too           delicious (Adjective) : having a    339. (2) gentle (Adjective) : calm and
     willing to accept somebody else’s          very pleasant taste/smell                kind; doing things in a quiet and
     authority and willing to obey him          appetising (Adjective) : that            careful way
     without questioning anything he            smells/looks attractive, making          harsh (Adjective) : cruel; severe
     wants you to do                            you feel hungry/thirsty                  and unkind; strict
     insolent (Adjective) : extreme-            palatable (Adjective) : having a         strict (Adjective) : very severe
     ly rude and showing a lack of              pleasant/acceptable taste                jovial (Adjective) : very cheer-
     respect                               334. (1) defeat (Noun) : win against          ful and friendly
     arrogant (Adjective) : behaving            somebody in a war, competition,          somber (Adjective) : lacking
     in a proud, unpleasant way,                sports, game, etc.                       brightness or colour; dull
     showing little thought for other           triumph (Noun) : a great suc-       340. (2) intermittent (Adjective) :
     people                                     cess, achievement or victory             stopping and starting often over
     overbearing (Adjective) : trying           victory (Noun) : success in a            a period of time, but not regular-
     to control other people in an un-          game, an election, a war etc.            ly ; sporadic
     pleasant way; domineering                  success (Noun) : a state of pros-        incessant (Adjective) : never
     disdainful (Adjective) : express-          perity/fame                              stopping; constant
     ing extreme contempt; contemp-             subjugation (Noun) : forced sub-         continuous (Adjective) : going
     tuous; insulting; scornful                 mission to be controlled by oth-         on ever
330. (4) forbid (Verb) : to order some-         ers; the act of conquering               unceasing (Adjective) : inces-
     body not to do something; to pro-     335. (3) fresh (Adjective) : not stale        sant; continuing all the time
     hibit                                      rancid (Adjective) : smelling of         constant (Adjective) : continu-
     permit (Verb) : to allow; to ap-           fermentation/staleness; sour             ous
     prove                                      putrefied (Verb) : to decay and     341. (4) temporary (Adjective) : not
     endorse (Verb) : to approve of;            smell very bad; rot                      permanent ; lasting/intended to
     to be behind; to support                   delicious (Adjective) : tasty            last or be used only for a short
     approve (Verb) : to agree; to say          stale (Adjective) : not fresh
                                                                                         eternal (Adjective) without an
     that something is good enough         336. (1) conceal (Verb) : to hide
                                                                                         end; existing/continuing forever;
     to be used or is correct                   reveal (Verb) : to disclose; to          happening often
     certify (Verb) : to state officially,      display; to make something known
                                                                                         usual (Adjective) : normal; that
     in writing, that something is true         to somebody
                                                                                         happens/is done most of the
331. (2) bloom (Verb) : to produce              insert (Verb) : to put/introduce         time
     flowers; to become healthy, hap-           into something
                                                                                         active (Adjective) : busy
     py or confident; to blossom                excavate (Verb) : to dig in the
                                                                                         realistic (Adjective) : sensible
     wither (Verb) : to become less             ground to look for old buildings         and appropriate
     or weaker, before disappearing             or objects that have been bur-
                                                                                    342. (1) tragedy (Noun) : a very sad
     completely                                 ied for a long time
                                                                                         event/situation ; a play with a
     shine (Verb) : to glimmer                  absolve (Verb) : to state formal-        serious and sad ending
                                                ly that somebody is not guilty or
     excel (Verb) : to be very good at                                                   comedy (Noun) : humour ; an
                                                responsible for something
     doing something                                                                     amusing aspect ; play with a
                                           337. (3) serious (Adjective) : sombre         happy ending
     wilt (Verb) : to become weak/
                                                flippant (Adjective) : showing           trilogy (Noun) : a group of three
     tired/less confident
                                                that you do not take something           books/films/movies, etc. with
332. (2) heartless (Adjective) : feel-          so seriously as other people
     ing no pity for other people ; cruel                                                the same subject/characters
                                                think you should
     compassionate (Adjective) :                                                         limerick (Noun) : a humorous
                                                shallow (Adjective) : not deep           verse form with a rhyme scheme
     feeling or showing sympathy for            successful (Adjective) : achiev-         aabba
     people who are suffering                   ing your aims or what was in-            clergy (Noun) : the priests/min-
     unlawful (Adjective) : illegal             tended                                   isters of a religion (Christianity)
     untrustworthy (Adjective) : that           strong (Adjective) : powerful       343. (3) cautious (Adjective) : being
     cannot be trusted                     338. (4) tasty (Adjective) : delicious        careful about what you say/do;
     indecisive (Adjective) : unable            insipid (Adjective) : flavour less;      avoiding danger/mistakes ; not
     to make decisions ; not provid-            having almost no taste/flavour ;         taking any risks
     ing a clear and definite answer            dull ; not interesting                   impetuous (Adjective) rash ; im-
     or result                                  bland (Adjective) : with little          pulsive ; acting/done quickly,
333. (2) insipid (Adjective) : having           colour, excitement or interest           without thinking carefully about
     almost no taste/flavour ; flavour-         flavourless (Adjective) : with-          the results
     less                                       out any flavour                          agitated (Adjective) : showing
     tasty (Adjective) : having a               flat (Adjective) : not curved or         in your behaviour that you are
     strong and pleasant flavour                sloping                                  anxious and nervous