crabby (Adjective) : bad- tem-      306. (2) innocent (Adjective) : not            ho sti le (Adjective) : very
     pered and unpleasant(of people)          guilty                                    unfriendly/aggressive and ready
     polite (Adjective) : gentle              guilty (Adjective) : having done          to fight/argue
     unreasonable (Adjective) : not           something wrong/illegal ; being      312. (4) quell (Verb) : to stop violent
     fair; expecting too much                 responsible for something bad             behaviour or protests
300. (4) trust (Noun) : the belief that       that has happened                         foment (Verb) : incite; to create
     somebody/something is good               good (Adjective) : excellent              trouble/violence/make it worse
     suspicion (Noun) : a feeling that        ingenious (Adjective) : having            repulse (Verb) : repel; to make
     somebody has done something              a lot of clever new ideas and good        somebody feel disgust/a strong
     wrong, illegal or dishonest; hint        at inventing things                       dislike
     doubt (Noun) : hint                      foolish (Adjective) : silly; stupid       cease (Verb) : to stop happening/
     whim (Noun) : a sudden wish to      307. (4) humanity (Noun) : the quality         existing
     do/have something                        of being kind to people/animals           control (Verb) : to limit; to have
     indifference (Noun) : a lack of          brutality (Noun) : cruelty ;              power over a person, company,
     interest                                 violence                                  country etc.
301. (3) implausible (Adjective) : not        mercy (Noun) : a kind or             313. (1) prompt (Adjective) : done
     seeming reasonable or likely to          forgi ving attitud e towards              without delay ; immediate ;
     be true                                  somebody                                  punctual
     plausible       (Adjecti ve)      :      bestiality (Noun) : cruel or              tardy (Adjective) : slow to act,
     reasonable and likely to be true ;       disgusting behaviour                      move or happen ; late in
     good at sounding honest and              cruelty (Noun) : cruel attitude           happening or arriving
     sincere, especially while trying    308. (4) lean (Adjective) : thin and fit;      gradual (Adjective) : happening
     to trick people                          not fat                                   slowly over a long period; not
302. (3) boorish (Adjective) : very                                                     sudden
                                              fat (Adjective) : having too much
     unpleasant and rude                      weight                                    late (Adjective) : near the end
     genial (Adjective) : friendly and                                                  of a period of time
                                              clean (Adjective) : not dirty
     cheerful ; affable                                                                 quick (Adjective) : fast and
                                              mean (Adjective) : unkind; not
     stupid (Adjective) : foolish;                                                      prompt
                                              willing to give or share things
     unwise                                                                        314. (4) profane (Adjective) : having/
                                              weak (Adjective) : not physically
     stingily (Adjective) : not generous                                                showing a lack of respect for
     unkind (Adjective) : cruel; not                                                    God/holy things
                                         309. (2) constructive (Adjective) :
     kind                                                                               sacred (Adjective) : hol y ;
                                              having a useful and helpful effect
303. (2) build (Verb) : to construct                                                    connected with God ; venerable;
                                              destructive (Adjecti ve) :                dedicated ; sacrosanct ; very
     demolish (Verb) : to pull or             causing damage                            important and treated with great
     knock down a building; to                structural (Adjective) :                  respect
     destroy something accidently             connected with the way in which           profuse (Adjective) : produced
     shift (Verb) : to move something         something is built or organised           in large amounts
     from one place to another                wind speed : speed of the wind            prolific (Adjective) : producing
     repeat (Verb) : to do something          static (Adjective) : not moving,          many works ; existing in large
     again and again                          changing/developing                       numbers
     hide (Verb) : to conceal            310. (1) honest (Adjective) : truthful         profound (Adjective) : very great;
304. (4) strength (Noun) : power              corrupt (Adjective) : dishonest;          felt or experienced very strongly
     frailty (Noun) : weakness and            immoral                              315. (2) immune (Adjective) : not
     poor health                              unclean (Adjective) : not clean;          affected by something ; protected
     energy (Noun) : power                    immoral                                   from something ; that cannot
     intensity (Noun) : the strength          heartless (Adjective) : cruel ;           catch or be affected by a
     of something                             feeling no pity for other people          particular disease/illness
     vehemence (Noun) : strength or           hateful (Adjecti ve) : very               susceptible (Adjective) : very
     forcefulness of expression               unkind/unpleasant                         likely to be influenced, harmed/
305. (4) induce (Verb) : to persuade     311. (2) obscure (Adjective) : not             affected ; capable of something;
     or influence somebody to do              well–known ; unknown ; difficult          impressionable
     something                                to understand                             in cre dibl e (Adj ecti ve) :
     prevent (Verb) : to stop                 prominent (Adjective) : impor-            unbelievable
     somebody from doing something            tant/well–known ; noticeable              predictable (Adjective) :
     protect (Verb) : to help                 notorious (Adjective) : well–             possible to foretell
     block (Verb) : to stop                   known for being bad                       unpredictable (Adjective) :
     hinder (Verb) : to stop ; to hamper      wicked (Adjective) : cruel                impossible to foretell