fastidio us (Adjective) :               unnecessary (Adjective) : not           secretly (Adverb) : done with
     meticulous; being careful that          necessary                               secrecy
     every detail of something is            inseparable (Adjective) : not           firmly (Adverb) : with determi-
     correct; not liking things to be        able to be separated                    nation
     dirty or untidy; selective              uncertain (Adjective) : not sure;  295. (3) predecessor (No un) : a
     fussy (Adjective) : too                 not certain; unclear; hesitant          person/thing that comes before
     concerned or worried about         290. (4) pride (Noun) : a feeling of         somebody/something else
     details or standards                    pleasure that you get when the          successor (Noun) : a person/
     coo perative (Adjecti ve) :             people who are connected with           thing that comes after
     involving doing som ething              you say that you have done              somebody/something else and
     together or working together with       something well/ own something           takes his/its place
     others towards a shared aim             that other people admire                failure (Noun) : lack of success
     promising (Adjective) : showing         humility (Noun) : the quality of        loser (Noun) : one who loses
     signs of being good/successful          not thinking that you are better        predator (Noun) : a person or
285. (4) deep (Adjective) : having a         than other people; the quality of       an organisation that uses weaker
     great distance from top to bottom       being humble                            people for his/its own advantage
     shallow (Adjective) : not deep;         digni ty (Noun) : calm and         296. (4) agreement (Noun) : consensus
     not showing serious thoughts,
                                             serious manner that deserves            contradiction (Noun) : a lack of
     feelings, etc.; superficial
                                             respect ; the fact of being given       agreement between facts,
     high (Adjective) : having a great       honour and respect by people            opinions, actions, etc.
     distance from bottom to top
                                             cruelty (Noun) : behaviour that         opposition (Noun) : the act of
     long (Adjective) : covering a
                                             causes pain and suffering to            strongly disagreeing
     great length or distance
                                             others                                  adjustment (Noun) : a small
     wide (Adjective) : broad
                                             anger (Noun) : rage                     change made to something in
286. (2) noisy (Adjective) : full of
                                        291. (2) break (Verb) : to damage            order to correct or improve it
     quiet (Adjective) : not making          make (Verb) : to create                 confirmation (Noun) : a
     noise; peaceful; gentle; silent;        li berate (Verb) : to free a            statement, letter etc. that shows
     motionless                              country/person from the control         that something is true, correct
                                             of somebody else                        or definite
     strong (Adjective) : powerful
                                             emancipate (Verb) : set free; to   297. (4) retain (Verb) : preserve ; to
     incomplete (Adjective) : which
     is not complete                         free somebod y from legal,              keep something
     violent (Adjective) : very strong       political or social restrictions        relinquish (Verb) : give up ; to
     and sudden; intense; severe             bind (Verb) : to unite people; to       stop having something
287. (1) clear (Adjective) : distinct        live/work together more happily/        reinstate (Verb) : restore ; to
     and not hazy                            effectively                             return something to its previous
     vague (Adjective) : not definite;                                               position/status
                                        292. (2) accuse (Verb) : to blame
     not distinct                                                                    displace (Verb) : replace ; to take
                                             praise (Verb) : to complement ; to
     dull (Adjective) : not bright                                                   the place of somebody/some-
                                             express admiration
     unknown (Adjective) : not                                                       thing
                                             heckle (Verb) : to interrupt a
     known                                                                           reclaim (Verb) : to get something
                                             speaker at a public meeting ;
     shady (Adjective) : having a                                                    back or to ask to have it back after
     shade                                                                           it has been lost, taken away, etc.
                                             hate (Verb) : to dislike very much
288. (1) believable (Adjective) : that                                          298. (1) dependable (Adjective) :
                                             scold (Verb) : to speak angrily         reliable
     can be believed
                                             to somebody, because he has             unpredictable (Adjective) : that
     incredible (Adjective) :                done something wrong
     unbelievable; impossible or very                                                cannot be predicted because it
                                        293. (3) begin (Verb) : to start             changes a lot ; undependable
     difficult to believe; extremely
     good/large                              terminate (Verb) : to end ; to          nature (Noun) : a person’s
     possible (Adjective) : that is not      make something end                      tendency
     impossible                              hasten (Verb) : to hurry ; to say/      laudable (Adjective) : deserving
     imagi nable (Adjecti ve) :              do something without delay              to be praised; commendable
     possible to imagine                     depart (Verb) : to leave a place/       compliant (Adjective) : too
     enjoyable (Adjective) : that can        job                                     willing to agree with other people
     be enjoyed                              change (Verb) : to alter                or to obey rules
289. (1) avoidable (Adjective) : that   294. (3) slowly (Adverb) : not fast     299. (1) lenient (Adjective) : not so
     can be prevented                        rapidly (Adverb) : very quickly;        strict as expected while
     inevitabl e (Adjecti ve) :              happening in a short period of          punishing somebody
     unavoidable; that cannot be             time                                    stern (Adjective) : serious ;
     avoided/prevented                       lazily (Adverb) : in lazy manner        strict; difficult