boring (Adjective) : not inter-          laudable (Adjective) : deserving         immature (Adjective) : not fully
     esting                                   to be praised/admired; com-              developed/grown
269. (4) hope (Noun) : a feeling that         mendable                                 smooth (Adjective) : plain; not
     something you want will happen      274. (2) rural (Adjective) : connected        rugged
     despair (Noun) : the feeling of          with/like the countryside (village) 280. (3) diffident (Adjective) : not
     losing all hope                          urban (Adjective) : connected            having much confidence in
     sneer (Noun) : an unpleasant             with a town or city                      yourself; shy
     look, smile or comment                   rustic (Adjective) : characteris-        confident (Adjective) : feeling
     compliment (Noun) : a remark             tic of rural life                        sure about your own ability to
     that expresses praise/admira-            civil (Adjective) : connected            do things and be successful
     tion                                     with people who live in a country        worried (Adjective) : tense
     irony (Noun) : the amusing/              foreign (Adjective) : connected          pe ssi mi s ti c (A dje cti ve) :
     strange aspect of a situation that       with another country                     expecting bad things to happen
     is very different from what you     275. (2) beli evable (Adjective) :            and that something will not be
     expect                                   plausible; that can be believed          successful
270. (2) opaque (Adjective) : not clear       incredible (Adjective) :                 depressed (Adjective) : very sad
     enough to see through or allow           unbelievable ; impossible or very        and without hope
     light through ; difficult to under-      difficult to believe; extremely,    281. (4) ambiguous (Adjective) : that
     stand; impenetrable                      good/large                               can be understood in more than
     transparent (Adjective) : obvi-          possible (Adjective) : that can          one way; having different
     ous ; clear ; allowing you to see        be done/achieved                         meanings
     through it ; easy to understand          enjoyable (Adjective) : that can         explicit (Adjective) : clean and
     translucent (Adjecti ve) :               be enjoyed                               easy to understand; frank
     allowing light to pass through but       imaginary (Adjective) : existing         elusive (Adjective) : difficult to
     not transparent                          only in mind/imagination                 find, define or achieve
     clear (Adjective) : obvious ;                                                     allusive (Adjective) : saying/
                                         276. (3) generous (Adjective) : kind
     transparent                                                                       writing that refers to/mentions
                                              sti ngy (Adjecti ve) : not
                                                                                       another person/subject in an
     sharp (Adjective) : having a fine        generou s, especi all y wi th            indirect way
     edge or point                            money; mean
                                                                                       ambidextrous (Adjective) : able
271. (1) disagree (Verb) : not to agree       clean (Adjective) : not dirty            to use both the hands equally
     concur (Verb) : to agree                 tight (Adjective) : not loose            well
     disappear (Verb) : vanish                cheap (Adjective) : inexpensive     282. (2) vulnerabl e (Adjecti ve) :
     disarrange (Verb) : to make         277. (1) fertile (Adjective) : not            weak and easily hurt physically
     something untidy                         barren                                   or emotionally
     discourage (Verb) : to try to            barren (Adjective) : infertile; not      immune (Adjective) : protected
     prevent something or to prevent          good enough for plants to grow           from something and therefore
     someone from doing something             on it                                    able to avoid it; exempt; not
272. (4) disrespect (Noun) : a feeling        rich (Adjective) : wealthy               affected by something
     of impudence                             pr osp erou s (Adj ecti ve) :            free (Adjective) : not dependent
     veneration (Noun) : the act of           affluent ; rich and successful           powerful (Adjective) : very
     showi ng a lot of respect ;              positive (Adjective) : feeling           strong
     reverence                                confident and sure                       weak (Adjective) : feeble
     fear (Noun) : dread                 278. (1) vice (Noun) : evil/immoral      283. (3) bright (Adjective) : not dull
     reverence (Noun) : showing a lot         behaviour                                bleak (Adjective) : not
     of respect/admiration                    virtue (Noun ) : a g ood/                encouraging or giving any reason
     remorse (Noun) : the feeling of          attractive/u seful q ual ity/            to have hope; cold and
     being extremely sorry for                behaviour/attitude                       unpleasant; exposed, empty or
                                                                                       with no pleasant features; pale;
     something wrong/bad you have             failure (Noun) : lack of success
                                                                                       cheerless; gloomy
     done                                     fault (Noun) : defect; short–
                                                                                       dull (Adjective) : not bright
273. (4) humble (Adjective) : modest;         coming; mistake
     meek                                                                              dark (Adjective) : without light
                                              offence (Noun) : crime; an
     insolent (Adjective) : extremely         illegal act                              exposure (Noun) : the state of
     rude and showing a lack of                                                        being in a place or situation
                                         279. (4) composed (Adjective) : calm
     respect                                                                           where there is no protection from
                                              and in control of your feelings
                                                                                       something harmful or unpleasant
     ignorant (Adjective) : lacking           nervous (Adjective) : anxious;
     knowledge or information; not                                                284. (4) adjustable (Adjective) : that
                                              easily worried; frightened
     educated ; uncouth                                                                can be mo ved to different
                                              flawless (Adjective) : perfect;          positions/changed in shape or
     proud (Adjective) : haughty              without fault/defect                     size