253. (2) association (Noun) : an          258. (3) yielding (Adjective) : willing       conciseness (Noun) : the act of
      official group of people, who have       to do what other people want             using a few words and yet giv-
      joined together for a particular         ad ama nt       (Adj ect ive )    :      ing all the necessary information
      purpose ; a relationship between         determined not to change your       264. (2) debit (Noun) : money taken
      people                                   mind or to be persuaded about            from a bank account
      isolation (Noun) : the act of            something                                credit (Noun) : money borrowed;
      separating ; the state of being          satisfied (Adjective) : full of          money in account
      separate                                 satisfaction                             discredit (Noun) : damage to
      segregation (Noun) : the act of          comfortable (Adjective) : full of        somebody"s reputation ; loss of
      policy of separating                     comfort                                  respect
      seclusion (Noun) : the state of          luxurious (Adjective) : comfort-         honesty (Noun) : truthfulness
      being private or of having little        able ; containing expensive and          failure (Noun) : lack of success
      contact with other people                enjoyable things
                                                                                   265. (3) concentrate (Verb) : to bring
      deportation (Noun) : the act of     259. (3) corrupt (Verb) : not honest
                                                                                        something together in one place ;
      expelling a person from his native       honest (Adjective) : trustworthy         to pay all attention to something
      land                                     infect (Verb) : to make a disease        and not to anything else
254. (2) recent (Adjective): that              or an illness spread
                                                                                        deviate (Verb) : to be different
      happened/ began only a short             cleanse (Verb) : to clean your           from something ; to do something
      time ago                                 skin/or a wound                          in a different way
      antique (Adjective) : old and            pollute (Verb) : to add dirty or
                                                                                        attract (Verb) : to appeal
      valuable                                 harmful substances to air land,
                                               water etc. so that it may no longer      continue (Verb) : to keep on
      common (Adjective) : not special                                                  doing
      innovative (Adjective) : using           be pleasant or safe to use
                                          260. (1) written (Adjective) : not oral       attend (Verb) : to be present at
      new ideas
                                               oral (Adjective) : spoken rather         an event
      youthful (Adjective) : young or
                                               than written; connected with        266. (2) active (Adjective) : always
      seeming younger than you are
                                               mouth                                    busy doing things
255. (1) dissatisfied (Adjective) : not
                                               correct (Adjective) : right and          dormant (Adjective) : not
      satisfied; discontented
                                               accurate                                 active; in active
      contented (Adjective) : satisfied;
                                               mental (Adjective) : connected           acute (Adjective) : very serious
      feeling/showing happiness
                                               with mind                                able (Adjective) : to have the
      emptied (Adjective) : having
                                               verbal (Adjective) : relating to         skill, intelligence, opportunity,
      been made empty                          words ; spoken ; relating to verbs       etc.
      happy (Adjective) : cheerful        261. (4) disagree (Verb) : not to agree       ablaze (Adjective) : burning
      unfriendly (Adjective) : not              affirm (Verb) : to state firmly/        quickly and strongly
      friendly                                  publicly that something is true/   267. (4) defiant (Adjective) : openly
256. (1) definite (Adjective) : fixed           that you support something              refusing to obey
     tentati ve (Adjective) : not               strongly ; confirm
                                                                                        chivalrous (Adjective) : polite,
     definite/certain because you may           refuse (Verb) : to deny                 kind and behaving with honour;
     want to change it later ; hesitant ;       reject (Verb) : to refuse               gallant
     provisional ; experimental                 deny (Verb) : to refuse                 gallant (Adjective) : brave ;
     insufficient (Adjective) : not       262. (4) feeble (Adjective) : very            heroic
     sufficient; not enough                     weak ; not effective
                                                                                        dastardly (Adjective) : evil and
     plentiful (Adjective) : abundant;          robust (Adjective) : strong and         cruel
     avai lab le/ex isti ng i n l arge          healthy ; sturdy ; vigorous
     amounts/numbers                                                                    amorous (Adjective) : showing
                                                lean (Adjective) : thin and fit
                                                                                        sexual desire and love towards
     active (Adjective) : always busy           strong (Adjective) : powerful
257. (2) optional (Adjective) : that            flexible (Adjective) : that can be
                                                                                   268. (4) ignorant (Adjective) : lacking
     you can choose to do or have if            changed
     you want to                          263. (2) cowardice (Noun) : fear or
                                                                                        erudite (Adjective) : having/
     co mpu lso r y ( Adj ecti ve) :            lack of courage
                                                                                        showing great knowledge that is
     mandatory; that must be done               audacity (Noun) : brave but rude
                                                                                        gained from academic study ;
     because of a law/a rule                    or shocking behaviour
     easy (Adjective) : that is simple          quivering (Verb) : trembling
     to do                                                                              illi terate (Adjective) : not
                                                bravado (Noun) : a confident
                                                                                        educated ; not knowing how to
     unnecessary (Adjective) : not              way of behaving that is intended
     required/needed; not necessary             to impress people, sometimes as
                                                a way of hiding a lack of confi-        crude (Adjective) : simple and
     ma nda to r y (A dje cti ve) :
                                                dence                                   not very accurate; offensive/rude
     compulsory; required by law