exhausti ve (Adjecti ve) :                unfurl (Verb) : to open something        or achievements ; the quality of
     including everything possible;            that is curled/rolled tightly            being unimportant compared
     very thorough or complete                 engage (Verb) : to carry out/            with other things that are
     interesting (Adjecti ve) :                participate in an activity ; be          important
     attracting your attention because         involved in                              honesty (Noun) : truthfulness
     it is special                        244. (2) amicability (Noun) : a state         truthfulness (Noun) : honesty
     short (Adjective) : concise               where something is do ne/                decency (Noun) : honest, polite
     complete (Adjective) : total              achieved in a polite/friendly way        behaviour that follows accepted
240. (3) acquire (Verb) : to gain              and without arguing                      moral standards and shows
     something by your own efforts,            enmity (Noun) : feeling of hatred        respect for others
     ability or behaviour ; to obtain          towards somebody                    249. (4) careful (Adjective) : very
     something by buying                       rivalry (Noun) : a state in which        diligent
     sacrifice (Verb) : to give up             two people, companies, etc. are          negligent (Adjective) : failing to
     something that is important or            competing for the same thing             give enough care or attention ;
     valuable to yo u ; to offer               animosity (Noun) : a strong              relaxed; not formal or awkward ;
     something to God (kill an animal/         feeling of opposition, anger/            non–chalant
     person)                                   hatred; hostility                        inattentive (Adjective) : not
     assimilate (Verb) : to fully              proximity (Noun) : the state of          paying attention
     understand an idea or some                being near somebody/something            imprudent (Adjective) : not wise
     information so that you may be            in distance/time                         or sensible ; unwise
     able to use it yourself              245. (2) lazy (Adjective) : lethargic         insignificant (Adjective) : not
     abandon (Verb) : to leave                 diligent (Adjective) : showing           big/valuable enough to be
     somebody, you are responsible             care/effort in your work/duties          considered important
     for; to leave a thi ng/place              incompetent (Adjective) : not       250. (1) sloppy (Adjective) : that
     because i t is imp ossible/               having the skill/ability to do your      shows a lack of care, thought or
     dangerous to stay                         job/a task as it should be done          effort ; baggy
     absorb (Verb) : take in; engross          extravagant (Adjective) :                neat (Adjective) : tidy and in
241. (1) superficially (Adverb) : not          spending more that what is
                                                                                        order ; carefully done/arranged;
     studying/looking at something             needed
     thoroughly                                frugal (Adjective) : using only
     thoroughly (Adverb) : very                                                         fragrant (Adjective) : having a
                                               as much money or food as is
     much; completely and with great                                                    pleasant smell
                                               necessary ; small, plain and not
     attention to detail                       costing very much ; meagre               spruce (Adjective) : neat and
     carefully (Adverb) : diligently      246. (2) good (Adjective) : smart and         clear in appearance
     freely (Adverb) : without any             apt                                      orderly (Adjective) : in arranged
     restriction                               wicked (Adjective) : morally bad;        manner
     callously (Adverb) : cruelly ;            evil ; mischievous                  251. (2) peace (Noun) : quietude
     without any feeling                       cunning (Adjective) : crafty;            strife (Noun) : angry or violent
242. (3) rapi d     (Adjecti ve)        :      wily ; clever and skilful                disagreement between two
     happening in a short period of            tricky (Adjective) : difficult to        people/groups of people ; conflict
     time ; done or happening very             do/deal with ; clever but likely         war (Noun) : a seris of battles
     quickly                                   to trick you                             anger (Noun) : rage
     gradual (Adjective) : happening           crooked (Adjective) : dishonest          woe (Noun) : misery; the
     slowly over a long period ; not      247. (4) clear (Verb) : to move freely        troub les and problems that
     sudden                                    again ; not to be blocked; to            somebody has
     unscrupulous (Adjective) :                remove something                    252. (1) attractive (Adjective) : ap-
     without moral principles ; not            block (Verb) : to obstruct; to           pealing
     honest or fair; unprincipled              hinder ; to stop something from
                                                                                        repulsive (Adjective) : causing
     dynamic (Adjective) : having a            moving
                                                                                        a feeling of strong dislike ; very
     lot of energy and a strong per-           clean (Verb) : remove dirt/
                                                                                        unpleasant ; disgusting
     sonality                                  unwanted substances
     enth usiastic (Adjective) :                                                        reflective (Adjective) : thinking
                                               ease (Verb) : to relax; to reduce ;
     feeling/showing a lot of                                                           deeply about things; thoughtful
                                               to move somebody/something
     excitement and interest                   cure (Verb) : to make an illness         distinctive (Adjective) : having
243. (2) release (Verb) : to let out ; to      go away                                  a quality/characteristic that
     stop holding                         248. (3) modesty (Noun) : the fact of         makes something different and
     retain (Verb) : to keep ; to              talking much about your abilities        easily noticed ; characteristic
     preserve ; to continue to have/           or possessions ; decorum                 progressive (Adjective) : in
     hold/contain                              vanity (Noun) : too much pride           favour of new ideas, modern
     remember (Verb) : to recollect            in your own appearance, abilities        methods and change