226. (3) plentiful (Adjective) :               validate (Verb) : to prove that            still (Adjective) : not moving ;
     available in large numbers/               something is true; to make                 calm and quiet
     amounts, abundant                         something legally valid ; to state         lazy (Adjective) : not wanting to
     meagre (Adjective) : small in             officially that something is useful        work
     quantity and poor in quality ;            and of an acceptable standard         235. (2) lazy (Adjective) : lethargic
     paltry                                    empty (Verb) : to evacuate ; to            diligent (Adjective) : showing
     numerous (Adjective) : many ;             remove everything from a                   care and effort in your work or
     existing in large numbers                 container                                  duties
     large (Adjective) : big in size/     231. (2) acquired (Adjective) : got from        intelligent (Adjective) : very
     quantity                                  something that cannot be passed            clever
     enormous (Adjective) : extremely          on ; gained by your own efforts,
                                                                                          boastful (Adjective) : talking
     large ; huge ; immense                    ability or behaviour
                                                                                          about yourself in a very proud
227. (1) amateur (Noun) : a person             hereditary (Adjective) : that is           way
     who does something for enjoy-             legally given to somebody’s child
                                                                                          notorious (Adjective) : well–
     ment, not as a job                        carried (Verb) : to take some-             known for being bad
     professional (Noun) : a person            body/something from one place
                                                                                     236. (3) mo vi ng (Adjective) :
     who does a job that needs spe-            to another
                                                                                           changing from place to another;
     cial skill/training and a high lev-       possessed         (Adjecti ve)      :       causing you to have deep feelings
     el of education ; a competent per-        controlled by an evil spirit                of sadness/sympathy
     son                                       regained (Verb) : to get back
     tradesman (Noun) : a person who                                                       stationary (Adjective) : not
                                               (ability or quality)
     sells goods ; shopkeeper                                                              mo ving; not i ntended to be
                                          232. (4) bli ss (No un) : extreme                moved; not changing in quantity
     labour or labourers (Noun) : the          happiness                                   or condition; static
     people who work for a country/            mi sery (No un ) : distress ;
     company/factory, etc.                                                                 standing (Adjective) : not
                                               poverty; great suffering of the             moving or flowing
     customer (Noun) : a person/an             mind or body ; very poor living
     organisation that buys something                                                      speedy (Adjective) : rapid;
     from a shop/store/business                                                            happening or done quickly or
                                               glad (Adjective) : pleased ; happy ;        without delay; moving/working
228. (4) plenty (Noun) : a lot ; a large
                                               grateful ; very willing to do ; full        very quickly
                                               of joy ; bringing joy
     scarcity (Adjective) : shortage;                                                      fast (Adjective) : very quick
                                               pleasant (Adjective) : enjoyable,
     not enough of what is needed and                                                237. (1) real (Adjective) : genuine
                                               pleasing or attractive ; friendly and
     difficult to obtain                                                                   fictitious (Adjective) : invented
     scanty (Noun) : too little in                                                         by somebody rather than true
                                               enjoy (Verb) : to get pleasure ; to
     amount for what is needed                                                             ambi ti ous (Adjective) :
                                               be happy and get pleasure from
     prosperity (Noun) : affluent ;                                                        determined to be rich, powerful,
                                               what you are doing
     wealth                                                                                successful etc.
                                          233. (3) civilized (Adjective) : having
     majority (Noun) : the largest part                                                    unbelievable (Adjective) : that
                                               or showing polite and reasonable
     of a group of people or things                                                        cannot be believed ; incredible
229. (1) fresh (Adjective) : recently                                                      (4) imaginary (Adjective) :
     produced or picked                        barbarous (Adjective) : extremely
                                               cruel and shocking ; showing a              existing only in your mind or
     stale (Adjective) : not fresh ;                                                       imagination
                                               lack of education and good
     unfresh ; no longer fresh ;
                                               manners                               238. (3) convicted (Verb) : to decide
     unpleasant to eat
                                               improved (Verb) : to become/                and state officially in court that
     old (Adjective) : very primitive;                                                     somebody is guilty of a crime
     not new                                   make better than before
                                               cordial (Adjective) : pleasant              acquitted (Verb) : to decide and
     steal (Verb) : to rob; to move
                                               and friendly                                state officially in court that
     secretly and quietly
                                               modified (Adjective) : changed              somebody is not guilty of a crime
     stalk (Verb) : to move slowly and
                                               in form or character                        jailed (Verb) : to put somebody
                                          234. (4) stati c (Adjecti ve) : not              in prison/jail
230. (3) occupy (Verb) : to fill or use a
     space, an area or an amount of            making, changing or developing              exonerated (Verb) : to officially
     time ; take up ; to live or work in       dynamic (Adjective) : having a              state that somebody is not
     a room, house or building                 lot of energy and a strong                  responsible for something that he
     vacate (Verb) : to empty; to leave        personality ; always changing and           has been blamed for
     a building, seat, job. position of        making progress                             accused (Verb) : to say that
     authority etc.                            stable (Adjective) : firmly fixed ;         somebody has done something
     evacuate (Verb) : to move people          not likely to move, change or fail ;        wrong or is guilty of something
     from a place of danger to a safer         steady, calm and reasonable ; not     239. (3) incomplete (Adjective) : not
     place                                     easily upset ; balanced                     complete/finished