212. (3) disagreement (Noun) : the            submissiveness (Noun) : the                tiny (Adjective) : very small
     state of not agreeing to                 state of being willing to yield to         deficient (Adjective) : not having
     something                                the will of another person or a            enough of something
     consensus (Noun) : an opinion            superior force                        222. (3) disagreement (Noun) : the
     that all members of a group         217. (2) energised (Verb) : to make             state of not agreeing/having
     agree to                                 somebody enthusiastic about                different opinions
     accept (Verb) : to take willingly        something ; to give somebody               unanimity (Noun) : complete
     something that is offered                more energy, strength etc.                 agreement about something
     opinion (Noun) : your feeling or         fatigued        (Adjecti ve)        :      among a group of people
     thoughts about somebody/                 exhausted; very tired, both                amity (Noun) : a fri end l y
     something, rather than a fact;           physically and mentally                    relationship between people or
     view                                     weakened (Adjective) : made                countries
     permission (Noun) : the act of           weak or weaker, reduced in
                                                                                         enmity (Noun) : feeling of hatred
     al lowi ng somebody to do                strength
                                                                                         towards somebody
     something                                tired (Adjective) : weary ;
                                                                                         dissatisfaction (Noun) : the
213. (4) fake (Adjective) : unreal;           needing rest
                                                                                         state of not being satisfied/
     ingenuine; counterfeit                   activated (Adjective) : made               pleased
     genuine (Adjective) : real; true;        active
                                                                                    223. (2) virtue (Noun) : a particular
     authentic ; sincere and honest      218. (3) hide (Verb) : to conceal; to           good quality or habit ; behaviour/
     general (Adjective) : normal;            cover
                                                                                         attitudes that show high moral
     usual                                    reveal (Verb) : to show ; to               standards
     genie (Noun) : a spirit with             disclose; to display
                                                                                         vi ce (Noun) : evil/immoral
     magic powers, especially one             disclose (Verb) : to show ; to             behaviour ; criminal activities
     that lives in a bottle or a lamp         display                                    that involve sex/drugs
     real (Adjective) : true; authentic       cover (Verb) : to hide ; to conceal        fame (Noun) : the state of being
214. (1) rigid (Adjective) : inflexible;      veil (Verb) : to cover your face           known and talked about by many
     very stiff ; very strict and             with a veil; shroud                        people
     difficult to change                 219. (2) mild (Adjective) : not severe          fortune (Noun) : chance/luck ;
     flexible (Adjective) : able to           or strong ; gentle and kind ;              fate/future of a person
     bend easily without breaking ;           slight
                                                                                         fate (Noun) : the things,
     able to change to suit new               severe (Adjective) : harsh ;               especially bad things, that will
     conditions                               violent ; serious ; stern ; not kind       happen or have happened to
     cruel (Adjective) : unkind               sharp (Adjective) : very pointed           somebody/something
     humble (Adjective) : polite; calm        or violent
                                                                                    224. (4) unknown (Adjective) : not
     easy (Adjective) : not difficult         important (Adjective) :                    known
215. (3) concluded (Verb) : to put an         significant
                                                                                         renowned (Adjective) : famous;
     end ; to finish                          cut (Verb) : to something make             well–known ; respected ;
     initiated (Verb) : to start; to          an opening in                              celebrated; noted
     make something begin; set in        220. (3) slow (Adjective) : not done            famous (Adjective) : illustrious
     motion                                   quickly
                                                                                         owned (Adjective) : having an
     complicated (Verb) : not easy to         rapid (Adjective) : happening in           owner
     understand/deal/do                       a short period of time ; done or
                                                                                         unowned (Adjective) : having no
     simplified (Verb) : to make              happening very quickly
     something easier to under -              happy (Adjective) : cheerful
     stand/deal/do                                                                  225. (1) soothe (Verb) : calm ; to
                                              fall (Noun/Verb) : act of falling;
                                                                                         make somebody who is anxious,
     commenced (Verb) : to start; to          waterfall; a decrease in size,
                                                                                         upset, etc. feel calmer
     begin                                    number, rate/level to drop down
                                              from a higher level to a lower             provoke (Verb) : to cause a
216. (3) dependence (Noun) : the
                                              level                                      particular reaction or have a
     state of being dependent
                                                                                         particular effect ; to say/do
     autonomy            (Noun)        :      abnormal (Adjective) : different
                                                                                         something that you know will
     independence; the freedom for            from what is usual or expected,
                                              especially i n a way that is               annoy somebody so that it may
     a country, a regi on o r an
                                              worrying, harmful or not wanted            react in an angry way ; goad
     organization to govern itself
     independently                       221. (3) scarcity (Noun) : shortage ;           incite (Verb) : to encourage to
                                              not enough of what is needed               do something violent
     slavery (Noun) : the state of
     being a slave                            abundance (Noun) : a large                 smoother (Verb) : to make
                                              quantity that is more than enough          smooth or smoother ; become
     subordination (Noun) : the state
     of being subordinate to some-            scanty (Adjective) : too little in         smooth
     thing                                    amount for what is needed                  entice (Verb) : to persuade