become a part of a liquid; to           pretended (Verb) : to behave in          treacherous (Adjective) :
     officially end a marriage; to           such a way as to make other              deceitful ; that cannot be trusted ;
     disappear                               people believe something that is         intending to harm you ; unfaithful
199. (1) contract (Verb) : to become/        not true                                 tactful (Adjective) : diplomatic;
     make something smaller in size,    204. (2) evident (Adjective) : obvious ;      careful not to say or do anything
     number or importance                    clear ; easily seen                      that will annoy/upset other
     expand (Verb) : to become/make          latent (Adjective) : existing, but       people
     something greater in size,              not yet very noticeable active or        violent (Adjective) : intense;
     number or importance                    well–developed                           severe; showing or caused by
     contrast (Verb) : to compare two        primitive (Adjective) : belong-          very strong emotion; very strong
     things to show their differences        ing to a very simple society with        and sudden
     consist (Verb) : comprise;              no industry, etc; belonging to an        false (Adjective) : incorrect;
     constitute; be composed of              early stage in the development           wrong; untrue
                                             of humans/animals ; very sim-       209. (4) unconcerned (Adjective) :
     controvert (Verb) : refute; to say
                                             ple and old–fashioned ; crude            not worried or anxious about
     or prove that something is not
     true                                    potent (Adjective) : powerful ;          something; not interested in
                                             having a strong effect on your           something
200. (3) adversity (Noun) : a difficult
                                             mind or body
     or unpleasant situation                                                          inquisitive (Adjective) : curious;
                                             talented (Adjective) : having a          enquiring; asking too many
     prosperity (Noun) : affluence ;         natural ability to do something
     the state of being successful by                                                 questions; very interested in
                                             well                                     learning about many different
     making money                       205. (1) meagre (Adjective) : paltry ;
     propriety (Noun) : moral and                                                     things
                                             small in quantity and poor in
     social b ehavi our that is                                                       inadequate (Adjective) : not
     considered to be correct and                                                     enough ; insufficient ; incomplete
                                             ample (Adjective) : enough or
     acceptable                              more than enough; plenty of              immature (Adjective) : not fully
     property (Noun) : something                                                      developed or grown ; behaving
                                             quanti tative (Adjecti ve) :
     owned by somebody; e.g. land,                                                    in a way that is not sensible and
                                             connected with the amount or
     building, etc.                          number of something rather than          is typical of people who are much
     perspicacity (No un) : the              with how good it is                      younger
     capacity to assess situations or        sufficient (Adjective) : enough          uncomfortable (Adjective) : not
     circumstances and draw sound            for a particular purpose                 comfortable
     conclusions                                                                 210. (1) poverty (Noun) : the state of
                                             tasty (Adjective) : very delicious
201. (2) insignificant (Adjective) :                                                  being poor
                                        206. (1) increase (Verb) : to become
     not big or valuable enough to be                                                 affluence (Noun) : prosperity ; the
     stressed                                                                         state of being wealthy/rich
                                             diminish (verb) : to decrease ; to
     sali ent (Adjecti ve) : most
                                             become/make smaller, weaker,             influence (Noun) : the effect that
     important or noticeable
                                             etc.                                     somebody/something has on the
     correct (Adjective) : right                                                      way a person thinks or behaves
                                             improve (Verb) : to become/
     central (Adjective) : considered        make better than before                  or on the way that something
     important ; most important              introduce (Verb) : to make               works/develops
     convenient (Adjective) : useful;        someone learn about something            neglect (Noun) : to fail to take
     easy or quick to do                     decrease (Verb) : to diminish            care of ; not to give enough
202. (4) active (Adjective) : busy      207. (1) challenge (Verb) : to refuse         attention
     doing things                            to accept something ; dispute ;          semblance (Noun) : a situation
     dormant (Adjective) : not               to question whether a statement          in which something seems to
     active; in active                       or an action is right, legal, etc.       exist although this may not, in
     strong (Adjective) : powerful           comply (Verb) : to obey a rule,          fact, be the case
     humble (Adjective) : polite; calm       an order, etc.                      211. (1) successful (Adjective) :
     quick (Adjective) : fast                complain (Verb) : to say that you        achieving your aims or what was
203. (2) reveal (Verb) : to show ; to        are unhappy, annoyed or not              intended ; having become popular
     disclose                                satisfied                                and/or make a lot of money
     camouflage (Verb) : to hide             conform (Verb) : to obey a rule,         fruitless (Adjective) : producing
     somebody or something by making         an order, etc; to comply
                                                                                      no useful results ; unproductive
     him or it look like the things          compete (Verb) : to take part in
     around, or like something else                                                   wasted (Adjective) : unsuccess-
                                             a contest/game
     hide (Verb) : to conceal           208. (3) faithful (Adjective) : loyal;
                                                                                      useless (Adjective) : of no use
     disguise (Verb) : to change your        true and accurate; not changing
     appearance so that people may           anything; staying with or                insufficient (Adjective) : not
     not recognise you ; to conceal          supporting a particular person           enough; inadequate