weak (Adjective) : not strong      191. (3) doubtful (Adjective) : not           persuasive (Adjective) : able to
     fragile (Adjective) : easily            sure; uncertain and feeling              force somebody to do or believe
     broken or damaged ; weak and            doubt; dubious; unlikely; not            something
     uncertain                               probable                                 caring (Adjective) : kind, helpful
     bright (Adjective) : full of            evident (Adjective) : clear;             and showing that you care about
     brightness                              easily seen; obvious                     other people
187. (4) sympathetic (Adjective) :           suspected (Adjective) : believed         gentle (Adjective) : calm and
     kind to somebody who is hurt            likely                                   kind
     or sad; show i ng that you              disagreed (Verb) : to be of         195. (3) possible (Adjective) : that
     understand and care about his           different opinions                       can be done or achieved
     problems                                unimportant (Adjective) : not            incredible (Adjective) :
     callous (Adjective) : not caring        important                                unbelievable ; impossible or very
     about other people’s feelings or   192. (1) yielding (Adjective) : soft          difficult to believe
     suffering; cruel; unfeeling             and easy to bend or move when            credulous (Adjective) : too ready
     rude (Adjective) : having/              you press it; willing to do what         to believe things and therefore
     allowing lack of respect for other      other people want                        easy to trick ; gullible
     people and their feelings               adamant          (Adject ive)     :      probable (Adjective) : likely to
     in sen sit ive (A dje cti ve) :         determined not to change your            happen, to exist or to be true
     unsympathetic; not caring about         mind or to be persuaded about            creditable (Adjective) : of a
     other people‘s feelings                 something                                quite goo d standard and
     indifferent (Adjective) : having        permi ssi ve (Adjecti ve) :              deserving praise or approval ;
     or showing no interest; not very        allowing or showing a freedom            praise–worthy ; morally good ;
     good                                    of behaviour that many people            admirable
188. (2) tidy (Adjective) : behaving         do not approve of                   196. (3) like (Verb) : to have interest
     in neat and clean manner                liberal (Adjective) : willing to         in somebody or something
     dishevelled (Adjective) : very          understand and respect other             detest (Verb) : to hate somebody/
     untidy                                  people"s behaviour, opinions,            something very much ; loathe ;
     composed (Adjective) : to be            etc.; generous                           dislike
     made from several parts, things         tolerant (Adjective) : able to           test (Verb) : to find out how
     or people; calm and in control          accept what other people say or          much one knows; to examine
     of your feelings                        do even if you do not agree to it;       dislike (Verb) : not to like
     confident (Adjective) : being           able to survive or operate in            somebody/something
     very sure about your own ability        difficult conditions
                                                                                      interest (Verb) : want to know
     to do things                       193. (2) amateur (Noun) : a person            more
     jovial (Adjective) : very cheerful      who takes part in a sport or other
                                                                                 197. (1) accidental (Adjective) :
     and friendly                            activity for enjoyment, not as a
                                                                                      happ ening by chance; not
189. (2) advance (Verb) : to move            job
     forward; to progress or develop         professional (Adjective) :
                                             connected with a job that needs          intentional (Adjective) : done
     impede (Verb) : to delay or stop
                                             speci al trai ni ng or skil l ;          deliberately/wilfully/willingly;
     the progress of something;
                                             competent; well-trained and              deliberate; intended
     hinder; hamper
                                             extremely skilled                        undecided (Adjective) : not
     obstruct (Verb) : hinder; to
                                             novice (Noun) : a person who is          decided
     block; to prevent
                                             new and has little experience in         concentrated (Adjective) : show-
     linger (Verb) : to continue to
                                             a skill, job or situation                ing determination to do something;
     exist for longer than expected
                                             dabbler (Noun) : an amateur              made stronger because water or
     guarantee (verb) : to promise to                                                 other substances have been re-
                                             who engages i n an activity
     do something; to promise some-                                                   moved
                                             without serious intentions and
     thing will happen
                                             who pretends to have knowledge           broken (Adjective) : that has
190. (3) safe (Adjective) : free from                                                 been damaged or injured
                                             apprentice (Noun) : a young
                                             person who works for an employer    198. (3) conclude (Verb) : to end; to
     perilous (Adjective) : very             for a fixed period of time in order      finish
     dangerous; hazardous                    to learn the particular skills           commence (Verb) : to begin/
     carefree (Adjective) : having no        needed in his job                        start
     worries or responsibilities        194. (4) sensitive (Adjective) : aware
                                                                                      start (Verb) : to begin
     impetuous (Adjective) : rash;           of and being able to understand
     impulsive; acting or done quickly                                                schedule (Verb) : to arrange for
                                             other people and their feelings
     and without thinking carefully                                                   something to happen at a
                                             callous (Adjective) : unfeeling ;
     about the results                                                                particular time
                                             not caring about other people’s
     impure (Adjective) : not pure                                                    dissolve (Verb) : to make a solid
                                             feelings or suffering