ashamed or stupid and losing the       useful (Adjective) : that can help  183. (3) convict (Verb) : to decide
     respect of other people                you do or achieve something that         and state officially in court that
     debasement (Noun) : the state          you want                                 somebody is guilty of a crime
     of making less valuable or             uneven (Adjective) : not even;           exonerate (Verb) : to officially
     respectable                            not level, smooth or flat                state that somebody is not
174. (1) dull (Adjective) : boring or       important (Adjective) : useful           responsible for something that he
     monotonous                        179. (3) careless (Adjective) : not           has been blamed for; acquit
     glossy (Adjective) : smooth and        careful                                  admit (Verb) : to accept truth;
     shiny ; giving an appearance of        meticulous (Adjective) : paying          to confess; to allow
     being important and expensive          careful attention to every detail;       release (Verb) : to set somebody/
     shining (Adjecti ve) : made            fastidious; thorough                     something free; to let go; to let
     smooth and bright                      forgetful (Adjective) : often            loose
     weary (Adjective) : very tired         forgetting things; ab sent,
                                            minded                                   reject (Verb) : to refuse to accept;
     tired (Adjective) : weary                                                       to decide not to use, sell, publish
                                            destructive (Adjecti ve) :
175. (3) unsuitable (Adjective) : not                                                etc.
                                            causing destruction or damage
                                            flagrant (Adjective) : shocking     184. (2) understate (Verb) : to state
     appropri ate (Adjecti ve) :                                                     that something is smaller, less
                                            because it is done in a very
     suitable, acceptable or correct                                                 important or less serious than it
                                            ob vious way and shows no
     dissimilar (Adjective) : not the       respect for people, laws, etc. ;         really is
     same                                   blatant                                  exaggerate (Verb) : to make
     incomparable (Adjective) : so     180. (1) natural (Adjective) : of             something seem larger, better,
     good or impressive that nothing        nature or existing in Nature             worse or more important that it
     can be compared to                     synthetic (Adjective) : artificial;      really is
     disparate (Adjecti ve) : so            man– made; made by using
     different from each other that                                                  underwrite (Verb) : to accept
                                            chemical substances
                                                                                     financial responsibility for an
     they cannot be compared or             plastic (Adjective) : made of
                                                                                     activity so that you may pay for
     cannot work together                   plastic
                                                                                     special costs or for losses it may
176. (1) disagreement (Noun) : a sit-       cosmeti c       (Adjective)       :
     uation where people have differ-       improving only the outside
     ent opinions about something           appearance and not its basic             ignore (Verb) : to pay no attention
                                            character                                to; disregard; to pretend that you
     accord (Noun) : a formal agree-
                                            apathetic (Adjective) : showing          have not seen; take no notice of
     ment between two organisations,
     countries, etc                         no interest or enthusiasm                condemn (Verb) : to express
     welcome (Noun) : act of greeting  181. (2) defensi ve (Adjective) :             very strong d isapproval;
     somebody                               protecting against attack                sentence
                                            autono mous (Adjective) :           185. (1) indisputable (Adjective) :
     disrespect (Noun) : a lack of
                                            independent; able to govern              that is true and cannot be
                                            itself or control its own affairs        di sagre ed wi th or d eni ed;
     conformity (Noun) : behaviour          self–government (Noun) : the
     or actions that fo llow the                                                     undeniable
                                            government or control of a
     accepted rules of the society          country of an organisation by its        con troversial (Adjective) :
177. (3) strength (Noun) : power or         own people or members, not by            causing a lot of angry public
     energy that can help you do or         others                                   discussion and disagreement
     achieve something that you             dependent (Adjective) : needing          re str aine d ( Adj ecti ve) :
     want                                   somebody/something in order to           showing calm or control rather
     infirmity (Noun) : weakness or         survive or be successful                 than emotion ; not too brightly
     illness over a long period             neutral (Adjective) : impartial;         coloured or decorated ; discreet
     employment (Noun) : job                unbiased                                 controlled (Adjective) : done or
     indisposition (Noun) : a slight   182. (3) plain (Adjective) : easy to          arranged in a very careful way ;
     illness that makes you unable to       see or understand ; clear                limited; managed by law or by
     do something                           deceitful       (Adjective)       :      rules ; remaining calm and not
     weakness (Noun) : lack of              dishonest; behaving in a                 getting angry or upset
     strength, power or determination       dishonest way by telling lies
                                                                                     appeasing (Adjective) : tending
178. (2) impractical (Adjective) : not      sincere (Adjective) : genuine ;
                                                                                     or intended to pacify by
     practicable; not sensible or           honest
                                                                                     acceding to demands or granting
     realistic                              useful (Adjective) : that can help
                                            you do or achieve something that
     feasible (Adjective) : that is                                             186. (2) strong (Adjective) : powerful
                                            you want
     possible and likely to be
                                            ho nest (Adjecti ve) : not               brittle (Adjective) : hard but
     achieved; practicable
                                            dishonest                                easily broken