unknown (Adjective) : not               lenient (Adjective) : not strict          serenity (Noun) : the state of
     known or identified; not famous         fabulous (Adjective) : extremely          being calm and peaceful
160. (1) cheerfully (Adverb) :               good; very great                          acceptance (Noun) : the state of
     happily; in a cheerful manner      165. (3) chaotic (Adjective) : in a            accepting
     ruefully (Adverb) : sadl y;             state of complete confusion and           placidity (Noun) : being not
     sorrowfully; regretfully                lack of order                             easily excited or irritated
     regretfully (Adverb) : in a way         orderly (Adjective) : arranged       170. (3) huge (Adjective) : very large
     that sho ws yo u are sad or             or organized in a neat, careful           mammo th (Adjecti ve) :
     disappointed about something            and logical way ; tidy ; behaving         extremely large ; huge
     tho ughtfully (Adverb) :                well ; peaceful                           quiet (Adjective) : making very
     considerately; in a thoughtful          unclear (Adjective) : not clear           little noise
     manner                                  or definite; difficult to understand      significant (Adjective) : large or
     hopefully (Adverb) : showing            valueless (Adjective) : without           important enough to have an
     hope                                    value or worth; worthless                 effect or to be noticed
161. (1) radian t (Adjective) :              incomplete (Adjective) : not              small (Adjective) : very
     showing great happiness, love or        finished; not complete                    diminuitive in size
     health; giving a warm bright light 166. (3) vulnerable (Adjective) :         171. (2) slavery (Noun) : the state of
     gloomy (Adjective) : nearly dark        weak and easily hurt physically           being a slave
     or badly lit in a way that makes        or emotionally                            liberty (Noun) : freedom to live
     you feel sad; depressing; sad and       invincible (Adjective) : too              as you choose without too many
     without hope                            strong to be defeated or changed;         restrictions from government or
     fragrant (Adjective) : having a         unconquerable                             authority
     pleasant smell                          small (Adjective) : very                  serenity (Noun) : the state of
     melodious (Adjective) : pleasant        diminuitive in size                       being calm and peaceful
     to listen to (music)                    invisible (Adjective) : that              serfdom (Noun) : the system
     illusory (Adjective) : not real,        cannot be seen                            under which crops were grown
     although seeming to be                  reachable (Adjective) : that is           by serfs
162. (2) curse (Noun) : something            possible to reach                         subordination (Noun) : the state
     that causes harm or evil; a rude   167. (4) rude (Adjective) : impolite;          of being a subordinate to
     or offensive word used with             showing a lack of respect                 something
     anger                                   inoffensive (Adjective) : not        172. (4) arranged (Adjective) :
     blessing (Noun) : God’s help and        likely to offend or upset anyone          planned and organised in
     protection;       approval      or                                                advance
                                             sensitive (Adjective) : easily
     permission; something that is           offended or upset                         disorderly (Adjective) : showing
     good or helpful                                                                   lack of control; publicly violent
                                             organic (Adjective) : produced
     dull (Adjective) : not interesting                                                or noisy; untidy; deranged
                                             or practised without using
     or exciting                             artificial chemicals                      chaotic (Adjective) : lack of
     hurt (Verb) : injured physically ;                                                order ; in a state of complete
                                             sensible (Adjective) : able to
     to cause physical pain                                                            confusion and lack of order
                                             make good judgements based on
     harsh (Adjective) : cruel, severe                                                 organized (Adjective) : carefully
                                             reason and experience rather
     and unkind                                                                        planned and arranged
                                             than emotion
163. (1) fail (Verb) : not to succeed                                                  adjusted (Adjective, Verb) : to
                                        168. (1) conceal (Verb) : to hide
                                                                                       change slightly to make it more
     accomplish (Verb) : achieve; to         divulge (Verb) : reveal; to give          suitable; adopted
     succeed in doing or completing          somebody information that is         173. (3) depression (Noun) : the state
     something                               supposed to be secret                     of feeling very sad and without
     improper (Adjective) : dishonest/       disguise (Verb) : to hide or              hope; part of a surface that is
     morally wrong; inappropriate            change so that the thing may not          lower than the parts around it
     disagreeable (Adjective) : not          be recognized                             elevation (Noun) : the process
     nice or enjoyable; unpleasant;          oppress (Verb) : to treat in a            of getting a higher or more
     rude and unfriendly                     cruel and unfair way by not               important rank; the height of a
     scatter (Verb) : to dispense; to        giving the same rights, freedom           place above the sea level; an
     throw, drop or move in different        etc.                                      increase in the level or amount
     directions                              reveal (Verb) : disclose; to make         of something; part of a surface
164. (1) obscure (Adjective) : not           something known to somebody;              that is higher than the parts
     known; not well–k nown;                 display                                   around it
     unknown                            169. (1) harmony (Noun) : a state of           reduction (Noun) : an act of
     famous (Adjecti ve) : well –            peaceful existence and agreement          making less or smaller
     known; eminent                          discord (Noun) : dis-agreement;           humiliation (Noun) : the act of
     eminent (Adjective) : famous            arguing                                   making somebod y feeling