preserve (Verb) : to keep in            immanent (Adjective) : present           savagery (Noun) : behaviour that
     original state or in good               everywhere                               is very cruel and violent; violence
     condition; to present; save; to    151. (3) poor (Adjective) : having a          cowardly (Adjective) : lacking
     keep alive/safe from harm or            very little money                        courage; fearful
     danger                                  affluent       (Adjecti ve)       :      heroism (Noun) : very great
     consent (Verb) : to agree; to give      prosperous; wealthy; having a lot        courage
     permission                              of money and a good standard        156. (1) soothing (Adjective) :
147. (4) worsen (Verb) : to make or          of living                                affording physical relief; freeing
     become worse than it was before         famous (Adjective) : known by            from fear and anxiety
     ameliorate (Verb) : to make             many people                              exasperating (Adjective) :
     something better                        insignificant (Adjective) : not          extremely annoying; infuriating
     improve (verb) : to make/               big or valuable enough to be             successful (Adjecti ve) :
     become better than before               considered important                     achieving your aims or what was
     depend (Verb) : to rely and be          skilled (Adjective) : having             intended; having become popular
     able to trust; to be sure and           enough ability, experience and           and/or made a lot of money
     expect that something will              knowledge to be able to do well          annoying (Adjective) : making
     happen                             152. (3) distinct (Adjective) : easily        somebody feel slightly angry;
     soften (Verb) : to make or become       or clearly heard; definite               irritating
     softer, less bright, rough or           obscure (Adjective) : not well–          distressing (Adjective) : making
     strong; to become or make more          known; unknown; difficult to             you feel extremely upset because
     sympathetic and less severe or          understand; indistinct                   of somebody’s suffering
     critical                                vacant (Adjective) : empty; not     157. (1) healthy (Adjective) : having
148. (1) natural (Adjective) : existing      being used; unoccupied                   good health and not likely to
     in Nature                               seldom (Adjective) : not often;          become ill/sick
     grotesque (Adjective) : strange         rarely                                   emaciated (Adjective) : thin and
     in a way that is unpleasant or          unusual (Adjective) : strange;           weak because of illness or lack
     offensive; unusual                      uncommon                                 of food
     odd (Adjective) : strange or un-   153. (2) precise (Adjective) : clean          luxurious (Adjective) : very com-
     usual                                   and accurate; exact; meticulous;         fortable ; containing expensive
     whimsical (Adjective) : unusu-          taking care to be exact and              and enjoyable things; sumptuous
     al; amusing and annoying                accurate, especially about small         intelligent (Adjective) : clever
     sinful (Adjective) : morally            details                                  and witty
     wrong or evil; immoral                  ambiguous (Adjective) : that can         sympathetic (Adjective) : kind
149. (1) straight (Adjective) : without      be understood in more than one           to somebody who is hurt or sad
     any curve or indirect way; hon-         way; having different meanings;
                                                                                 158. (4) normality (Noun) : a situation
     est                                     not clearly stated or defined
                                                                                      where everything is normal or as
     devious (Adjective) : behaving          concealed (Adjective) : not
                                                                                      you would expect it to be
     in a dishonest or indirect way,         accessible to view; hidden
                                                                                      aberration (Noun) : a fact, an
     or tricking people; deceitful; not      complete (Adjective) : total;
                                                                                      action or a way of behaving that
     direct path                             including all the parts, etc. that
                                                                                      is not usual and that may be
     obvious (Adjective) : clean;            are necessary; finished
     easy to see or understand               magnified (Adjective) : enlarged;
                                                                                      regularity (Noun) : the fact that
     simple (Adjective) : easy to un-        exaggerated
                                                                                      the same thing happens again
     derstand or do; not complicated;   154. (1) blunt (Adjective) : without a
                                                                                      and again, with the same length
     easy                                    sharp edge or point; very direct
                                                                                      of time between each time it
     superficial (Adjective) : not           keen (Adjective) : wanting to do         happens
     studying or looking thoroughly;         something; wanting something to
                                                                                      commonality (Noun) : sharing
     appearing to be true, real and          happen very much; eager; sharp;
                                                                                      of common attributes
     important until you look at it          enthusiastic; liking something
                                                                                      particularity (Noun) : the quality
     more carefully                          foolish (Adjective) : silly; stupid
                                                                                      of being individual or unique
150. (2) permanent (Adjective) :             insipid (Adjective) : having
                                                                                 159. (2) surly (Adjective) : bad–
     lasting for a long time or for all      almo st no taste or flavour;
                                                                                      tempered and rude
     time in the future                      flavourless; not interesting or
                                             exciting; dull                           affable (Adjective) : pleasant,
     evanescent (Adjecti ve) :
                                             plain (Adjective) : easy to see          friendly and easy to talk to;
     disappearing quickly from sight
                                             or understand; clear                     genial
     or memory
                                        155. (2) cowardice (Noun) : fear or           pleasant (Adjective) : enjoyable,
     imminent (Adjective) : likely to
                                             lack of courage                          pleasing or attractive; friendly
     happen very soon
                                                                                      and polite
     pervasive (Adjective) : existing        bravery (Noun) : courage; feeling
                                             of no fear                               weak (Adjective) : not strong
     in all parts of a place or thing