progressed (Verb) : improved or            discouragement (Noun) : a                 sanctity (Noun) : the state of
     developed over a period of time;           feeling that you no longer have           being very important and worth
     advanced                                   the confidence or enthusiasm ;            protecting; the state of being
     outpaced (Verb) : went, rose,              the action of trying to stop              holy
     improved etc. faster than some-            something                                 reverence (Noun) : a feeling of
     body/something ; outstripped               despondency (Noun) : a feeling            great respect or admiration
     receded (Verb) : moved gradually           of sadness and without much               rarity (Noun) : a person or thing
     away from somebody or away                 hope                                      that is unusual and is therefore
     from a previous position ; became          expectation (Noun) : a belief that        often valuable or interesting; the
     gradually weaker and smaller               something will happen because             quality of being true
135. (4) befo g (Verb) : to mak e               it is likely                         143. (1) vagueness (Noun) : unclear-
     somebody confused                     139. (1) gloomy (Adjective) : nearly           ness by virtue of being vague or
     enlighten (Verb) : to g ive                dark or badly lit in a way that           not clear
     somebody information so that he            makes you feel sad ; depressing           perspicuity (Noun) : clarity as
     may understand somethi ng                  shimmeri ng (Adjective) :                 a consequence of being per-
     better                                     shining with a soft light that            spicuous or easily understand-
     slander (Verb) : to make a false           seems to move slightly                    able
     spoken statement about                                                               dullness (Noun) : the quality of
                                                glimmering (Adjective) : shining
     somebody that is intended to                                                         being slow to understand; lack-
                                                with a faint unsteady light
     damage the good opinion that                                                         ing interest
     people have of him                         refreshing (Adjective) : pleasantly
                                                new or different ; making you feel        unfairness (Noun) : injustice by
     bemoan (Verb) : to complain or                                                       virtue of not being equitable
                                                less tired or hot
     say that you are not happy about                                                     unwillingness (Noun) : the qual-
     something                                  repining (Verb) : to feel or express
                                                discontent                                ity of not willing to do something
     darken (Verb) : to become dark ;                                                144. (3) dispassionate (Adjective) :
     to make something dark ; to           140. (4) realisti c (Adjecti ve) :
                                                sensible and appropriate ;                not influenced by emotion ;
     become/make             somebody                                                     impartial
     unhappy or angry                           possible to achieve ; feasible ;
                                                viable                                    fervent (Adjective) : having or
136. (3) common (Adjective) :                                                             showing very strong and sincere
     happening often; existing in large         far-fetched (Adjective) : very
                                                                                          feelings; ardent
     numbers or in many places                  difficult to believe
                                                                                          inexcitable (Adjective) : not
     excepti onal (Adjective) :                 wise (Adjective) : sensible ; able
                                                                                          likely to become easily excited
     unusually good; outstanding ;              to give good advice because of
                                                                                          enduring (Adjective) : lasting
     very unusual                               the experience and knowledge
                                                                                          for a long time
     great (Adjective) : look; fantastic;       that you have ; prudent
                                                                                          subdued (Adjective) : unusually
     fabulous ; terrific ; brilliant            prudent (Adjective) : sensible
                                                                                          quiet and possibly unhappy; not
     occasional (Adjecti ve) :                  and careful while making judge-
                                                                                          very bright; not very loud; not
     happening or done sometimes                ments and decisions
                                                                                          very busy
     absorbing (Adjective) : interest-          familiar (Adjective) : well–         145. (4) straight (Adjective) : not in
     ing and enjoyable and holding              known ; easy to recognize                 a curve or at an angle
     your attention completely             141. (2) pale (Adjective) : having             meandering (Adjecti ve) :
137. (2) apathy (Noun) : the feeling            skin that is whiter than usual            wandering; not straight; curved
     of not being interested in or              because of illness, a strong              sliding (Adjective) : being in a
     enthusiastic about something, or           emotion, etc ; light in colour ;          smooth continuous motion
     things in general                          not strong or bright                      sloping (Adjective) : having a
     zeal (Noun) : great energy or              florid (Adjective) : red ; having         slanted direction
     enthusiasm connected with                  too much decoration or detail             strained (Adjective) : showing
     something that you feel strongly           weak (Adjective) : not physically         the effects of worry or pressure;
     about                                      strong                                    tense; not relaxed or friendly;
     disinterest (Noun) : lack of interest      monotonous (Adjective) :                  not natural; forced
     carelessness (Noun) : the quality          never changing and therefore         146. (1) accept (Verb) : to take
     of not being careful or taking pains       boring; dull; repetitious                 willingly that is offered; to say
     hatred (Noun) : a very strong              ugly (Adjective) : unpleasant to          ‘yes’ to an offer, invitation, etc.
     feeling of dislike                         look at; unattractive                     jettison (Verb) : to throw out of
138. (1) consecration (Noun) : stating     142. (3) falsehood (Noun) : the state          a moving plane or ship to make
     officially in a religious ceremony         of not being true; the act of             it lighter; abandon; to reject an
     that something is holy and can             telling a lie; a statement that is        idea
     be used for religious purposes             not true; lie                             reward (Verb) : to give something
     desecration (Noun) : damage of             verity (Noun) : a belief or               to somebody because he has
     a holy place or thing or treating          pri nci ple about li fe that i s          done something good, worked,
     it without respect                         accepted as true; truth                   etc.