thing ; to become closed or              morose (Adjective) : unhappy,              orthodox (Adjective) : generally
     joined together ; do up                  bad–tempered and not talking               accepted or approved of ;
     loosen (Verb) : to make some-            very much ; gloomy                         traditional
     thing less tight or firm; to become 126. (2) drunkenness (Noun) : drunk             revolutionary (Adjective) :
     less tight or firmly fixed; slacken      or getting drunk                           connected wi th po litical
     accelerate (Verb) : to happen or         sobriety (Noun) : the state of             revolution ; involving a great or
     to make something happen faster          being sober; not being drunk ;             complete change
     or earlier                               the fact of being sensible and             anarchist (Noun) : a person who
     delay (Verb) : not to do some-           serious                                    believes that law and government
     thing until a later time ; defer ;       moderation (Noun) : the quality            are not necessary
     hold up                                  of being reasonable and not being          generous (Adjective) : giving or
     paste (Verb) : to stick using a          extreme                                    willing to give freely
     glue ; to copy or move text into a       dizziness (Noun) : feeling of         131. (4) lands (Verb) : comes down
     document from another place or           giddiness; a reeling sensation             through the air onto the ground
     another document                         stupidity (Noun) : behaviour that          or another surface
123. (3) submission (Noun) : surren-          shows a lack of thought or good            takes off (Idiom) : leaves the
     der ; the act of accepting that          judgement                                  ground and begins to fly ; to
     somebody has defeated you and       127. (3) alive (Adjective) : living ; not       become successful or popular
     that you must obey him                   dead                                       very quickly or suddenly
     rebellion (Noun) : an attempt by         extinct (Adjective) : no longer            travels (Verb) : to go from one
     some of the people in a country          in existence ; no longer active            place to another, over a long
     to change their government, us-          recent (Adjective) : began only            distance
     ing violence; unwillingness to           a short time ago                           falls (Verb) : drops down from a
     obey rules or accept normal stan-        distinct (Adjective) : easily or           higher level to a lower level ;
     dards of behaviour, dress, etc.          clearly heard ; of a different kind ;      suddenly stops standing ;
     forgiveness (Noun) : the act of          definite                                   decreases down in amount,
     forgiving                                ancient (Adjective) : very old ;           number or strength
     retribution (Noun) : severe pun-         having existed for a very long             explodes (Verb) : bursts or
     ishment for something seriously          time                                       makes something burst loudly
     wrong that somebody has done        128. (4) fri endly (Adjecti ve) :               and violently, causing damage
     domination (Noun) : power to             behaving in a kind and pleasant       132. (2) lavishly (Adverb) : luxurious-
     defeat or dominate                       way                                        ly ; extravagantly ; spend gener-
124. (3) generali ty (No un) : a              fiendish (Adjective) : cruel and           ously
     statement that discusses general         unpleasant ; extremely clever              niggardly (Adjective) : unwilling
     principles                               and complicated ; extremely                to be generous with money, time
     idiosyncrasy (Noun) : an                 difficult                                  etc. ; mean ; miserly
     unusual feature ; a person’s way         diabolical (Adjective) : extremely         hastily (Adverb) : hurriedly ;
     of behaving, thinking, etc.,             bad or annoying ; terrible                 very quickly
     especially when it is unusual ;          devilish (Adjective) : cruel or            likely (Adverb) : very probably
     eccentricity                             evil ; morally bad                         gorgeously (Adverb) : very
     insanity (Noun) : the state of           angelic (Adjective) : good, kind           beautifully and attractively ; im-
     being insane ; madness ; lunacy          or beautiful ; like an angel               pressively
     sanity (Noun) : the state of        129. (3) prior (Adjective) : happening     133. (2) tuneless (Adjective) : not
     having a normal healthy mind             or existing before something else          having a pleasant tune or sound
     singularity (Noun) : the quality         or before a particular time
                                                                                         melodious (Adjective) : pleas-
     of something that makes it               subseq uent (Adjective) :                  ant to listen to
     unusual or strange                       happening or comi ng after
                                                                                         harmon ious (Adjective) :
125. (2) ho peless (Adjecti ve) :             something else
                                                                                         friendly, peaceful and without
     extremely bad ; terrible ; with          eventual (Adjective) : happening
                                                                                         any disagreement ; very pleasant
     no ability or skill                      at the end of a period of time or
                                                                                         when played or sung together
                                              of a process
     sanguine (Adjective) : cheerful                                                     odious (Adjective) : extremely
     and confident about the future           succeeding (Adjective) : coming
                                                                                         unpleasant ; horrible
                                              after or following
     diffident (Adjective) : not having                                                  melli fluous (Adjecti ve) :
     much confidence in yourself ;            comparative (Adjecti ve) :
                                                                                         sounding sweet and smooth ;
     shy                                      connected with studying things
                                                                                         very pleasant to listen to
                                              to find out how similar or
     cynical (Adjective) : believing                                                134. (4) retarded (Verb) : made the
                                              different they are
     that people only do things to help                                                  development or progress slower
     themselves rather than for good     130. (2) heretical (Adjective) :
                                              characterized by departure from            advanced (Verb) : developed and
     or sincere reasons                                                                  improved
                                              accepted beliefs or standards