110. (1) reality (Noun) : the true            attraction (Noun) : a feeling of     118. (4) worthy (Adjective) : deserv-
     situation and the problems that          liking somebody ; an interesting          ing; having the qualities that de-
     actually exist in life                   or enjoyable place to go                  serve somebody/something
     delusion (Noun) : a false belief         cho ice (Noun) : an act of                futile (Adjective) : having no
     or opinion about yourself or your        choosing between two or more              purpose because there is no
     situation                                possibilities ; the right to choose       chance of success ; pointless
     acceptance (Noun) : the act of           or the possibility of choosing            upright (Adjective) : not lying
     accepting a gift, an invitation, an 115. (3) praise (Verb) : to express            down and with the back straight
     offer, etc.                              your approval of or admiration for        rather than bent ; behaving in a
     precision (Noun) : the quality of        somebody/something ; compli-              moral and honest way
     being exact, accurate and careful ;      ment                                      costly (Adjective) : expensive
     accuracy                                 admonish (Verb) : to tell some-           eminent (Adjective) : famous
     fiction (Noun) : a type of litera-       body firmly that you do not ap-           and respected ; unusual ; excel-
     ture that describes imaginary            prove of something that he has            lent
     people and events, not real ones;        done ; to advi se someb ody          119. (2) cowardly (Adjective) : not
     a thing that is invented or imag-        strongly to do something                  brave; not willing to take risks
     ined and is not true                     condemn (Verb) : to express very          audacious (Adjective) : willing
111. (3) hope (Noun) : a belief that          strong disapproval of somebody/           to take risks ; daring
     something you want will happen           something ; to say what some-             meek (Adjective) : quiet, gentle
     despair (Noun) : the feeling of          body’s punishment will be                 and always ready to do what oth-
     having lost all hope                     bless (Verb) : to ask God to pro-         er people want
     belief (Noun) : a strong feeling         tect somebody/something                   mild (Adjective) : not severe or
     that something or somebody               congratulate (Verb) : to tell             sound ; gentle and kind
     exists or is true                        somebody that you are pleased             gentle (Adjective) : calm and
     trust (Noun) : the belief that           about his success or achieve-             kind ; not steep or sharp
     somebody/something is good,              ments                                120. (4) modest (Adjective) : not very
     sincere, honest, etc. and will not
                                         116. (2) hidden (Adjective) : that             large, expensive, important, etc.;
     try to harm or trick you
                                              canno t be seen ; secret ;                not talking much about your own
     faith (Noun) : trust i n
                                              concealed                                 abilities or possessions
     somebody"s ability or knowledge.
                                              apparent (Adjective) : easy to            arrogant (Adjective) : behaving
112. (2) partially (Adverb) : partly ;
                                              see or understand ; obvious ;             in a proud, unpleasant way;
     not completely
                                              that seems to be real or true but         showing little thought for other
     in toto (Adverb) : completely ;                                                    people
                                              may not be ; seeming
     including all parts.
                                              illegible (Adjective) : difficult or      simple (Adjective) : easy ; not
     bluntly (Adverb) : in a very
                                              impossible to read                        complicated ; easy to understand
     direct way, without trying to be
                                              mysterious (Adjective) : difficult        or do
     polite or kind
                                              to understand or explain ; strange;       timid (Adjective) : shy and ner-
     entirely (Adverb) : in every way
                                              enigmatic                                 vous ; not brave
     possible ; completely
                                              remote (Adjective) : isolated ;           civilized (Adjective) : well–or-
     strongly (Adverb) : in a strong
                                              distant ; aloof ; far away from           ganized socially with a very de-
                                              places where other people live            veloped culture and way of life
113. (3) unchanging (Adjective) : that
                                         117. (1) native       (Adjecti ve)      : 121. (4) incite (Verb) : to encourage
     always stays the same and does
                                              connected with the place where            somebody to do something vio-
     not change
                                              you were born and lived for the           lent, by making him angry or ex-
     protean (Adjective) : able to
                                              first years of you r life ;               cited
     change quickly and easily
                                              indigenous ; innate                       suppress (Verb) : to put an end;
     amateur (Adjective) : doing
                                              alien (Adjective) : strange and           to prevent something from grow-
     something fo r interest or
                                              frighteni ng ; hostile; from              ing, developing or continuing
     enjoyment, not as a job
                                              another country or society ; not          stir up (Verb) : to encourage
     catholic (Adjective) : including
                                              usual or acceptable ; connected           somebody to do something
     many or most things
     rapid (Adjective) : done or hap-         with creatures from another               rouse (Verb) : to wake somebody
                                              world                                     up ; to make somebody feel a
     pening very quickly ; happening
     in a short period of time                domiciled (Adjective) : living in         particular emotion
114. (3) dislike (Noun) : a feeling of        a particular place                        urge (Verb) : to advise or try hard
     not liking                               natural (Adjective) : existing in         to persuade somebody to do
                                              Nature ; not made or caused by            something ; to recommend some-
     predilection (Noun) : liking ;
                                              humans                                    thing strongly
                                                                                   122. (1) fasten (Verb) : to close or join
     acceptance (Noun) : the act of           resident (Adjective) : living in a
                                              particular place                          together the two parts of some-
     accepting something