happen because of what you are            temporal (Adjective) : connect-     106. (1) differ (Verb) : to be different
      doing ; rash                              ed with the real physical world,         from somebody/something ; to
      customary (Adjective) : usual ;           not spiritual matters                    disagree with somebody
      typical of a particular person ;    102. (4) obvious (Adjective) : evident ;       conform (Verb) : to behave and
      habitual                                  clear ; definite ; easily seen           think in the same way or most
 98. (1) enthusiastic (Adjective) :             latent (Adjective) : existing, but       other people in a group or
      feeling or showing a lot of               not yet very noticeable, active or       society; to obey a rule, law, etc;
      excitement and interest about             well–developed                           comply ; to agree to or match
      somebody/something                        unspoken (Adjective) : unstat-           something
      lackadaisical (Adjective) : not           ed; not said in words but under-         reject (Verb) : to refuse to accept
      showing enough care or                    stood or agreed between people           or consider something
      enthusiasm                                later (Adjective) : coming at a          questi on (Verb) : to ask
      intelligent (Adjective) : good at         time in the future                       somebody a question
      learning, understanding and               implicit (Adjective) : suggested         ignore (Verb) : to pay no attention
      thinking in a logical way                 without being directly expressed ;       to something ; disregard ; take
      classical (Adjective) : widely            absolute                                 no notice of
      accepted and used for a long time ; 103. (4) interesting (Adjective) : at-    107. (4) bottom (Noun) : the lowest
      simple and attractive                     tracting your attention because          part of something
      irresponsible (Adjective) : not           it is special, exciting or unusual       summit (Noun) : the highest
      thinking enough about the effects         monotonous (Adjective) : nev-            point of something
      of what one does; not showing a           er changing and therefore bor-           end (Noun) : the final part of
      feeling of responsibility                 ing ; dull ; repetitious                 something
 99. (1) inferior (Adjective) : not good        disastrous (Adjective) : very            last (Adjective) : final ; at the
      or not so good as somebody/               bad, harmful or unsuccessful ;           end
      something else                            devastating ; catastrophic
                                                                                         base (Noun) : the lowest part of
      sublime (Adjective) : of very             terrifying (Adjective) : causing
                                                                                         something, especially on the part
      high quality and causing great            extreme terror
                                                                                         it rests/stands
      admiration                                terrible (Adjective) : very un-
                                                pleasant ; making you feel very     108. (1) clear (Adjective) : easy to
      deficit (Noun) : the amount by                                                     see or understand
      which money spent or owed is              unhappy, upset or frightened
                                          104. (2) decent (Adjective) : of a good        obscure (Adjective) : not well–
      greater than money earned in a
                                                enough standard or quality ; hon-        known ; unknown ; difficult to
      particular period of time
                                                est and fair                             understand
      ridiculous (Adjective) : very sil-
                                                obscene (Adjective) : outra-             bright (Adjective) : full of light ;
      ly or unreasonable ; absurd ;
                                                geous ; extremely large in size          shining strongly ; strong and
                                                or amount in a way that most             easy to see ; cheerful and lively ;
      crooked (Adjective) : not in a                                                     intelligent ; quick to learn
                                                people find unacceptable and
      straight line ; bent or twisted
                                                offensive                                open (Adjective) : not closed ;
100. (4) obscure (Adjective) : not              disobedient (Adjective) : not            spread out ; not blocked by
      well–known ; unknown                      obeying                                  anything
      evident (Adjective) : easily              dislocate (Verb) : to stop a sys-        frank (Adjective) : honest and
      seen; obvious ; clear                     tem, plan, etc. from working or          direct in what you say
      definite (Adjective) : sure ; cer-        continuing in the normal way        109. (1) crude (Adjective) : simple
      tain ; unlikely to change ; clear         cautious (Adjective) : being very        and not very accurate but giving
      careless (Adjective) : not being          careful                                  a general idea of something ;
      careful                             105. (2) degenerate (Verb) : to                offensive or rude ; vulgar
      clear (Adjective) : easy to un-           become worse ; deteriorate               elegant (Adjective) : attractive
      derstand and not causing any              flourish (Verb) : to develop             and showing a good sense of
      confusion                                 quickly and be successful or             style; stylish
101. (1) eternal (Adjective) : without          common ; to grow well ; to be            efficient (Adjective) : doing
      an end ; existing or continuing           healthy and happy ; thrive               something well and thoroughly
      forever                                   perish (Verb) : to die ; to be lost      with no waste of time, money or
      ephemeral (Adjective) : short–            or destroyed                             energy
      lived ; lasting or used for only a        decay (Verb) : to be destroyed           coy (Adjective) : shy or
      short period of time                      gradually by natural processes ;         pretendi ng to be shy and
      transitory (Adjective) : tempo-           rot                                      innocent ; reticent
      rary ; continuing only for a short–       dismiss (Verb) : to decide that          eloquent (Adjective) : able to
      time                                      somebody/something is not                use language and express your
                                                important and not worth thinking         opinion well ; able to express a
      mortal (Adjective) : that cannot
      live for ever and must die                or talking about                         feeling