85. (3) admire (Verb) : to respect          moralist (Noun) : a person who          pardoned (Adjective) : excused;
    somebody for what he is or for          has strong ideas about moral            forgave
    what he has done                        principles/teachers and writes          exempted (Verb) : to give or get
    despise (Verb) : to dislike and         about them                              somebody’s official permission
    have no respect                         spendthrift (Noun) : a person           not to do something or not to pay
    appease (Verb) : to make some-          who spends two much money or            something he would normally
    body calmer or less angry by giv-       who wastes money                        have to do or pay
    ing him what he wants               90. (3) calm (Adjective) : not excited,     li berated (Verb) : to free a
    flatter (Verb) : to say nice things     nervous or upset                        country or a person from the
    about somebody, that is not sin-        anxious (Adjective) : feeling           control of somebody else
    cere                                    worried or nervous ; wanting        94. (2) enlarge (Verb) : to make
    appreciate (Verb) : to recognize        something very much                     something bigger ; to become
    the good qualities                      fearful (Adjective) : nervous and       bigger
86. (2) convenient (Adjective) : use-       afraid ; terrible and frightening ;     curtail (Verb) : to limit something
    ful; easy or quick to do ; not          extremely bad                           or make it last for a shorter time
    causing problems                        worried (Adjective) : thinking          detail (Verb) : to give a list of
    cumberso me (Adjective) :               about unpleasant things that have       facts or the available information
    bulky; large and heavy ; difficult      happened or might happen and            about something
    to carry ; showy and compli-            therefore feeling unhappy and           promote (Verb) : encourage ; to
    cated; long or complicated              afraid                                  make to a higher rank/position
    heavy (Adjective) : weighing a          concerned (Adjective) : worried         exaggerate (Verb) : to make
    lot ; difficult to lift or move         and feeli ng concern about              something seem larger, better,
    smooth (Adjective) : not rough          something ; i nterested in              worse or more important than it
                                            something                               really is
    automatic (Adjective) : done or
    happening without thinking          91. (3) scarcity (Noun) : shortage ;    95. (4) wet (Adjective) : moist ; damp ;
                                            there is not enough of something        drenched
87. (2) taciturn (Adjective) : tending
                                            and it is difficult to obtain it        arid (Adjective) : having little or
    not to say very much; seeming
                                            abundance (Noun) : a large              no rain ; very dry ; with nothing
                                            quantity that is more than enough       new or interesting
    loquacious (Adjective) : talking
                                                                                    cloudy (Adjective) : covered
    a lot                                   poverty (Noun) : the state of
                                                                                    with clouds
    talkative (Adjective) : liking to       being poor
                                                                                    juicy (Adjective) : full of juice
    talk a lot                              wretchedness (Noun) : the state
                                                                                    marshy (Adjective) : full of
    diffident (Adjective) : not having      of feeling ill/sick/unhappy/
    much confidence in yourself ; shy       awful/pitiful
                                                                                96. (2) humble (Adjective) : modest ;
    bashful (Adjective) : shy and           famine (Noun ) : lack of food
                                                                                    showing that you are not or
    easily embarrassed                      during a long period of time in a
                                                                                    important as other people
88. (4) confused (Adjective) : unable       region
                                                                                    insolent (Adjective) : extremely
    to think clearly or to understand   92. (1) return (Verb) : to come or go
                                                                                    rude and showing a lack of
    intelligible (Adjective) : that         back from one place to another ;
    can be easil y understood ;             reappear
                                                                                    arrogant (Adjective) : behaving
    understandable                          migrate (Verb) : to move from           in a proud, unpleasant way;
    dull (Adjective) : not interesting      one part of the world to another        showing little thought for other
    or exciting ; not bright or shiny       according to the season                 people
    foolish (Adjective) : unwise ;          rehabilitate (Noun) : to help           ashamed (Adjective) : feeling
    wily ; silly                            somebody to have a normal,              shame or embarrassment
    garbled (Adjective) : told in a         useful life again after he has been     ignorant (Adjective) : lacking
    way that confuses the person            very ill/sick or in a prison for a      knowledge or information
    listening, usually by somebody          long time
                                                                                97. (2) thorough (Adjective) : done
    who is shocked or in a hurry ;          transfer (Verb) : to move from          completely ; with great attention
    confused                                one place to another                    to detail ; complete
89. (4) miser (Noun) : a person who         settle (Verb) : to put an end to        cursory (Adjective) : done
    loves money and hates spending          an agreement; to make a place           quickl y and without giving
    it                                      your permanent home                     enough attention to details ; brief
    philanthropist (Noun) : a rich      93. (1) acquitted (Verb) : to decide        final (Adjective) : being or
    person who helps the poor and           and state officially in court that      happening at the end of a series
    those in need, by giving money          somebody is not guilty of a crime       of events, actions, statements, etc
    philistine (Noun) : a person who        convicted (Verb) : to decide and        impulsive (Adjective) : acting
    does not like or understand art,        state officially in court that          sudd enly without thinking
    literature, music, etc.                 somebody is guilty of a crime           careful ly about what might