72. (3) cheer (Verb) : to make/ be-            atheist (Noun) : a person who          81. (4) meagre (Adjective) : small in
    come happy/cheerful                        believes that God does not exist           quantity and poor in quality ;
    jade (Verb) : to get tired/ex-             rationalist (Noun) : a person              paltry
    hausted/bored                              who believes that all behaviour,           abundant (Adjective) : existing
    defend (Verb) : to protect from            opinions, etc. should be based             in large quantities ; more than
    attack                                     on reason rather than on emo-              enough ; plentiful
    grasp (Verb) : to take a firm hold ;       tions or religious beliefs                 short (Adjective) : not having
    grip ; to understand completely            theologist (Noun) : a person               enough of something; small in
                                               who studies religion and beliefs           height, length or distance
    harass (Verb) : to annoy or worry
    by putting pressure or saying or           ritualist (Noun) : a person who            limited (Adjective) : not very
    doing unpleasant things                    follows all the rituals and reli-          great in amount or extent
                                               gious ceremonies                           petty (Adjective) : small and
73. (2) antipathy (Noun) : strong
                                           77. (4) tiny (Adjective) : very small          unimportant ; minor
    feeling of dislike ; hostility
                                               in size or amount
    appreciation (Noun) : the feel-                                                   82. (4) relieve (Verb) : to remove or
                                               gigantic (Adjective) : extremely           reduce an unpleasant feeling or
    ing of being grateful ; full of sym-
                                               large ; enormous ; huge
    pathetic understanding ; admi-                                                        pain; alleviate
                                               weak (Adjective) : not physically
    ration ; pleasure                                                                     harass (Verb) : to worry or an-
    appraisal (Noun) : a judgement                                                        noy somebody by putting pres-
                                               fragile (Adjective) : easily bro-
    of the value, performance or na-                                                      sure on him or saying or doing
                                               ken or damaged ; weak and un-
    ture ; a meeting where an em-                                                         unpleasant things to him
    ployee discusses about how well                                                       reward (Noun) : a thing that is
                                               slight (Adjective) : very small
    they have been doing their job                                                        given for doing something good,
                                               in degree
    admiration (Noun) : a feeling of                                                      working hard etc.
                                           78. (3) lawful (Adjective) : allowed
    respect and liking                         by law                                     praise (Verb) : show approval of
    assessment (Noun) : an opinion             illicit (Adjective) : not allowed          or admiration for somebody/
    or a judgement about somebody/             by law ; illegal                           something
    something that has been thought            liberal (Adjective) : generous ;           flatter (Verb) : to say nice things
    about very carefully ; evaluation          willing to understand and re-              about somebody in a way that is
74. (4) enrage (Verb) : to make some-          spect other people‘s behaviour,            not sincere, because you want
    body very angry ; infuriate                opinions, etc.                             him to do something for you or
    pacify (Verb) : to make some-              intelligent (Adjective) : good at          you want to please him
    body who is angry or upset be-             learning, understanding and            83. (3) repulsive (Adjective) : caus-
    come calm and quiet                        thinking in a logical way about            ing a feeling of strong dislike ;
    threaten (Verb) : to say that you          things                                     very unpleasant ; disgusting
    will cause trouble, etc. if you do         clear (Adjective) : obvious ; evi-         charming (Adjective) : very
    not get what you want                      dent ; apparent ; plain                    pleasant or attractive
    challenge (Verb) : to question         79. (1) sensitive (Adjective) : aware          insolent (Adjective) : extremely
    whether a statement or an ac-              of and being able to understand            rude and showing a lack of re-
    tion is right, legal, etc. ; to refuse     other people and their feelings            spect
    to accept ; dispute                        callous (Adjective) : not caring           indignant (Adjective) : feeling or
    quarrel (Noun) : an angry argu-            about other people’s feelings or           showing anger and surprise be-
    ment or disagreement                       sufferings ; cruel                         cause you think that you have
75. (1) ambiguous (Adjective) : that           soft (Adjective) : not stiff or hard ;     been treated unfairly
    can be understood in more than             not loud ; kind and sympathetic            handicapped (Adjective) : suf-
    one way ; having different mean-           kind (Adjective) : gentle, friendly        fering from a mental or physical
    ings                                       and generous                               disability ; disabled
                                               generous (Adjective) : giving or       84. (3) gracious (Adjective) : kind,
    apparent (Adjective) : easy to
                                               willing to give freely                     polite and generous; merciful
    see or understand ; obvious
                                           80. (3) plain (Adjective) : easy to see        gruesome (Adjective) : very un-
    clear (Adjective) : easy to see
                                               or understand ; clear                      pleasant and filling you with hor-
    or understand ; obvious ; appar-
                                               enigmatic (Adjective) : myste-             ror because it is connected with
                                               rious and difficult to understand          death or injury
    visible (Adjective) : that can be
                                               simple (Adjective) : not compli-           attractive (Adjective) : pleasant
    seen ; obvious
                                               cated ; easy                               to took at ; appealing
    conspicuous (Adjective) : easy             reticent (Adjective) : unwilling
    to see or notice ; likely to attract                                                  beneficial (Adjective) : favourable;
                                               to tell people about things ; re-
    attention                                                                             advantageous
                                               served ; uncommunicative
76. (3) believer (Noun) : a person             nervous (Adjective) : anxious              amicable (Adjective) : done or
    who believes in the existence or           about something or being afraid            achieved in a polite or friendly
    truth or God and religious faith           of something                               way and without arguing