59. (3) resume (Verb) : to be at a          forward (Adjective) : moving              you, your country, etc. and drive
    work again after an interruption        towards front ; relating to the           him away ; to drive, push or keep
    curtail (Verb) : to limit something     future ; ahead in time                    something away ; disgust ; repulse
    or make it last for a shorter time      developed (Adjective) : in an             attend (Verb) : to be present at
    arrive (Verb) : to get to a place,      advanced state                            an event
    at the end of a journey                 sophisticated (Adjective) : hav-          concentrate (Verb) : to give all
    continue (Verb) : to keep exist-        ing a lot of experience of the            your attention
    ing or happening without stop-          world and knowing about fashion,          continue (Verb) : to keep exist-
    ping                                    culture, other things that people         ing or happening without stop-
    start (Verb) : to begin doing           think are socially important ; able       ping
    something ; to start happening          to understand difficult or compli-    68. (2) consoling (Adjective) : com-
60. (4) poverty (Noun) : the state of       cated ideas                               forting ; affording comfort or so-
    being poor ; a lack of something    64. (2) vague (Adjective) : not clear         lace
    affluence (Noun) : prosperity ; the     in a person’s mind ; suggesting           appalling (Adjective) : shocking;
    state of having a lot of money and      a lack of clear thought or attention;     extremely bad
    a good standard of living ;             indistinct                                shocking (Adjective) : that of-
    richmen                                 precise (Adjective) : clear and           fends or upsets people ; very bad
    misery (Noun) : great suffering         accurate ; exact ; meticulous             scaring (Adjective) : frightening
    of the mind or body ; distress ;        indecent (Adjective) : thought            somebody
    very poor living conditions ; pov-      to be morally offensive                   horrifying (Adjective) : making
    erty                                    incorrect (Adjective) : not ac-           you feel extremely shocked, dis-
    stagnation (Noun) : a state of          curate or true                            gusted or frightened ; horrific
    inactivity ; standing still             indistinct (Adjective) : vague ;      69. (1) gravity (Noun) : extreme im-
    neglect (Noun) : the fact of not        that cannot be seen, heard or             portance and a cause for worry ;
    giving enough care or attention         remembered clearly                        seriousness
    to somebody/something               65. (1) cunning (Adjective) : crafty ;        jest (Noun) : something said or
61. (2) discord (Noun) : disagree-          wily ; clever and skilful                 done to amuse people ; joke
    ment ; arguing                          candid (Adjective) : saying what          grim (Adjective) : looking or
    agreement (Noun) : an arrange-          you think openly and honestly;            sounding very serious ; unpleas-
    ment, a promise or a contract           not hiding your thoughts ; frank          ant and depressing
    made with somebody ; the state          and honest                                genial (Adjective) : friendly and
    of sharing the same opinion or          diplomatic (Adjective) : con-             cheerful ; affable
    feeling                                 nected with managing relations            sport (Verb) : to play in a happy
    dislocation (Noun) : disrupt ; an       between countries ; having or             or lively way
    event that results in a disconti-       showing skill in dealing with         70. (1) lengthen (Verb) : to become
    nuity                                   people in difficult situations ;          longer ; to make something
    turbulence (Noun) : a situation         tactful                                   longer
    in which there is a lot of sudden,      doubtful (Adjective) : dubious ;          curtail (Verb) : to limit something
    confusion, disagreement and             not sure ; uncertain and feeling          or make it last for a shorter time
    sometimes violence ; upheaval           doubt                                     shorter (Verb) : to become or
    fragmentation (Noun) : separa-          impertinent (Adjective) : impo-           make something shorter
    tion of something into fine par-        lite ; rude and not showing re-           entail (Verb) : to involve some-
    ticles                                  spect                                     thing that cannot be avoided ;
62. (1) pleasure (Noun) : a state of    66. (1) authentic (Adjective) : known         involve
    feeling or being happy or satis-        to be real and genuine and not a          close (Verb) : to be shut; to be
    fied ; enjoyment                        copy ; true and accurate                  nearby
    agony (Noun) : extreme physi-           apocryphal (Adjective) : well–        71. (3) censure (Verb) : to criticize
    cal or mental pain                      known but not true                        somebody, severely and publicly ;
    laughter (Noun) : the act of            dubious (Adjective) : doubtful ;          rebuke
    laughing                                not certain and slightly suspi-           applaud (Verb) : to show your
    bliss (Noun) : extreme happiness        cious                                     approval by clapping ; to express
                                            unsubstantiated (Adjective) :             praise
    ecstasy (Noun) : a feeling or
    state of very great happiness ;         not proved to be true by evidence ;       praise (Verb) : to express ap-
    bliss                                   unsupported                               proval or admiration ; compli-
63. (4) communicative (Adjective) :         fictitious (Adjective) : invented
                                            by somebody rather than true              loud (Adjective) : making a lot
    willing to talk and give informa-
                                                                                      of noise ; too bright and lacking
    tion to other people                67. (4) attract (Verb) : to direct
                                                                                      good taste ; gaudy
    reticent (Adjective) : unwilling        towards itself or oneself
                                                                                      acclaim (Verb) : to praise or
    to tell people about things ; re-       repel (Verb) : to successfully
                                                                                      welcome publicly
    served ; uncommunicative                fight somebody who is attacking