sudden (Adjective) : happening           clown (Noun) : a person who             short– sighted (Adjective) : able
    or done quickly and unexpect-            amuses others by his ridiculous/        to see things clearly only if they
    edly                                     funny behaviour                         are very close to you
    costly (Adjective) : expensive ;         dud (Noun) : a person who is            feeble–minded (Adjective) :
    costing a lot of money                   unsuccessful/useless                    having less than usual
    unfair (Adjective) : not right ;         buffoon (Noun) : a person who           intelligence ; weak and unable
    unjust                                   does silly but amusing things           to make decisions
47. (2) narrowness (Noun) : the state    52. (4) calm (Adjective) : not excited,     fore– sighted (Adjecti ve) :
    of being narrow ; restrictedness         nervous or upset                        planning sensibly and carefully
    breadth (Noun) : width ; how             panicky (Adjective) : anxious           for the future
    broad or wide something is               about something ; feeling or        56. (2) unwise (Adjective) : showing
    shortness (Noun) : the state of          showing great fear ; hysterical         a lack of good judgement ; foolish
    being short                              confident (Adjective) : feeling         prudent (Adjective) : sensible
    lightness (Noun) : the state of          sure about your own ability to          and careful when you make
    being light; not heavy                   do things and be successful             judgements and decisions ;
    thickness (Noun) : the state of                                                  avoiding unnecessary risks
                                             sober (Adjective) : serious and
    being thick                              sensible ; plain and not bright         silly (Adjective) : showing a
48. (4) bold (Adjective) : brave and         colours                                 lack of thought, understanding
    confident ; having a strong clean
                                             quiet (Adjective) : making very         or judgement ; foolish
                                             little noise                            idiotic (Adjective) : very stupid ;
    timorous (Adjective) : nervous
    and easily frightened ; timid        53. (2) joyous (Adjective) : very           ridiculous
                                             happy ; causing people to be            poor (Adjective) : having very
    trembling (Adjective) : having
                                             happy ; joyful                          little money ; not having enough
    a feeling of nervousness, excite-
    ment, fright ; quivering                 mournful (Adjective) : very sad;        money for basic needs
    cowardly (Adjective) : lacking           melancholy                          57. (2) lengthy (Adjective) : very
    courage                                  playful (Adjective) : full of fun ;     long and often too long, in time
    bright (Adjective) : full of light ;     wanting to play ; light – hearted       or size
    cheerful and lively ; intelligent        laughable (Adjective) : silly or        concise (Adjective) : giving
49. (2) ludicrous (Adjective) : unrea-       ridiculous and not worth taking         only the information that is nec-
    sonable ; absurd ; ridiculous            seriously ; absurd                      essary and important, using a
    sublime (Adjective) : of very            humorous (Adjective) : funny            few words
    high quality and causing great           and entertaining ; showing a
                                                                                     extended (Adjective) : long or
    admiration                               sense of humour
                                                                                     longer than usual or expected
    amusing (Adjective) : funny and      54. (4) flexible (Adjective) : able to
                                                                                     protracted (Adjective) : lasting
    enjoyable                                change to suit new conditions or
                                                                                     longer than expected for longer
    hilarious (Adjective) : extremely        situations; able to bend easily
                                                                                     than usual ; prolonged
    funny                                    without breaking
    mean (Adjective) : not generous          obstinate (Adjective) : refusing        elongated (Adjective) : long and
50. (1) normalcy (Noun) : a situation        to change your opinion, way of          thin, often in a way that is not
    where everything is normal ;             behaving, etc, when other people        normal
    normality                                persuade you to do something ;      58. (1) denial (Noun) : a statement
    eccentricity (Noun) : behaviour          stubborn ; difficult to get rid of      that says something is not true
    that people think is strange or          or deal with                            or does not exist
    unusual ; the quality of being un-       confused (Adjective) : unable to        affirmation (Noun) : statement
    usual and different from other           think clearly or to understand          asserting the existence or the
    people                                   what is happeni ng or what              truth of something
    similarity (Noun) : the state of         somebody is saying                      opposition (Noun) : the act of
    being alike but not exactly the          determined (Adjective) : be firm        strongly disagreeing with some-
    same ; resemblance                       in doing something and no one           body or something, with the aim
    equality (Noun) : the fact of be-        can prevent you                         of preventing something from
    ing equal in rights, status, ad-         trusted (Adjective) : worthy of         happening
    vantages, etc.                           trust or confidence                     refusal (Noun) : an act of show-
    clarity (Noun) : the quality of      55. (4) far–sighted (Adjective) :           ing or saying that you will not
    being expressed clearly                  long–sighted ; not able to see          do, give or accept something
51. (2) boor (Noun) : a rude,                things clearly that are close to        obstruction (Noun) : the fact of
    unpleasant person                        you                                     trying to prevent something/
    gentleman (Noun) : a man who
                                             myopic (Adjective) : inability to       somebody from making progress ;
    is polite, well–educated, has
                                             focus on distant objects ; short–       blocking a road, an entrance, a
    excellent manners and is well –
                                             sighted                                 passage, etc ; blockage