34. (2) zenith (Noun) : the time when           conformity (Noun) : behaviour       42. (2) extract (Verb) : to remove or
    something is the strongest and              or actions that follow the              obtain a substance from some-
    most successful ; peak                      accepted rules of society               thing
    nadir (Noun) : the worst moment             dilution (Noun) : weakening by          insert (verb) : to put something
    of a particular situation                   adding water or a thinner               into something else
    modernity (Noun) : the condition            distraction (Noun) : a thing that       depict (Verb) : to show an im-
    of being new and modern                     takes your attention away from          age of somebody or something
    liberty (Noun) : freedom to live            what you are doing or thinking          in a picture
    as you choose without too many              about                                   defame (Verb) : to harm some-
    restrictions from government or             diversion (Noun) : the act of           body by saying or writing bad or
    authority                                   changing the directio n ;               false things about him
    progress (Noun) : the process of            distraction                             enhance (Verb) : to increase or
    improving or developing               39. (1) refuse (Verb) : to say that you       improve the good quality, value
35. (2) blameless (Adjecti ve) :                will not do something ; turn down       or status of somebody/some-
    innocent ; doing no wrong ; free            affirm (Verb) : to state firmly or      thing
    from responsibility for doing               publicly that something is true     43. (4) harmonious (Adjective) :
    something bad                               or that you support something           friendly, peaceful and without
    culpable (Adjective) : responsible          strongly ; confirm                      any disagreement ; pleasing
    and deserving blame for having              negate (Verb) : to stop something       inco ngruous (Adjecti ve) :
    done something wrong                        from having any effect ; nullify        strange and not suitable in a par-
    defendable (Adjective) : capable            neglect (Verb) : to fail to take        ticular situation ; inappropriate
    of being protected from attack              care of ; not to give enough            conflicting (Adjective) : in dis-
                                                attention                               agreement ; contradictory
    careless (Adjective) : casual ; not
                                                avoid (Verb) : to prevent               contradictory (Adjective) : con-
    gi ving enough attention and
                                                something bad from happening ;          taining and showing a lack of
    thought to what you are doing
                                                to keep away ; to try not to do         agreement ; conflicting
    irresponsible (Adjective) : not
                                          40. (3) dependence (Noun) : the state         ill-matched (Adjective) : not well
    thinking enough about the effects
                                              of needing the help and support           suited to or appropriate for each
    of what one does
                                              in order to survive or be success-        other
36. (3) hinder (Verb) : to make it            ful                                   44. (1) sensible (Adjective) : able to
      difficult to do or to happen ;          autonomy (Noun) : independence;           make good judgements based on
                                              the freedom for a country, a re-          reason and experience rather
      facilitate (Verb) : to make an          gion or an organisation – to govern       than emotion; being practical
      action or a process possible or         itself independently ; the ability to     demented (Adjective) : behav-
      easier                                  act and make decisions without            ing in a crazy way because you
      help (Verb) : to make easier or         being controlled by anyone else.          are extremely upset or worried
      possible to do or get something         slavery (Noun) : the state of be-         sensitive (Adjective) : aware of
      done                                    ing under the control of another          and being able to understand
      propagate (Verb) : to spread an         person ; bondage                          other people and their feelings
      idea, a belief or a piece of            subordination (Noun) : the state          sensual (Adjective) : connected
      information among many people           of having less power or authority         with your physical feelings
      reject (Verb) : to refuse to accept     than somebody else ; the state of         sensuous (Adjective) : giving
      or consider something                   being less important than some-           pleasure to your senses
37. (3) commend (Verb) : to praise ;          thing else ; secondary
                                                                                    45. (3) premeditated (Adjective) :
      to express approval of                  submissiveness (Noun) : the state         planned in advance
      criticise (Verb) : to say what you      of being too willing to accept some-
                                                                                        impromptu (Adjective) : done
      do not like or think is wrong           body else"s authority and obey him
                                                                                        without preparation or planning;
      about something                         without questioning anything he
      finish (Verb) : to come to an end ;     wants you to do
                                                                                        prompt (Adjective) : done with-
      to stop doing something or          41. (4) extinction (Noun) : the state
                                                                                        out delay ; immediate
      making something                          of stopping to live or exist
                                                                                        forced (Adjective) : happening
      recommend (Verb) : to tell that           survival (Noun) : the state of con-
                                                                                        or done against somebody’s will
      something is good or useful               tinuing to live or exist, despite
                                                difficulty or danger                    inordinate (Adjective) : far more
      request (Verb) : to ask for                                                       than is usual or expected ; ex-
                                                evolution (Noun) : the gradual
      something/to do something in a                                                    cessive
                                                development of something
      polite or formal way                                                          46. (1) friendly (Adjective) : behav-
                                                developmen t (Noun) : the
38. (1) deviation (Noun) : the act of                                                   ing in a kind and pleasant way
                                                gradual growth of something
      moving away from what is normal                                                   hostile (Adjective) : very un-
                                                creation (Noun) : the act or pro-
      or acceptable ; a difference from                                                 friendly or aggressive and ready
                                                cess of making something/caus-
      what is expected or acceptable                                                    to argue or fight
                                                ing something to exist