linking (Noun) : a connection             crystal (Noun) : a small piece of          capricious (Adjective) : show-
    between two or more people or             substance with many even sides,            ing sudden changes in attitude
    things                                    that is formed naturally when the          or behaviour ; unpredictable ;
23. (1) large (Adjective) : big in size       substance becomes solid                    changing suddenly and quickly ;
    or quantity ; wide in range and       27. (1) avoided (Verb) : to prevent            changeable
    involving many things                     something bad from happening;              fickle (Adjective) : changing
    miniature (Adjective, Noun) :             to keep away ; to try not to do            often and suddenly
    very small ; a very small painting        encountered (Verb) : to experi-            indefinite (Adjective) : lasting
    or model                                  ence something unpleasant or dif-          for a period of time that has no
    small (Adjective) : not large in          ficult ; meet with; run into; come         fixed end ; not clearly defined ;
    size, number, degree, amount, etc.        across                                     imprecise
    heavy (Adjective) : weighing a            enriched (Verb) : to improve the           defiant (Adjective) : openly
    lot                                       quality ; to make somebody rich            refusing to obey
    least (Adjective) : smallest in size,     or richer                            31. (1) influx (Noun) : a lot of people,
    number, degree, amount, etc.              faced (Verb) : to accept that a          money or things arriving
24. (3) invigorates (Verb) : to make          difficult situation exists ; deal        somewhere
    somebody feel healthy and full            with something unpleasant ; be           exodus (Noun) : a situation in
    of energy.                                opposite                                 which many people leave a place
    exhausts (Verb) : to make                 overcome (Verb) : to succeed in          at the same time
    somebody feel very tired ; wear out       dealing with or controlling a            home – coming (Noun) : the act
    tires (Verb) : to become tired/           problem that has been prevent-           of returning to your home after
    make somebody feel the same ;             ing you from achieving some-             being away for a long time
    weary                                     thing                                    return (Noun) : the action of
    empties (Verb) : to remove            28. (4) heavy (Adjective) : weighing         arriving in or coming back to a
    everything that is in a container,        a lot ; very busy ; difficult to do      place that you were in before ;
    place, room, etc ; evacuates
                                              handy (Adjective) : easy to use          reappearance
    drains (Verb) : to make something
                                              or to do ; useful ; skilful in using     restoration (Noun) : the act of
    empty or dry by removing all the
                                              your hands ; easy to reach               repairing, cleaning, bringing back
    liquid from it.
                                              cumbersome (Adjective) : large           a system, a law, etc.; returning
25. (2) close (Adjective) : near in
                                              and heavy ; heavy to carry ; slow        something to its correct place,
    space and time ; almost in a
                                              and complicated                          condition or owner
    particular state ; knowing
    somebody very well and liking             handful (Noun) : the amount of       32. (2) indifferent (Adjective) :
    him very much                             something that can he held in one        having or showing no interest ;
    distant (Adjective) : far away in         hand ; a small number of people          not caring about others
    space and time ; remote ; not             or things                                inquisitive (Adjective) : asking
    friendly ; not closely related            unwieldy (Adjective) : difficult         too many questions and trying to
    far (Adjective) : at a greater            to move or control ; cumbersome          find out about what other people
    distance away from you ; distant ;    29. (4) vulgarity (Noun) : the fact of       are doing, etc ; curious
    remote                                    being rude or not having good            insincere (Adjective) : saying or
    imminent (Adjective) : likely to          taste ; a rude object, picture etc.      doing something that you do not
    happen very soon                          elegance (Noun) : a quality of           really mean or believe
    along (Preposition) : from one            refined gracefulness and good            insensiti ve (Adjecti ve) :
    end to or towards the other end           taste                                    unsympathetic
26. (3) opaque (Adjective) : not clear        pride (Noun) : a feeling of              insulting (Adjective) : causing or
    enough to see through or allow            pleasure or satisfaction that you        intending to cause somebody to
    light through ; not clean ; difficult     get when you or people close to          feel offended
    to understand ; impenetrable              you have done something well or      33. (3) devious (Adjective) : behaving
    transparent (Adjecti ve) :                own something that other people          in a dishonest or in direct way, or
    allowing you to see through               admire                                   tricking people ; deceitful
    something; obvious ; easy to                                                       candid (Adjective) : saying what
                                              beauty (Noun) : the quality of
    understand                                                                         you think openly and honestly ;
                                              being pleasing to the senses or
    clear (Adjective) : easy to                                                        not hiding your thoughts
                                              to the mind
    understand ; obvious ; having or                                                   outspoken (Adjective) : saying
    feeling no doubt of confusion ;           coarseness (Noun) : the quality
                                              of being made of relatively large        exactly what you think ; blunt
    thinking in a sensible and logical
                                              particles ; l ooseness or                frank (Adjective) : honest and
    way, easy to see/hear ; transparent
                                              roughness in texture                     direct in what you say
    ambiguity (Noun) : the state of
    having more than one meaning ;        30. (1) firm (Adjective) : fairly hard ;     disguised (Adjective) : having its
    the state of being difficult to           not easy to press into a different       true character concealed with the
    understand                                shape ; not likely to change             intent of misleading