Look at the sentence :               673. (4) liberate                         680. (4) coat
     The rent is a matter for                  Emancipate (Verb) = to free               Sheath (Noun) = covering ; cov-
     negotiation between the landlord          from restraint, influence; set            er ; case, a close fitting cover
     and the tenant.                           free fr om legal , sco cial or            for the blade of a knife or sword
666. (2) refreshing                            political restrictions; to free from      Look at the sentence :
     Invigorating (Adjecti ve) =               bondage.                                  He slid the gleaming sword out
     making one feel strong, healthy           Look at the sentence :                    of its sheath.
     and full of energy; filled with life      At the end of the civil war, slaves  681. (3) category
     and energy; energizing.                   were emancipated and became               Genre (Noun) = a style or cate-
     Look at the sentence :                    freemen and women.                        gory of art, music or literature;
     The cli mate is exce llent,                                                         class ; categorization; group.
                                          674. (3) inoffensive
     invigorating alike for Europeans                                                    Look at the sentence :
                                               Innocuous (Adjective) = not in-
     and natives.                                                                        The spy thriller is a very mascu-
                                               tended to offend or upset any-
667. (2) wicked                                                                          line genre.
                                               one; harmless; not harmful or
     Ne far iou s ( Adj ect ive ) =                                                 682. (4) sarcastic
     criminal; immoral; impious; evil.                                                   Mordant (Adjective) = critical
                                               Look at the sentence :
                                                                                         and unkind, but funny, caustic;
     Look at the sentence :                    It seemed a perfectly innocuous           corrosive.
     Good citizens should not involve          remark.                                   Look at the sentence :
     in nefarious activities to earn
                                          675. (4) gullible                              His mordant wit appealed to stu-
                                               Credulous (Adjective) = too               dents.
668. (1) lazy                                  ready to believe things and          683. (2) realistic
     Indolent (Adjective) = wanting            therefore easy to trick.                  Pragmatic (Adjective) = dealing
     to avoid activity or exertion; idle;                                                with things sensibly and realis-
                                               Look at the sentence :
     slothful; inactive.                                                                 tically in a way that is based on
                                               Few people are credulous enough
     Look at the sentence :                                                              practical rather than theoretical
                                               to believe such nonsense.
     They were indolent and addicted                                                     considerations; practical.
                                          676. (1) dismay
     to a life of pleasure.                                                              Look at the sentence :
                                               Consternation (Noun) = a
669. (3) rebuke                                                                          These deliver pragmatic, appro-
                                               feeling of anxiety or dismay;
     Reproof (Noun) = criticism or                                                       priate, transparent actions lead-
                                               typically       at     somethi ng         ing directly to positive impacts.
     blame; a statement that criticizes
                                               unexpected; distress; angst.
     or blames; a negative comment;                                                 684. (4) appropriate
     reprimand.                                Look at the sentence :                    Apposite (Adjective) = suitable,
     Look at the sentence :                    The an nouncement of her                  fitting; apt in the circumstances
                                               retirement caused consternation           or in relation to something.
     She welcomed him with a mild
     reproof for leaving her alone.            among tennis fans.                        Look at the sentence :
670. (4) Wasteful                         677. (4) voluble                               The observations are apposite to
                                               Ga rru lou s ( Adj ect i ve ) =           the discussion.
     Pr ofl iga te ( Adj ect ive ) =
     reckl es sl y extravag ant or             excessively talkative, especially         It couldn"t have come at more ap-
     wasteful in the use of resources;         on trivial matters; loquacious,           posite moment.
     spendrift; prodigal.                      talkative and eloquent.              685. (2) remember
     Look at the sentence :                    Look at the sentence :                    Recollect (Verb) = call to mind ;
                                               His mother who is usually loud            recall ; think of
     The profligate use of water is
     dangerous for future generation.          and garrulous was surprisingly            Look at the sentence :
                                               quiet as a mouse this morning.            As far as I can recollect, his
671. (1) deceive
                                          678. (2) vertebrae                             name is Mohan.
     Hoodwink (Verb) = to trick                                                     686. (3) serious
     somebody; to deceive                      Spine (Noun) = the row of small
                                                                                         Grave (Adjective) = seriously
     Look at the sentence :                    bones that are connected
     She had been hoodwinked into              together down the middle of the
                                                                                         Look at the sentence :
     buying a worthless necklace.              back; backbone.
                                                                                         Pakistan is facing a grave dan-
672. (4) logical                          679. (1) evacuate
                                                                                         ger due to extremism.
     Rational (Adjective) = based on           Purge (Verb) = rid someone of        687. (4) move forward
     or in accordance with reason or           an unwanted feeling; physically
                                                                                         Advance (Verb) = to go or move
     logic; sensible; reasonable;              remove completely; to get rid of
                                                                                         something forward ; to develop
     intelligent.                              people from an organisation.              or improve.
     Look at the sentence :                    Look at the sentence :                    Look at the sentence :
     I am sure there is a perfectly            Party leaders have undertaken             The fi re advanced steadil y
     rational explanation of the issue.        to purge the party of extremists.         through the forest.         ppp