637. (1) maze                                 detente (N.) : the easing of         658. (2) smuggled
     labyrinth (N.) : a complicated           tensions/strained relations               Contraband (Adjective) = taking
     series of paths whi ch it i s            (between nations)                         goods illegally into or out of a
     diffi cu lt to fi nd y our way      647. (2) indifference                          country; imported or exported
     through; maze.                           apathy (N.) : lack of interest,           illegally.
638. (1) magnify (V.)                         enthusiasm         or    concern;         Look at the sentence :
     exaggerate : to make something           indifference; impassivity.                The lorry contained thousands of
     seem larger, better, worse etc.     648. (2) show                                  dollars worth of contraband
     than it really is; magnify.              evince (V.) : to show clearly that        cigarettes.
639. (2) adjust                               you have a feeling or quality;       659. (1) chew
     adapt (V.) : to change your              reveal, make clear, display.              Masticate (Verb) = to chew food
     behaviour in order to deal more     649. (4) injurious                             Look at the sentence :
     successfully with a new situation ;      pernicious (Adj.) : having a very         After the operation you may find
     adjust; modify.                          harmful effect on somebody/               it difficult to masticate and
640. (2) pale                                 something that is gradual;                swallow.
     pallid (Adj.) : pale, especially         destructive, injurious, ruinous.     660. (3) unsuccessful
     because of illness ; not strong     650. (3) praise                                Abortive (Adjective) = failed,
     or bright and therefore not              eulogy (N.) : a speech or piece           vain; futile; fruitless.
     attractive; lacking vigour and           of writing praising somebody/             Look at the sentence :
     intensity.                               something very much; accolade;            The rebel officers who led the
641. (1) draft                                commendation.                             abortive coup were shot dead.
     conscript (V.) : to make somebody   651. (4) stubborn                         661. (2) flatterer
     to join the armed forces ; call up;      obdurate (Adj.) : refusing to             Sychophant (Noun) = a person
     draft.                                   change your mind; stubborn,               who p raises imp ortant or
642. (4) rude                                 obstinate.                                powerful people too much and
     insolent (Adj.) : extremely rude    652. (1) sluggishness                          in a way that is not sincere.
     and showing a lack of respect.           lassitude (N.) : feeling very tired.      Look at the sentence :
643. (4) forsake                         653. (1) dry                                   When her career was riding
     forswear (V.) : to stop doing or         desiccated (Adj.) : dried,                high, the self deluded actress
     using something; renounce;               completely dry.                           often mistook sycophants for
     forsake                                                                            true friends.
                                         654. (3) plentiful
644. (3) puzzled                                                                   662. (4) threatening
                                              Copious (Adjective) = in large
     non plussed (Adj.) : so surprised        amount ; abundant                         Ominous (Adjective) = giving
     and confused that you do not                                                       the worrying impression that
                                              Look at the sentence :
     know what to do or say ;                                                           somethi ng bad is go ing to
     dumbfounded                              He supports his theory with
                                                                                        happen;           unfavourable;
                                              copious evidence.
645. (4) inexpressible                                                                  unpromising.
                                         655. (2) destroyed                             Look at the sentence :
     ineffable (Adj.) : too good or
     beautiful to describe in words;          Decimate (Verb) = to kill large           There were ominous dark clouds
     unutterable; indescribable.              numbers of animals, plants etc.           gathering overhead.
     unintelligible (Adj.) : not clearly      in a particular area; to severely
                                                                                   663. (4) rejoicing
     understod/expressed                      damage something; to destroy).
                                                                                        Jubilant (Adjective) = feeling or
     illegible (Adj.) : not able to read      Look at the sentence :                    showin g great hap pi ness
     (handwriting)                            Cheap imports decimated the               because of success.
     inexplicable (Adj.) : incapable          British cycle industry.                   Look at the sentence :
     of being explained/accounted for    656. (4) faultless                             The jub ilant ci tize ns were
     inexpressible (Adj.) : to strong         Impeccable (Adjective) =                  celebrating Holi.
     to be put into words                     without mi stakes or faults;         664. (3) servile
646. (2) spying                               perfect.                                  Ob seq ui o us ( Adj ect ive ) =
     espionage (N.) : the activity of         Look at the sentence :                    obedient or attentive to an
     secretly getting i mportant              He was dressed in a suit and an           excessive degree; sycophantic;
     political or military information;       impeccable white shirt.                   subservient.
     spying.                                                                            Look at the sentence :
                                         657. (4) strenuous
     hypnotism (N.) : the practice of                                                   In some restaurants, we are
                                              Arduous (Adjective) = involving
     putting a person into an                                                           served by obsequious waiters.
                                              a lot of effort and energy.
     unconscious state                                                             665. (3) bargaining
                                              Look at the sentence :
     perception (N.) : becoming                                                         Negotiation (Noun) = formal
     aware o f somethi ng vi a the            It was an arduo us journey
                                              across the Andes.                         discussion between people who
     senses                                                                             are trying to reach an agreement.