pander (V.) : give satisfaction to  614. (3) infuriate                        623. (3) dying
      chaos (N.) : a state of extreme          exasperate (V.) : to annoy or             moribund (Adj.) : in a very bad
      confusion and disorder                   irritate somebody very much ;             condition; dying; no longer
      gratify (V.) ; give satisfaction to      infuriate.                                effective and about to come to an
      panic (V.) : be overcome by a            tranquilize (V.) : to make a              end completely.
      sudden fear                              person/an animal calm/               624. (4) mollify
606. (1) inactive                              unconscious, by giving them a             soothe (V.) : placate; mollify;
      lethargic (Adj.) : inactive ; not        drug                                      calm; relieve.
      having      any      energy      or      alleviate (V.) : provide physical    625. (2) riddle
      enthusiastic.                            relief, as from pain                      enigma (N.) : a person, thing or
      elated (Adj.) : very happy and           infuriate (V.) : make furious              situation that is mysterious and
      excited because of something             appease (V.) : make peace with             difficult to understand; mystery;
      good that has happened/will                                                         puzzle; riddle.
                                          615. (1) reticent
      happen                                   taciturn (Adj.) : tending not to     626. (3) abuse
      jounce (V.) : bounce                     say very much in a way that              revile (V.) : to criticize somebody/
607. (2) concise                               seems unfriendly; reserved;              something in a way that shows
      laconic (Adj.) : using only a few        uncommunicative.                         how much you dislike them ;
      words to say something ;                 reticent (Adj.) : reserved; un           abuse.
      concise.                                 communicative                        627. (4) pardonable
      substantial (Adj.) : fairly large        gregarious (Adj.) : sociable              venial (Adj.) : pardonable ; not
      comatose (Adj.) : extremely tired                                                  very serious and therefore able to
                                               garrulous (Adj.) : talkative
                                                                                         be forgiven.
      and lacking in energy ; sleeping    616. (1) tractable (Adj.) : easily        628. (2) correct
      deeply                                   managed
                                                                                         rectify (V.) : to put right some-
608. (4) crookedly                             acquiescent (Adj.) : easy to deal         thing that is wrong; correct.
      awry (Adj.) : not in the right           with or control ; manageable
                                                                                    629. (3) restrict
      position ; untidy.                       insurgent (Adj.) : in opposition
                                                                                         constrain (V.) : restrain or
609. (3) siesta                                to a civil authority/government
                                                                                         restrict or limit somebody/
      nap (N.) : a short sleep ; snooze;       obstreperous (Adj.) : noisy and           something; to force somebody to
      siesta                                   difficult to control                      do something.
      nape (N.) : the back of the neck         recalcitrant (Adj.) : unwilling to   630. (2) lazy
      siesta (N.) : a nap in the early         obey rules/follow instructions;           lethargic (Adj.) : lack of energy
      afternoon                                difficult to control                      or enth usi asm; affected by
      snore (N.) : noisy breathing        617. (3) roam                                  sluggish and apathetic; attitude;
      through your nose and mouth               wander (V.) : to walk around a           inert; inactive; torpid; lazy.
      while you are asleep                      place without any purpose ;         631. (3) container
610. (4) shocking                               roam.                                    receptacle (N.) : a container for
                                          618. (2) pause                                 putting something in.
      outrageous (Adj.) : very shocking
                                                hesitate (V.) : to be worried about 632. (4) misfortune
      and unacceptable ; scandalous ;
                                                doing something ; to be slow to           adversity (N.) : a difficult or
      very unusual
                                                speak or act ; pause.                     unpleasant               situa tion;
611. (2) natty                                                                            unfavourable fortune or fate.
      spruce (Adj.) : neat and clean in   619. (3) awareness
                                                                                    633. (3) greed
      appearance.                               consciousness (N.) : awareness ;
                                                                                          cupidity (N.) : a strong desire
      natty (Adj.) : neat and                   the state of being aware of
                                                                                          for more wealth, possessions,
                                                something ; the state of being
      fashionable                                                                         power etc. than a person needs;
                                                able to use senses
612. (1) accomplish                       620. (1) capacity                         634. (4) untidy
     achieve (V.) : to succeed in doing         caliber/calibre (N.) : the quality        dishevelled (Adj.) : very untidy;
     something; accomplish; attain.             of something, especially a                unkempt.
613. (1) perilous                               person’s ability ; capacity.        635. (4) revere
     precarious (Adj.) : not safe or      621. (2) coax                                   venerate (V.) : to have and show
     certain; dangerous ; perilous.             persuade (V.) : to make                   a lot of respect for somebody/
     perilous (Adj.) : very dangerous           somebody do something by giving           something that is considered to
                                                them good reasons for doing it;           be holy; revere.
     salubrious (Adj.) : pleasant to
                                                convince; coax.                     636. (4) shocked
     live in; clean and healthy
                                          622. (2) cure-all                               scandalize (V.) : to do something
     innocuous (Adj.) : harmless                                                          that people find very shocking;
                                               panacea (N.) : something that
     in offensive (Adj.) : not likely to       will solve all the problems of a           outrage; horrify; disgust.
     offend/upset anyone                       particular situation.                      scandalized (V.) : shocked