566. (2) Partner                           575. (2) blend                            591. (3) walk
      consort (Noun) : the husband              merge (Verb) : to combine or              stroll (V.) : to walk somewhere
      or wife of a ruler.                       make two or more things com-              in a slow relaxed way.
567. (1)Weak                                    bine to form a single thing.         592. (4) forever
      feeble (Adjective) : very weak;      576. (3) gastronome (Noun) : a per-            eternal (Adj.) : without an end;
      not effective ; not showing ener-         son who enjoys good food and              existing or continuing forever.
      gy.                                       drink; foodie
                                                                                      593. (1) occasional
568. (4) pledge                                 gourmet (Noun) : a person who
                                                                                           sporadic (Adj.) : happening only
      pawn (Verb) : to leave an object          knows a lot about good food and
                                                wines and who enjoys choosing.             occasionally or at intervals that
      with a pawnbroker in exchange                                                        are not regular.
      for money ; pledge.                  577. (1) clear
                                                limpid (Adjective) : transpar-        594. (3) range
569. (2) upbraid (Verb) : to criticize
                                                ent.                                       spectrum (N.) : a wide range of
      somebody and speak angrily to
      them ; reproach.                     578. (2) occupation                             related qualities, ideas etc.
      chastise (Verb) : to criticize some-      vocation (Noun) : a type of work      595. (2) authority
      body for doing something wrong;           or way of life; profession.                regi me (N.) : a system of
      to punish physically ; beat.         579. (3) dirty                                  government ; authority
570. (1) genius (Noun) : a person who           filthy (Adjective) : very dirty and
                                                                                      596. (3) strict
      is usually intelligent/ artistic, or      unpleasant; very rude and offen-
                                                sive.                                      stringent (Adj.) : very strict and
      who has a very high level of skill,                                                  that must be obeyed; strict
      especially in one area               580. (2) error
                                                mistake (Noun) : an action that       597. (2) convey
      maestro (Noun) : a great per-
      former especially a musician.             is not correct.                            connote (V.) : to suggest a
                                           581. (4) offend                                 feeling, an idea etc as well as
571. (4) unassailable (Adjective) :
                                                annoy (Verb) : to make some-               the main meaning.
     that cannot be destroyed, defeat-
     ed/ questioned                             body slightly angry; irritate; both-  598. (4) philanthropic
                                                er.                                        altruistic (Adj.) : the fact of
     invincible (Adjective) : too
     strong to be defeated or changed;     582. (2) procure                                caring about the needs and
     unconquerable.                             acquire (Verb) : to gain some-             happiness of other people more
                                                thing by your own efforts, abili-          than your own; philanthropic.
     vulnerable (Adjective) : weak
     and easily hurt physically/ emo-           ty; to obtain something.              599. (4) mysterious
     tionally                              583. (4) misery                                 arcane (Adj. ) : secret and
     fallible (Adjective) : able to make        adversity (Noun) : a difficult or          mysterious and therefore
     mistakes/ be wrong                         unpleasant situation; calamity.            difficult to understand.
     yielding (Adjective) : willing to     584. (1) make merry                        600. (2) regretful
     do what other people want                  revel (Verb) : to spend time en-           contrite (Adj.) : very sorry for
                                                joying yourself in a noisy, enthu-         something bad that you have
572. (3) outcome
                                                siastic way.                               done; regretful.
     result (Noun) : the thing that is
                                           585. (2) savage
     caused or produced because of                                                    601. (1) shy
                                                brutal (Adjective) : violent and
     something else.                                                                       bashful (Adj.) : shy and easily
573. (2) awful (Adjective) : very                                                          embarrassed.
                                           586. (3) way
     shocking; very bad/ unpleasant                                                   602. (3) hostile
                                                stroll (Verb) : to walk somewhere
     lousy (Adjective) : very bad;              in a slow relaxed way.                     belligerent (Adj.) : unfriendly
     awful; terrible.
                                           587. (4) forever                                and aggressive; hostile
     aura (Noun) : a feeling or partic-
                                                eternal (Adjective) : without an
     ular quality that is very notice-                                                603. (2) identical
                                                end; existing or continuing.
     able and seems to surround a                                                          congruent (Adj.) : suitable for
     person/ place                         588. (4) misery
                                                                                           something; having the same size
     awry (Adverb, Adjective) : unti-           adversity (N.) : a difficult or
                                                                                           and shape.
     dy                                         unpleasant situation; calamity;
                                                misery.                              604. (3) unintentional
574. (1) campaign (Noun) : a series of                                                    inadvertent (Adj.) : uninten-
     planned activities that are intend-   589. (1) make merry
                                                                                          tional; accidental; without in-
     ed to achieve a particular social,         revel (V.) : to spend time
                                                                                          tending to
     commercial/ political aim                  enjoying yourself in a noisy,
                                                enthusiastic way; make merry.        605. (2) chaos
     crusade (Noun) : a long and de-
     termined effort to achieve some-      590. (2) savage                                pandemonium (N.) : a situation
     thing that you believe to be right;        brutal (Adj.) : violent and cruel;        in which there is a lot of noise;
     campaign.                                  savage.                                   chaos.