533. (1) preference                      542. (3) wet                            553. (3) immense
     predilection (Noun) : if you             damp (Adjective) : slightly wet         enormous (Adjective) : extreme-
     have a predilection for something,  543. (2) candid                              ly large, huge.
     you like it very much; liking.           ingenuous (Adjective) : honest,    554. (2) unavoidable
534. (2) dummy (Noun) : a figure              innocent and willing to trust peo-      inevitable (Adjective) : that you
     representing the human form; a           ple; naive.                             cannot avoid or prevent
     thing that seems to be real but     544. (3) mad                            555. (1) sprinkle
     it is only a copy of the real thing      insane (Adjective) : seriously,         drizzle (Verb) : to pour a small
     effigy (Noun) : a statue of a fa-        mentally ill and unable to live in      amount of liquid; dribble
     mous person, saint or god; a             normal society.                    556. (4) false (Adj.) : wrong/mistak-
     model of a person that makes        545. (4) dais                                en
     them look ugly.
                                              podium (Noun) : pedestal; a             erroneous (Adjective) : not cor-
     imagery (Noun) : pictures, pho-          small platform that p erson             rect ; based on wrong informa-
     tographs, etc.; language that            stands on while giving a speech         tion.
     produces pictures in the minds           etc; rostrum.
     of people reading/ listening                                                     inaccurate (Adjective) : not ex-
                                         546. (2) charm                               act/accurate ; with mistakes
535. (1) referendum (Noun) : an oc-           charisma (Noun) : the powerful
     casion when all the people of a                                                  unfair (Adjective) : not right ac-
                                              personal quality that some peo-         cording to a set of rules/princi-
     country can vote on an impor-            ple have to attract and impress
     tant issue                                                                       ples
                                              other people.
     plebiscite (Noun) : a vote by the                                           557. (4) workable (Adjective) : that
                                         547. (2) conceited (Adjective) : hav-
     people of a country or a region                                                  can be used successfully and ef-
                                              ing too much pride in yourself
     on an important issue; referen-                                                  fectively ; practical
                                              and what you do
     dum.                                                                             viable (Adjective) : practicable;
                                              bumptious (Adjective) : show-
     renunciation (Noun) : an act of                                                  that can be done; feasible; that
                                              ing that you are very important;
     stating publicly that you no long-       conceited                               will be successful; capable of
     er believe something/ that you                                                   developing and surviving inde-
                                              uncouth (Adjective) : rude/so-
     are giving something up                                                          pendently.
                                              cially unacceptable
536. (4) economical                                                              558. (1) serpentine (Adjective) :
                                              shrewd (Adjective) : showing
     frugal (Adjective) : using only                                                  bending and twisting like a
                                              good judgement and likely to be
     as much money or food as is nec-                                                 snake ; winding
     essary; meagre.                                                                  sinuous (Adjective) : turning
                                         548. (3) expel (Verb) : to officially
537. (3) reduce                               make somebody leave an organ-           while moving in an elegant way;
     diminish (Verb) : to become or           isation                                 having many curves
     to make something b ecome                ostracize (Verb) : shun; to refuse 559. (1) industrious
     weaker, smaller etc; decrease;           to let somebody be a member of          diligent (Adjective) : showing
     belittle.                                a social group; expel.                  care and effort.
538. (1) read                                 evacuate (Verb) : to move peo-     560. (1) random
     peruse (Verb) : to read something        ple from a place of danger to a         desultory (Adjective) : without
     in a careful way.                        safer place                             a definite plan and without en-
539. (4) foam                                 excavate (Verb) : to make a hole,       thusiasm .
     spume (Noun) : the mass of               etc. in the ground by digging      561. (2) envious
     white bubbles that forms in              extradite (Verb) : to officially        jealous (Adjective) : feeling angry
     waves when the sea is rough.             send back somebody who has              or unhappy.
540. (1) food                                 been accused/found guilty of a     562. (4) search
     board (Noun) : group of people.          crime to the country where the
                                                                                      quest (Noun) : a long search for
541. (3) renewal (Noun) : a situation         crime was committed
     in which something begins after     549. (2) curse
                                                                                 563. (1) income
     a pause or an interruption               Bane (Noun) : something that
                                              causes trouble and makes peo-           revenue (Noun) : the money that
     resurgence (Noun) : the return
     and growth of an activity that had       ple unhappy.                            a government receives from tax-
     stopped.                                                                         es ; receipts ; money received
                                         550. (4) congratulated
                                                                                      from business.
     reloaction (Noun) : the act of           felicitate (Verb) : congratulate
     changing your residence/ place                                              564. (3) authentic
                                         551. (3) respect
     of business                                                                      genuine (Adjective) : real; exact-
                                              honour (Noun) : great respect
     repletion (Noun) : the state of                                                  ly what it appears to be.
                                              and admiration for somebody.
     being full and unable to eat any                                            565. (3) precision
                                         552. (3) correct
     more                                                                             accuracy (Noun) : the state of
                                              rectify (Verb) : to put right
     reluctance (Noun) : a certain                                                    being exact or correct; the abili-
                                              something that is wrong.
     degree of unwillingness                                                          ty to do skillfully.