493. (1) cunning                          503. (3) prosperous                        518. (2) simplicity
     guile (Noun) : the use of clever           affluent (Adjective) : having a
                                                                                          gullibility (Noun) : naiveness; too
     but dishonest behaviour in order           lot of money and a good standard
                                                of living ; wealthy.                      willing to believe or accept what
     to trick people; deceit                                                              other people tell you.
494. (1) uselessness                      504. (1) danger
                                                                                     519. (4) rant
     futility (Noun) : having no                peril (Noun) : a serious danger.
                                                                                           tirade (Noun) : a long angry
     purpose; pointlessness               505. (3) dignified                               speech criticizing somebody/
     insignificance (Noun.) : the fact          august (Adjective) : impressive,           something or accusing some-
     of not being big/valuable enough           making you feel respect.                   body.
     to be considered important           506. (4) Insist                            520. (1) adept
                                                persist (Verb) : to continue to            proficient (Adjective) : able to
495. (4) fake                                   exist; to continue to do something         do something well ; skilled.
     sham (Adjective) : counterfeit;            despite difficulties or opposition.  521. (2) chide
     not genuine but intended to seem     507. (3) finally                                 admonish (Verb) : reprove ; to
     real; false.                               eventually (Adverb) : at the end           tell somebody firmly that you do
496. (3) difficult (Adjective) : not            of a period of time or series of           not approve of something that
     easy ; needing effort/skill to do/         events.                                    they have done ; scold.
     to understand                        508. (3) flawless                          522. (2) obstruction
     arduous (Adjective) : involving            impeccable (Adjective) : without           interference (Noun) : interrup-
     a lot of effort and energy; trouble        mistakes or faults; perfect.               tion.
     some                                                                                  deference (N.) : behaviour that
                                          509. (1) hidden
                                                                                           shows that you respect some-
     troublesome (Adjective) :                 latent (Adjective) : existing, but
     causing trouble, pain, etc. over          not yet very noticeable.
                                                                                     523. (1) victim
     a long period of time ; annoying ;   510. (4) decrease                                quarry (Noun) : an animal or a
     irritating                                dwindle (Verb) : to become grad-            person that is being hunted or
     perilous (Adjective) : very               ually less or smaller.                      followed; prey.
     dangerous                            511. (2) improve                           524. (3) destroy
497. (4) adorn (Verb.) : to make               ameliorate (Verb) : to make                 annihilate (Verb) : to destroy
     something/somebody look more              something better.                           completely.
     attractive by decorating it or him   512. (2) to become or make something       525. (1) guess
     with something                            hard like bone                              conjecture (Noun) : idea not
     garnish (Verb) : to decorate a            ossify (Verb) : to become or                based on definite knowledge.
     dish of food with a small amount          make something fixed and unable       526. (4) authenticity
     of other food; adorn                      to change.                                  verisimilitude (Noun) : the qual-
498. (2) forsake (Verb.) : to leave       513. (4) fake                                    ity of seeming to be true or real.
     somebody/something ; abandon              spurious (Adjective) : false,         527. (4) recall
     abandon (Verb) : to leave a               although seeming to be genuine;             recapitulation (Noun) : repeti-
     thing/ place                              based on false ideas.                       tion or summary of what has al-
499. (1) hateful                                                                           ready been said.
                                               Look at the sentence :
                                                                                     528. (1) satisfied
     odius (Adjective) : extremely             Spurious drugs are available in             complacent (Adjective) : too sat-
     unpleasant; horrible.                     plenty in the market.                       isfied with yourself or with a sit-
500. (2) cancellation                     514. (4) beg                                     uation; a feeling of satisfaction.
     repeal (Noun) : a decision to stop                                              529. (2) enterprising (Adjective) :
                                               beseech (Verb) : to ask somebody
     something                                                                             having or showing the ability to
                                               for something in an anxious way
     rejection (Noun.) : refusal to                                                        think of new projects or new
                                               because you want or need very
     accept/consider something                 much ; implore ; beg.                       ways of doing things and make
     dejection (Noun.) : a feeling of                                                      them successful.
                                          515. (1) sleep
     unhappiness and disappointment                                                  530. (4) Rich
                                               snooze (Verb) : to have a short             opulent (Adjective) : luxurious;
501. (1) belief
                                               light sleep                                 extremely rich; wealthy.
     tenet (Noun.) : one of the
     principles or beliefs that a theory  516. (2) dishonour                         531. (2) bodily
     or larger set of beliefs is based on      humiliation (Noun) : to make                visceral (Adjective) : resulting
                                               somebody feel ashamed or stupid             from strong feelings rather than
502. (2) strange
                                               and lose the respect of other people;       careful thought.
     peculi ar (Adjective) : odd;
                                               dishonour.                            532. (1) pious
                                                                                           devout (Adjective) : believing in
     look at the sentence : There was     517. (1) discharge                               a particular religion; showing
     something peculiar in the way he          emit (Verb) : to send out                   deep respect for God and reli-
     smiled.                                   something .                                 gion.