haphazard (Adjective) : with no    474. (2) make up for                     484. (2) lively
     particular order/pl an ; not            compensate (Verb) : to provide           vivacious (Adjective) : lively;
     organized well                          something good to balance or             having a lively, attractive person-
     illogical (Adjecti ve) : not            reduce the bad effects o f               ality
     sensible/thought out in a logical       damage, loss etc.                        perceptible (Adjective) : notice-
     way                                475. (3) avenge                               able
464. (2) examine                             retaliate (Verb) : to do something       languid (Adjective) : moving
     peruse (Verb) : to read                 harmful to somebody because              slowly in an elegant manner; not
     something especially in a careful       they have harmed you first ; take        needing energy/effort
     way.                                    revenge.                            485. (2) scattered
465. (1) friendly                       476. (3) widespread                           sporadic (Adjective) : happening
     amicable (Adjective) : done or          epidemic (Noun) : a sudden               only occasionally or at intervals
                                             rapid increase in how often              that are not regular; intermittent;
     achieved in a polite of friendly
                                             something bad happens.                   infrequent.
     way and without arguing.`
                                        477. (2) inquisitive                     486. (2) persist (Verb) : to continue
466. (2) permeable (Adjective) :
                                             curious (Adjective) : having a           to do something despite
     allowing a liquid/gas to pass
                                             strong desire to know about              difficulties/opposition, in a way
                                             something .                              that can seem unreasonable
     porous (Adjective) : having                                                      persevere (Verb) : to continue to
                                        478. (1) honest
     many small holes that allow                                                      do/achieve something despite
                                             candid (Adjective) : saying what
     water/ air to pass through slowly;                                               difficulties
                                             you think openly and honestly,
     permeable                                                                        fickle (Adjective) : changing
                                             not hiding your thoughts.
467. (2) bland (Adjective) : not having                                               often and suddenly
                                        479. (4) abandoned
     a strong/interesting taste                                                  487. (4) enough
                                             forsaken (Adjective) : left
     insipid (Adjective) : having            especially when you have a               adequate (Adjective) : enough
     almost no taste/ flavour; not           responsibility to stay; renounced        in quantity or good enough in
     interesting/ exciting; d ull;           nurtured (Verb) : to care for and        quality.
     flavourless; bland                      protect somebody/something          488. (2) to crave
468. (3) recover                             while he is growing and devel-           yearn (Verb) : to want something
     convalesce (Verb) : to spend            oping                                    very much; long to have; a very
     time getting your health and            neglected (Verb) : to fail to take       strong desire for something;
     strength back after i llness;           care of somebody/something               crave
     recuperate                         480. (2) Lively                               crave (Verb) : to have a very
     admonish (Verb.) : to tell some-        vivacious (Adjective) : having           strong desire for something
     body firmly that you do not ap-         a lively, attractive personality.   489. (2) conveyance
     prove of something that he has     481. (3) friendly                             transmission (Noun) : transfer;
     done ; to strongly advise some-         amiable (Adjective) : pleasant,          process of sending; the process
     body to do something                    friendly and easy to like,               of taking somebody/something
469. (1) confuse                             agreeable.                               from one place to another.
     garble (Verb) : confuse.           482. (3) appeal (Noun) : a formal        490. (2) curve
470. (3) summit                              request to a court or to somebody        meander (Verb) : to curve a lot
     pinnacle (Noun) : turret, peak,         in authority for a judgement or a        rather than being in a straight
                                             decision to be changed                   line.
     the most important or successful
     part of something.                      petition (Noun) : a written         491. (2) chatter (Verb) : to talk quickly
                                             document signed by people; an            and continuously, especially about
471. (2) Ill-treat
                                             official docum ent; a formal             things that are not important
     brutalise (Verb) : to make              request to somebody in authority
     somebody unable to feel normal                                                   jabber (Verb) : to talk quickly
                                        483. (3) proposal (Noun) : a formal           and in an excited way so that it
     human emotions such as pity ;           suggestion/plan
     to treat somebody in a cruel or                                                  is difficult to understand what
                                             proposition (Noun) : an idea/ a          you are saying; gabble
     violent way.                            plan of action; a thing that you
                                                                                      eloquent (Adjective) : able to use
472. (1) accelerate                          intend to do; matter; proposal
                                                                                      langu age and express your
     quicken (Verb) : to become              intimation (Noun) : the act of
                                                                                      opinions well, especially when
     more active ; to become/make            stating something or of making
                                                                                      you are speaking in public
     quicker.                                it known, especially in an indirect
                                                                                 492. (3) envied
473. (1) temporary                           way
                                             protestation (Noun) : a strong           jealous (Adjective) : feeling
     transient       (Adjective)      :                                               anger or unhappy because you
     continuing for only a short time ;      statement that something is true,
                                             especially when other people do          wish you had something that
     fleeting.                                                                        somebody else has; envious.
                                             not believe you