hindrance (Noun) : the act of      439. (1) faced                            450. (2) measure
     making it more difficult for            encounter (Verb) : to meet                assess (Verb) : to calculate value
     somebody to do something or for         somebody , or discover or                 of somethi ng; to make a
     something to happen                     experience something; come                judgement about something
     reason (Noun) : a cause or an           across.                              451. (3) flexible
     explanation for something that     440. (2) save                                  elastic (Adjective) : able to
     has happened or somebody has            redeem (Verb) : compensate for;           stretch and then return to its
     done                                    to save somebody from the                 original size
431. (3) economical (Adjective) :            power of evil.                       452. (1) timid
     providing good service or value    441. (3) credible (Adjective) : that can       diffident (Adjective) : not having
     in relation to the amount of            be believed or trusted;                   much confidence in yourself; shy
     money or time spent; using no           convincing.
     more than is necessary; frugal                                               453. (2) cunning
                                        442. (1) believable
     thrifty (Adjective) : careful                                                     crafty (Adjective) : wily; clever
                                             extricate (Verb) : to escape or
     about spending money and not                                                      at getting what you want.
                                             enable somebody to escape from
     wasting things; frugal                                                       454. (3) excessive
                                             a difficult situation; to free
     greedy (Adjective) : wanting            somebody.                                 exorbitant (Adjective) : much
     more money, food, power etc.                                                      too high
                                        443. (1) unruly (Adjective.) : difficult
     than you really need                    to control/manage ; disorderly       455. (1) liking
     extravagant (Adjective) :                                                         penchant (Noun) : a special
                                             obstreperous (Adjective) : noisy
     spending or using a lot of money                                                  liking for something; fondness
                                             and difficult to control
     than is necessary
                                             sullen (Adjecti ve) : bad-           456. (1) prosperous
     compassionate (Adjective) :
                                             tempered and not speaking,                affluent (Adjective) : having a
     feeling or showing sympathy for
                                             either on a particular occasion/          lot of money; wealthy.
     people who are suffering
                                             because it is part of your character 457. (2) Warm
432. (3) roam (Verb.) : to walk/travel
                                        444. (2) upright (Adjective) :                 tepid (Adjective) : lukewarm,
     around an area without any
                                             behaving in a moral and honest            slightly warm, sometimes in a
     definite aim/direction
                                             way                                       way that is not pleasant
     wander (Verb) : to walk slowly
                                             honest (Adjective) : never
     around often without purpose                                                 458. (4) clever
                                             cheating; always telling the truth;
433. (4) silent                                                                        canny (Adjective) : intelligent,
     taciturn (Adjective) : tending not                                                careful and showing goo d
                                             authentic (Adjective) : true and
     to say very much.                                                                 judgement
434. (4) anger                                                                         obstinate (Adjective) : stubborn
                                        445. (3) occupation
     fury (Noun) : extreme anger that                                             459. (1) sympathetic
     often includes violent behaviour;       vocation (Noun) : profession; a
                                             type of work you bel ieve is              humane (Adjective) : showing
                                             especially suitable for you.              kindness towards people and
435. (4) transitory (Adjective) :                                                      animals
     continuing for only a short time   446. (2) quarrelsome
                                             cantankerous (Adjective) : bad       460. (4) glittering
     transient        (Adjective)     :
     temporary, continuing for only a        tempered         and        al ways       scintillating (Adjective) : very
     short time; transitory                  complaining.                              clever, amusing and interesting
     permanent (Adjective) : lasting    447. (2) despise                          461. (1) fleeting (Adjective) : lasting
     for a long time                         scorn (Verb) : dismiss; to dislike        only a short time ; brief
     provi sional (Adjecti ve) :             and have no respect for                   transient (Adjective) : fleeting;
     arranged, but not yet definite          somebody.                                 temporary; continuing for only a
436. (2) slightly fat                   448. (1) tragedy                               short time
     plump (Adjective) : chubby;             catastrophe (Noun) : disaster;       462. (4) greedy
     having a soft, round body.              a sudden event that causes many           voracious (Adjective) : eating or
437. (1) courageous                          people to suffer.
                                                                                       wanting large amounts of food etc
     Valiant (Adjective) : very brave   449. (1) renounce (Verb) : to state
                                                                                  463. (3) impenetrable (Adjective) :
                                             publicly that you no longer have a
     repulsive (Adjective) : very                                                      that cannot be entered, passed
                                             particular belief or that you will
     unpleasant ; causing a feeling of                                                 through / seen through ; impos-
                                             no longer behave in a particular
     strong dislike                                                                    sible to understand
438. (1) threw                                                                         imperivous (Adjective) : not af-
                                             abjure (Verb) : to promise
     fli ng (Verb) : to throw                                                          fected/influenced by something;
                                             publicly that you will give up a
     somebody/something                                                                impenetrable
                                             belief; renounce
     somewhere with force; hurl.                                                       audacious (Adjective) : willing
                                             denounce (Verb.) : to strongly
     fling Þ flung (Past)                                                              to take risks/to do something
                                             criticize somebody/something that
     Þ flung (Past Participle)               you think is wrong, illegal, etc          shocking