conjurer (Noun) : a man who             illumination (Noun) : light or a    427. (4) feign (Verb) : to pretend that
     performs magical/clever tricks;         place that light comes from              you have a particular feeling or
     magician                                ascension (Noun) : the journey           that you are ill/sick, tired, etc.
     jester (Noun) : a man employed          of Jesus from the earth into             pretend (Verb) : to behave in a
     in the past at the court of a king      heaven; the act of moving up or          particular way, in order to make
     or queen to amuse people by             of reaching a high position              other people believe something
     telling jokes and funny stories         reality (Noun) : the true situation      that is not true
     performer (Noun) : a person who         and the problems that actually           guess (Verb) : to find the right
     performs for an audience in a           exist in life                            answer to a question without
     show, concert, etc.                423. (3) authority (Noun) : the pow-          knowing all the facts
     trickster (Noun) : a person who         er to give orders to people; the         suspect (Verb) : to have an idea
     tricks or cheats people                 power to influence people be-            that something is probably true
419. (3) statement        (N oun)     :      cause they respect your knowl-           or likely to happen, especially
     something that you say or write         edge                                     something bad, but without
     that gives information or an            mastery (Noun) : great knowl-            having definite proof
     opinion; a printed record of            edge about or understanding of           thi nk (Verb) : to have a
     money paid, etc.                        a particular ng; command; au-            particular idea or opinion about
     invoice (Noun) : bill; a list of        thority                                  somebody/something
     goods that have been sold, work         mystery (Noun) : something that     428. (3) hasty (Adjective) : said,
     that has been done, etc., showing       is difficult to understand or to         made or done very quickly,
     what you must pay                       explain                                  especially when this has had
     word (Noun) : a single unit of          weighty (Adjective) : important          results
     language which means something          and serious; heavy                       impetuous (Adjective) : rash;
     and can be spoken or written; a         weakness (Noun) : lack of                impulsive; acting or done quickly
     promise                                 strength, power or determination         and without thinking carefully
     sound (Noun) : noise               424. (2) audacity (Noun) : brave but          about the results
     language (Noun) : the system of         rude and shocking behaviour              impious (Adjective) : showing
     communication in speech and                                                      a lack of respect for God and
                                             temerity (Noun) : extremely
     writing that is used by the people                                               religion
                                             confident behaviour that people
     of a particular country or area                                                  impressive (Adjective) : making
                                             are likely to consider rude;
420. (1) improve (Verb) : to become          audacity                                 a strong impression; producing
     better than before                                                               a strong effect
                                             verity (Noun) : truth
     ameliorate (Verb) : to make                                                      disturbing (Adjective) : making
     something better; improve               simplicity (Noun) : an aspect of
                                             something that is easy, natural          you feel anxious and upset or
     degrade (Verb) : to show or treat                                                shocked
     somebody in a way that makes            or plain
                                                                                 429. (4) avoid (Verb) : to prevent
     him seem not worth any respect;         paucity (Noun) : a small amount
                                                                                      something bad from happening
     to make something become worse          of something
                                                                                      evade (Verb) : to escape from
     motivate (Verb) : to make          425. (3) cunning (Adjective) : crafty;
                                                                                      somebody/something or avoid
     somebody want to do something           wily
                                                                                      meeting somebody
     that involves hard work and effort      wily (Adjective) : cunning
                                                                                      vacate (Verb) : to leave a
     agree (Verb) : to have the same         wise (Adjective) : able to make          buil ding, seat etc. so that
     opinion as somebody else has            sensible decisions and give good         somebody else may use it
421. (2) rational (Adjective) : based        advice because of the experience         cheat (Verb) : to fool; to deceive;
     on reason rather than emotions;         and knowledge that you have              to trick; to betray
     reasonable                              stupid (Adjective) : foolish; silly
     logical (Adjective) : seeming                                                    pretend (Verb) : to feign; to be-
                                             angry (Adjective) : feeling and/         have in a particular way, in order
     natural, reasonable or sensible
                                             or showing anger                         to make other people believe some-
     responsive (Adjective) : react-
                                        426. (1) sorrowful (Adjective) : very         thing that is not true
     ing quickly and in a positive way
                                             sad                                 430. (4) warning (Noun) : a
     educated (Adjective) : having
     had a high standard of education        anguished (Adjecti ve) :                 statement, an event, etc. telling
                                             experiencing intense/severe              somebody that something bad or
     impro per        (Adjecti ve)    :
                                             pain, mental suffering o r               unpleasant may happen in the
     dishonest, or morally wrong; not
                                             unhappiness                              future
     suited to the situation
422. (2) illusion (Noun) : a false idea      doubtful (Adjective) : not sure;         admonition (Noun) : a warning
     or belief about something/              uncertain and feeling doubt              to somebody about his behaviour
     somebody                                respectful (Adjective) : showing         admission (Noun) : the right to
     delusion (Noun) : a false belief        or feeling respect                       enter a place; the act of
     or opinion about yourself or your       joyful (Adjective) : very happy;         accepting somebody into an
     situation                               causing people to be happy               institution/organisation