expenditure (Noun) : the act of          advocate (Verb) : to support            labyrinth (Noun) : a complicated
     spending money; the amount of            something publicly                      series of paths, whi ch it is
     money spent                              pronounce (Verb) : to say or give       difficult to find your way through
     bankruptcy (Noun) : the state            something formally                      rotating (Adjective) : turning
     of not able to pay what you owe;         determine (Verb) : to discover          about an axis; revolving
     insolvent                                the facts about something; to           pacing (Adjective) : walking with
     bribery (Noun) : the giving or           calculate something exactly; es-        slow regular strides
     taking of money or something             tablish                                 wriggling (Adjective) : twisting
     valuable for some help (in a dis-        predict (Verb) : forecast; to say       and turning your body or part of
     honest way)                              that something will happen in           it with quick short movements
393. (2) suffering (Noun) : physical or       future                             401. (1) difficult (Adjective) : hard;
     mental pain                         397. (3) introduction (Noun) : the act       not easy
     tribulation (Noun) : great trou-         of bringing something into use          hard (Adjective) : solid, firm or
     ble or suffering                         or existence for the first time         stiff and difficult to bend or
     palpitation (Noun) : a rapid and         preamble (Noun) : an introduc-          break; tough; difficult
     irregular heart beat                     tion to a book or a written docu-       simple (Adjecti ve) : not
     weakness (Noun) : lack of                ment; an introduction to some-          complicated; easy to understand
     strength, power or determination         thing you say                           or do; easy
     stimulation (Noun) : the feeling         mediation (Noun) : negotiation          common (Adjective) : ordinary;
     of being more active and healthy         to resolve differences conducted        not unusual; happening often
394. (3) parapet (Noun) : a low wall          by some impartial party; arbitra-       easy (Adjective) : not difficult
     along the edge of a bridge, a roof,      tion                               402. (1) witty (Adjective) : able to
     etc. to stop people from falling         conclusion (Noun) : the end of          say or write clever, amusing
     rampart (Noun) : a high wide             a speech or a piece of writing;         things
     wall of stone or earth with a path       completion                              humorous (Adjective) : funny
     on top, built around a castle, town      definition (Noun) : an explana-         and entertaining
     etc to defend it                         tion of the meaning or a word or        inn ovati ve (Adjecti ve) :
     ropeway (Noun) : a conveyance            phrase, in a dictionary                 introducing or using new ideas,
     that transports passengers in       398. (1) talkative (Adjective) : liking      ways
     carriers suspended from cables           to talk a lot                           fashi onable (Adjecti ve) :
     and supported by towers                  garrulous (Adjective) : talking         following a style that is popular
     staircase (Noun) : a set of stairs       a lot; talkative                        at a particular time
     inside a building including the          sedative (Noun) : a drug that           timid (Adjective) : shy and
     posts and rails                          makes somebody go to sleep or           nervous; not brave
     scaffold (Noun) : a platform used        makes him feel calm and relaxed;   403. (3) congregate (Verb) : to come
     while executing criminals by cut-        tranquilizer                            together in a group
     ting off their heads or hanging          vocative (Adjective) : express-         gather (Verb) : to come together
     them from a rope; a structure            ing your opinions or feelings in a      or bring people together, in one
     made of poles and boards, for            loud and confident way; strident        place to form a group
     workers to stand on when they            positive (Adjective) : completely       scatter (Verb) : disperse throw
     are working on a building                sure; confident; showing clear          or dro p things in d ifferent
395. (4) assemble (Verb) : to bring           evidence; greater than zero; con-       directions so that they may cover
                                              clusive; absolute                       an area of ground
     things or people together as a
     group                               399. (2) decoration (Noun) : a thing         disperse (Verb) : to move apart
                                              that makes something look more          and go away in different directions
     collate (Verb) : to collect infor-
     mation together from different           attractive on special occasions         separate (Verb) : to divide into
     sources in order to examine and          tinsel (Noun) : strips of shiny         different parts or groups
     compare it                               material like metal, used as       404. (1) welcome (Verb) : to say hello
                                              decorations, especially on              to somebody in a friendly way
     describe (Verb) : to say what
                                              Christmas                               when he arrives somewhere
     somebody or something is like
                                              tinkle (Noun) : a light high            greet (Verb) : to say hello to
     narrate (Verb) : to tell a story;
                                              ringing sound                           somebody or to welcome him
                                              tin (Noun) : a chemical element;        hostile (Adjective) : very un-
     prescribe (Verb) : to tell some-
                                              a metal container                       friendly or aggressive and ready
     body to take a particular medi-
                                                                                      to argue or fight
     cine or treatment                        colourful (Adjective) : full of
                                                                                      unsociable (Adjective) : not
396. (2) support (Verb) : to help or          different, bright colours
                                                                                      enjoying the company of other
     encourage somebody or some-         400. (1) meandering (No un) : a
     thing by saying or showing that          course that does not follow a
                                                                                      aloof (Adjective) : not friendly
     you agree with him/ or to it; back       straight line
                                                                                      or interested in other people