mandatory (Adjective) : required          punish (Verb) : to blame your-          shop (Noun) : a building or part
     by law; compulsory                        self for something that has hap-        of a building where you can buy
381. (4) opponent (Noun) : a person            pened; to make somebody suf-            goods and services
     that you are playing or fighting          fer because he has broken the           booth (Noun) : a small confined
     against in a game, competition,           law or done something wrong             place where you can do some-
     argument etc.; adversary                  withheld (Verb) : keep back; to         thing privately; a place to sit in a
     antagonist (Noun) : a person              refuse to give something to some-       restaurant
     who strongly opposes somebody             body                                    mall (Noun) : a large building or
     or something; opponent               385. (3) attribution (Noun) : assign-        covered area that has many
     non – believer (Noun) : someone           ing to a cause or source; ascrip-       shops/stores, restaurants, etc.
     who refuses to believe                    tion                                    inside it.
     trouble–maker (Noun) : a person           ascription (Noun) : assigning to   389. (1) innocent (Adjective) : not
     who often causes serious prob-            a cause or source; attribution          guilty of a crime; not having done
     lems                                      description (Noun) : the act of         something wrong; having little
     trouble – shooter (Noun) : a              writing or saying in words what         experience of the world; naive
     person who helps to solve prob-           somebody or something is like           ingenuous (Adjective) : honest,
     lems in a company or an organi-           account (Noun) : a written              innocent and willing to trust peo-
     sation                                    record or money in a business,          ple; naive
382. (3) lonely (Adjective) : unhap-           bank, shop; description                 artful (Adjective) : crafty; clever
     py because you have no friends            cure (Noun) : something that will       at getting what you want by not
     or people to talk to; isolated            solve a problems or cure an ill-        speaking the truth
     solitary (Adjective) : done alone         ness                                    cunning (Adjective) : able to get
     without other people; enjoying                                                    what you want in a clever way
                                          386. (3) Work hard
     being alone; single                                                               by tricking or cheating; crafty;
                                               toil (Verb) : to work very hard
     solid (Adjective) : hard or firm;                                                 wily
     strong and made well; that you            and/or for a long time, usually
                                                                                       clever (Adjective) : quick at
     can rely on                               doing hard physical work; slog
                                                                                       learning and understanding; in-
     solicitous (Adjective) : being            test (Verb) : to find out how           telliigent
     very concerned for somebody               much somebody knows, or what       390. (2) harmless (Adjective) : un-
     and waiting to make sure that             he can do by asking him ques-           able or unlikely to cause dam-
     he is comfortable, well or happy;         tions or giving him activities to       age or harm; innocuous
     attentive                                 perform                                 innocuous (Adjective) : not in-
     voluntary (Adjective) : done              spoil (Verb) : to change some-          tended to offend or upset any-
     willingly; done by people who             thing good into something bad,          one; harmless
     choose to do it without being paid        unpleasant, useless etc.; ruin          careless (Adjective) : not giving
383. (3) absorb (Verb) : to take some-         tell (Verb) : to give information       enough attention and thought to
     thing into mind and learn or un-          by writing or speaking                  what you are doing so that you
     derstand it; take in; engross        387. (4) copy (Verb) : to write or make      may make mistakes; casual
     engross (Verb) : to give all your         or behave in the same way as            insufficient (Adjective) : not
     attention and time                        something else or somebody              large, strong or important enough
     dismiss (Verb) : to decide that           else; imitate                           for a particular purpose; inade-
     somebody or something is not              mimic (Verb) : to copy, the way         quate
     important and not worth think-            somebody speaks, moves, be-             irresponsible (Adjective) : not
     ing or talking about; put aside           haves etc. in order to make oth-        showing a feeling of responsibility
     oppress (Verb) : to treat some-           er people laugh; imitate           391. (1) disrespectful (Adjective) :
     body in a cruel and unfair way            tease (Verb) : to laugh at some-        showing a lack of respect
     endanger (Verb) : to put some-            body and make jokes about him,          insolent (Adjective) : extreme-
     body or something in a situation          either in a friendly way or in or-      ly rude and showing a lack of
     in which he could be harmed or            der to annoy or embarrass him           respect
     damaged                                                                           insoluble (Adjective) : that can-
                                               refresh (Verb) : to make some-
384. (3) acquit (Verb) : to decide and                                                 not be solved or explained
                                               body feel less tired or less hot
     state officially in court that some-                                              depreciating (Adjective) : tend-
                                               greet (Verb) : to say hello to
     body in not guilty of a crime; to                                                 ing to decrease or cause a de-
     perform well, badly, etc.                 somebody or to welcome him
                                                                                       crease in value
     absolve (Verb) : to state formal-    388. (1) store (Noun) : a large shop
                                               that sells many different types         the sole of a shoe : the bottom
     ly that somebody is not guilty or                                                 of a shoe, not including the heel
     responsible for something                 of goods; a shop (large or small)
                                                                                  392. (4) miserliness (Noun) : total
     consume (Verb) : to use some-             kiosk (Noun) : a small shop/
                                                                                       lack of generosity with money
     thing – fuel, energy, time food,          store, open at the front, where
                                               newspapers, drinks, etc. are            parsimony (Noun) : extreme
     drink, etc; to fill somebody with                                                 care in spending money; extreme
     a strong feeling                          sold; stand; booth