ecstasy (Noun) : a feeling or            opposition (Noun) : the act of           spurious (Adjective) : false;
     state of very great happiness            strongly disagreeing with some-          based on false ideas or ways of
     economy (Noun) : the relation-           body or something, with the aim          thinking
     ship between production, trade           of preventing something from             modest (Adjective) : not very
     and supply of money in a partic-         happening                                large; expensive, important, etc;
     ular country or region                   suspicion (Noun) : a feeling that        not talking much about your own
     eclipse (Noun) : an occasion             somebody has done something              abilities
     when the moon passes between             wrong, illegal or dishonest, even        spontaneous (Adjective) : not
     the earth and the sun so that you        though you have no proof; a feel-        planned but done suddenly; hap-
     may not see all or part of the sun       ing that something is true or you        pening naturally
     for a time or when the earth pass-       cannot trust somebody or some-           sincere (Adjective) : showing
     es between the moon and the              thing                                    what you really think or feel;
     sun so that you may not see all     374. (4) hinder (Verb) : to make it dif-      genuine; honest
     or part of the moon for a time           ficult for somebody to do some-     378. (1) death (Noun) : the fact of
     extremism (Noun) : political,            thing or something to happen             somebody dying or being killed
     religious, etc. ideas or actions         deter (Verb) : to make somebody          demise (Noun) : death; the end
     that are extreme and not normal,         decide not to do something or            or failure of an institution, an
     reasonable or acceptable to most         continue doing something, by             idea or a company, etc.
     people                                   making him understand the dif-
                                                                                       misfortune (Noun) : bad luck;
371. (4) secret (Adjective) : kept hid-       ficulties and unpleasant results
                                                                                       an unfortunate accident, condi-
     den from others; known about             of his actions
                                                                                       tion or event
     by only a few people                     neglect (Verb) : to fail to take
                                                                                       accident (Noun) : an unpleasant
     clandestine (Adjective) : done           care of somebody or something;
                                                                                       event that happens unexpectedly
     secretly or kept secret                  not to give enough attention to
                                                                                       and causes injury or damage
     family (Adjective) : connected           something
                                                                                       dismissal (Noun) : the act of
     with the family or a particular          disapprove (Verb) : to think that
                                                                                       dismissing somebody from his
     family (owned by a family; suitable      somebody or something is not
                                                                                       job; the failure to consider some-
     for all members of the family)           good or suitable
                                                                                       thing as important
     useful (Adjective) : that can help       differ (Verb) : to be different
                                              from somebody or something          379. (2) misfortune (Noun) : bad
     you to do or achieve what you                                                     luck; an unfortunate accident,
     want                                375. (3) rough (Adjective) : having a
                                              surface that is not even or regu-        event or condition
     dangerous (Adjective) : likely to                                                 adversity (Noun) : a difficult or
     insure or have somebody; dam-            lar; not exact; not gentle or care-
                                              ful; difficult and unpleasant            unpleasant situation
     aging or destroying something                                                     opponent (Noun) : a person that
                                              coarse (Adjective) : rough; not
372. (1) uncivilized (Adjective) : not                                                 you are playing or fighting against
                                              soft; rude and offensive; consist-
     behaving in a way that is accept-                                                 in a game, competition, argu-
                                              ing of relatively large pieces
     able according to social or moral                                                 ment, etc.; adversary
                                              path (Noun) : a way or track that
     standards.                                                                        adversary (Noun) : opponent; a
                                              is built or is made by the action
     barbaric (Adjective) : cruel and                                                  person that somebody is opposed
                                              of people walking; a plan of action
     violent and not as expected from                                                  to and competing with in an ar-
                                              difficult (Adjective) : not easy;
     people who are educated and                                                       gument or a battle
                                              full of problems; not easy to
     respect one another; coarse;                                                      hostility (Noun) : unfriendly or
                                              please; not helpful
     uncivilized                                                                       aggressive feelings or behavior;
                                              definite (Adjective) : sure or
     premeditated (Adjective) :                                                        strong and angry opposition to-
                                              certain; unlikely to change
     planned in advance                                                                wards an idea, a plan or a situa-
                                         376. (1) disappear (Verb) : to become
     barber’s (Noun) : a shop where                                                    tion
                                              impossible to see; vanish
     men can have their hair cut                                                  380. (2) ordinary (Adjective) : not un-
                                              vanish (Verb) : to disappear sud-
     thorny (Adjective) : causing dif-        denly and/or in a way that you           usual or different in anyway;
     ficulty or disagreement                  cannot explain                           having no unusual or interesting
373. (3) obstacle (Noun) : a situation,       decrease (Verb) : to make or be-         features
     an event, etc. that makes it dif-        come smaller in size, number, etc.       mundane (Adjective) : not inter-
     ficult for you to do or achieve          encircle (Verb) : to surround            esting or exciting; dull; ordinary
     something                                somebody or something com-               musical (Adjective) : connected
     hurdle (Noun) : each of a series         pletely in a circular shape or           with music; containing music;
     of upright frames that a person          movement                                 with a natural skill or interest in
     or horse jumps over in a race; a         reveal (Verb) : to make some-            music; pleasant to listen to
     problem or difficulty that must          thing known to somebody                  mortal (Adjective) : that cannot
     be solved or dealt with before you  377. (3) fake (Adjective) : not genu-         live for ever and must die; caus-
     can achieve something                    ine; false; appearing to be some-        ing death or likely to cause death;
     throw (Noun) : the act of throw-         thing it is not                          very serious; lasting until death;
     ing something                                                                     deadly