perish (Verb) : to die in a sud-         abandon (Verb) : to leave a thing        exhausting (Adjective) : making
     den violent way; to be lost or           or place                                 you feel very tired
     destroyed                           361. (3) top (Noun) : the highest part        insulting (Adjective) : causing
     disintegrate (Verb) : to break           or point of something                    or intending to cause somebody
     into small parts or pieces and be        apex (Noun) : the top or highest         to feel offended
     destroyed; fall apart                    part of something                   366. (2) ridiculous (Adjective) : very
     destroy (Verb) : to damage               bottom (Noun) : the lowest part          silly or unreasonable; absurd
     something so badly that it no            of something                             absurb (Adjective) : completely
     longer exists or works                   outward (Adjective, Adverb) : go-        ridiculous; not logical and sensi-
     vanish (Verb) : to disappear sud-        ing away from a particular place         ble
     denly; to stop existing                  inward (Adjective, Adverb) : in-         diligent (Adjective) : showing
357. (1) tempt (Verb) : to attract            side your mind; towards the in-          care and effort in your work or
     somebody or make somebody                side or centre of something              duties
     want to do something, even if he    362. (2) puzzle (Verb) : baffle; to           brisk (Adjective) : quick; prac-
     knows that it is wrong                   make somebody feel confused              tical and confident
     allure (Verb) : being attractive         baffle (Verb) : to confuse some-         complex (Adjective) : compli-
     and exciting; tempt                      body completely; to be too diffi-        cated; difficult to understand
     attempt (Noun) : to try to do            cult or strange for somebody to     367. (4) lonely (Adjective) : unhap-
     something difficult                      understand or explain; perplex;          py because you are alone; iso-
     deceive (Verb) : to make some-           puzzle                                   lated
     body believe something that is           strike (Verb) : to hit somebody          solitary (Adjecti ve) : do ne
     not true; to cheat                       or something hard                        alone; single; enjoying being
     praise (Verb) : to show approval         flutter (Verb) : to move lightly         alone, without other people
     of or admiration for somebody or         and quickly; a quick, light move-        sad (Adjective) : unhappy
     something                                ment.                                    voluntary (Adjective) : done
358. (1) attack (Verb) : an act of us-        surpass (Verb) : to do or be bet-        willingly
     ing violence to hurt somebody            ter than somebody or something           subtle (Adjective) : not very
     assault (Verb) : to attack some-    363. (2) inform (Verb) : to tell some-        noticeable or obvious; behaving
     body violently                           body about something in an offi-         in a clever way
     comfort (Verb) : to be physical-         cial way                            368. (2) peaceful (Adjective) : quiet
     ly relaxed and free from pain            apprise (Verb) : to tell or in form      and calm; trying to create peace
     construct (Verb, Noun) : to build        somebody of something                    and live in peace
     or make something                        praise (Verb) : to show approval         pacific (Adjective) : peaceful or
     attach (Verb) : to fasten or join        of or admiration for somebody or         loving peace
     one thing to another                     something                                extensive (Adjective) : covering
359. (3) bulge (Verb) : to stick out          conceal (Verb) : to hide                 a large area; great in amount
     from something in a round shape          assess (Verb) : to make a judge-         deep (Adjective) : having a large
     protrude (Verb) : to stick out           ment about the nature or quality         distance from the top to the bot-
     from a place or a surface                of somebody or something                 tom
     lengthen (Verb) : to make or        364. (4) regular (Adjective) : done or        white (Adjective) : having the
     become longer                            happening often                          colour of fresh snow or of milk
     uphold (Verb) : to support some-         periodic (Adjective) : happen-      369. (2) bring (Verb) : to take some-
     thing that you think is right and        ing often and regularly                  thing or somebody with oneself
     make sure that it continues to           infrequent (Adjective) : not hap-        somewhere
     exist                                    pening often; rare                       fetch (Verb) : to go to where
     refute (Verb) : to prove that            continuous (Adjective) : hap-            somebody or something is and
     something is wrong                       pening or existing for a period of       bring him or it back
360. (2) achieve (Verb) : to succeed          time without interruption; con-          order (Verb) : to use your posi-
     in reaching a particular goal, sta-      tinual                                   tion of authority to tell somebody
     tus or standard; attain; accom-          occasional (Adjective) : hap-            to do something or say that
     plish                                    pening or done sometimes but             something must happen
     accomplish (Verb) : to succeed           not often                                scoop (Verb) : to move or lift
     in doing or completing some-        365. (2) hideous (Adjective) : very           something with a scoop or some-
     thing; achieve                           ugly or unpleasant; revolting            thing like a scoop.
     surrender (Verb) : to admit that         gruesome (Adjective) : very un-          take (Verb) : to carry or move
     you have been defeated and want          pleasant and filling you with hor-       something from one place to an-
     to stop fighting; give in                ror                                      other
     forsake (Verb) : to leave; aban-         sullen (Adjective) : bad–tem-       370. (3) joy (Noun) : a feeling of great
     don; renounce                            pered and not speaking                   happiness; delight