compassionate (Adjective) : feel-        meagre (Adjective) : small in           ough, efficient or determined way
     ing or showing sympathy for peo-         quantity and poor in quality            scientifically (Adverb) : with
     ple who are suffering                    plenty (Determiner) : a lot of          respect to science
     pathetic (Adjective) : making            sufficient (Adjective) : enough         technically (Adverb) : with re-
     you feel pity or sadness; pitiful        for a particular purpose                gard to machinery, methods etc.
     aesthetic (Adjective) : concerned        limited (Adjective) : not very          symmetrically (Adverb) : in a
     with beauty and art and the un-          great in amount or extent               symmetrical manner
     derstanding of beautiful things     348. (3) sound (Adjective) : sensible;  353. (3) thrifty (Adjective) : careful
     warm (Adjective) : at a fairly           good and thorough; in good con-         about spending money and not
     high temperature in a way that           dition                                  wasting things; frugal
     is pleasant                              wholesome (Adjective) : good for        economical (Adjective) : provid-
343. (2) lonely (Adjective) : unhap-          your health; morally good; hav-         ing good service or value in rela-
     py because you are alone; iso-           ing a good moral influence              tion to the amount of time or
     lated                                    complete (Adjective) : total; to        money spent
     solitary (Adjective) : done alone        the greatest degree possible            extravagant (Adjective) : spend-
     without other people; enjoying           ripe (Adjective) : fully grown and      ing a lot more money than is nec-
     being alone; single                      ready to be eaten                       essary
     quiet (Adjective) : making very
                                              desirable (Adjective) : that you        lavish (Adjective) : large in
     little noise
                                              would like to have or do; worth         amount, impressive and costing
     lost (Adjective) : unable to find        having or doing                         a lot of money
     your way
                                         349. (4) weak (Adjective) : not physi-       stingy (Adjective) : not gener-
     idle (Adjective) : not working           cally strong                            ous, especially with money
     hard; lazy
                                              infirm (Adjective) : ill or sick   354. (4) shallow (Adjective) : not
344. (1) decompose (Verb) : to be de-
                                              and weak                                deep; no t showing serious
     stroyed by natural processes;
     rot; decay                               unsteady (Adjective) : not com-         thought, feeling, etc. about some-
     decay (Verb) : to be destroyed by        pletely in control of your move-        thing; superficial
     natural processes; rot or decom-         ments                                   superficial (Adjective) : appear-
     pose                                     timid (Adjective) : shy and ner-        ing to be true, real or important
     decline (Verb) : to become smaller,      vous                                    until you look at it more careful-
     fewer, weaker, etc.; refuse              nervous (Adjective) : anxious or        ly; not concerned with anything
     dispose (Verb) : to arrange              afraid or something                     serious or important and lack-
     things or people in a particular    350. (3) friendly (Adjective) : behav-       ing any depth of understanding
     way or position                          ing in a kind and pleasant way          or feeling; shallow
     disturb (Verb) : to interrupt            cordial (Adjective) : pleasant          defective (Adjective) : having a
     when somebody is trying to work,         and friendly                            fault or faults; not perfect or com-
     sleep, etc.                              affectionate (Adjective) : show-        plete; faulty
345. (3) happiness (Noun) : the state         ing caring feelings and love for        superior (Adjective) : better in
     of being happy – showing plea-           somebody; loving                        quality than somebody or some-
     sure or feeling pleased                  generous (Adjective) : giving or        thing else; higher in rank, im-
     bliss (Noun) : extreme happiness         willing to give freely                  portance or position
     pleasure (Noun) : the state of           kind (Adjective) : caring about         deep (Adjective) : having a large
     being happy, satisfied or con-           others; gentle, friendly and gen-       distance from the top to the bottom
     tented                                   erous                              355. (3) madness (Noun) : the state
     fantasy (Noun) : a pleasant sit-    351. (1) only (Adjective) : used for         of having a serious mental ill-
     uation that you imagine but that         saying that no other or others of       ness; insanity; craze
     is unlikely to happen                    the same group exist or are there       mania (Noun) : an extremely
     laughter (Noun) : the act of             sole (Adjective) : only; single;        strong desire or enthusiasm for
     laughing                                 not shared; belonging to one per-       something; craze
346. (4) frank (Adjective) : honest           son                                     greatness (Noun) : the state of
     and direct in what you say               principal (Adjective) : most im-        being great
     candid (Adjective) : saying what         portant; main                           fame (Noun) : the state of being
     you think openly and honestly            important (Adjective) : of great        known and talked about by many
     able (Adjective) : having the            value                                   people
     skill, intelligence, opportunity,        immediate (Adjective) : happen-         wisdom (Noun) : the ability to
     etc. needed to do something              ing or done without delay; instant      make sensible decisions and give
     quiet (Adjective) : making very     352. (3) methodically (Adverb) : done        good advice because of the ex-
     little noise                             in careful and logical way              perience and knowledge that you
     fearless (Adjective) : not afraid                                                have
                                              systematically (Adverb) : in a
347. (2) inadequate (Adjective) : not         systematic manner; done accord-    356. (2) die (Verb) : to stop living, ex-
     enough; not good enough                  ing to a system or plan in a thor-      isting or working