problem that has been prevent-           raise (Verb) : to lift or move           antipathy (Noun) : a strong feel-
     ing you from achieving some-             something to a higher level              ing of dislike; hostility
     thing                                    create (Verb) : to make some-       338. (3) vital (Adjective) : necessary;
     surmount (Verb) : to deal suc-           thing happen or exist                    essential
     cessfully with a difficulty; over-  334. (4) agony (Noun) : extreme               essential (Adjective) : complete-
     come                                     physical or mental pain                  ly necessary; extremely impor-
     discount (Verb) : to think or say        anguish (Noun) : severe pain,            tant in a particular situation; vi-
     that something is not important          mental suffering or unhappiness;         tal
     or not true; dismiss; reduce             agony                                    hidden (Adjective) : not able to
     surround (Verb) : to be all              trouble (Noun) : a problem, wor-         view; difficult to find
     around                                   ry, difficulty, etc.                     obvious (Adjective) : easy to
     capture (Verb) : to catch; to take       conflict (Noun) : a situation in         see or understand; clear
     control of somebody or some-             which there are opposing ideas,          trivial (Adjective) : not impor-
     thing                                    opinions, feelings or wishes             tant or serious; not worth con-
330. (1) quick (Adjective) : done with        anger (Noun) : the state of being        sidering
     speed                                    angry                               339. (4) assiduous (Adjective) : work-
     brisk (Adjective) : quick; busy;    335. (4) discourage (Verb) : to try to        ing very hard and taking great
     practical and confident                  prevent something or somebody            care; diligent
     bright (Adjective) : full of light       from doing something                     diligent (Adjective) : showing
     puzzled (Adjective) : unable to          dissuade (Verb) : to persuade            care and effort in your work or
     understand something; baffled            somebody not to do something;            duties
     active (Adjective) : always busy         discourage                               desirous (Adjective) : having a
     doing physical activities                encourage (Verb) : to give sup-          wish for something; wanting
331. (3) bucket (Noun) : an open con-         port, courage or hope                    something
     tainer with a handle used for car-       worry (Verb) : to keep thinking          hardworking (Adjective) : put-
     rying liquids or sand                    about unpleasant things that             ting a lot of effort into a job and
     pail (Noun) : bucket                     might happen or about problems           doing it well
     mug (Noun) : a tall cup for              that you have                            ridiculous (Adjective) : very silly
     drinking from, usually with              disturb (Verb) : to interrupt some-      or unreasonable; absurd
     straight sides and a handle and          body when they are trying to sleep, 340. (4) mistake (Noun) : error; mis-
     without a saucer                         work, etc.                               print; not correctly written
     container (Noun) : a box, bot-      336. (4) happiness (Noun) : the state         blunder (Noun) : a stupid or
     tle, etc. in which something can         of being happy – feeling pleased         careless mistake
     be stored or transported                 or showing pleasure                      blemish (Noun) : a mark on the
     vessel (Noun) : a large ship; a          pleasure (Noun) : the state of           skin or an object that spoils it
     container such as a bowl, cup            being happy, satisfied or con-           and makes it look less beautiful
     etc. used for holding liquids            tented; enjoyment                        or perfect
332. (2) overlook (Verb) : to fail to         comfort (Noun) : the state of            danger (Noun) : the possibility
     see or notice something; miss            being physically relaxed and free        of something happening that will
     condone (Verb) : to accept be-           from pain; having a pleasant life        injure, harm or kill somebody or
     haviour that is morally wrong or         privilege (Noun) : a special right       damage or destroy something
     to treat it as if it were not seri-      or advantage that a particular           worry (Noun) : the state of wor-
     ous                                      person or group of people has;           rying; anxiety
     ignore (Verb) : to pay no atten-         honour; favour                      341. (4) rough (Adjective) : having a
     tion to; disregard                       support (Noun) : to help or en-          surface that is not even or
     forgive (Verb) : to stop feeling         courage ment given to somebody           regular
     angry with somebody who has              or something by saying or show-          coarse (Adjective) : rough;
     done something to harm, annoy            ing that you agree with him or to        consisting of relatively large
     or upset you                             it; back                                 pieces; rude and offensive; vulgar
     forget (Verb) : to be unable to     337. (2) responsibility (Noun) : a            smooth (Adjective) : completely
     remember something                       duty to deal with or take care of        flat and even, without any lumps,
333. (2) flourish (Verb) : to develop         somebody or something                    holes or rough areas
     quickly and be successful; thrive        onus (Noun) : the responsibility         refined (Adjective) : made pure
     thrive (Verb) : to become and            for something                            by having other substances taken
     continue to be successful ,              inclination (Noun) : a feeling that      out of it; cultured; genteel
     strong, healthy, etc.; flourish          makes you want to do something           stiff (Adjective) : firm and diffi-
     destroy (Verb) : to damage               prudence (Noun) : the state of           cult to bend
     something so badly that it no            being sensible and careful when     342. (3) sympathetic (Adjective) :
     longer exists, works, etc.               you make judgements and deci-            kind to somebody who is hurt or
                                              sions                                    sad