known (Adjective) : to be familiar   320. (2) forecast (Noun) : a statement        push (Verb) : to make somebody
     to other people                           about what will happen in future         or something move forword; to
316. (3) illness (Noun) : the state of         prognosis (Noun) : an opinion,           make somebody work hard
     being physically or mentally ill          based on medical experience, of     324. (4) shocking (Adjective) : that
     disease (Noun) : an illness; in-          the likely development of a dis-         offends or upsets people; that is
     fection; an illness affecting hu-         ease or an illness; forecast; a          morally wrong; very bad
     mans, plants, animals, caused             judgement about how something            lurid (Adjective) : too bright in
     by infection                              is likely to develop in future           colour, in a way that is not at-
     fall (Noun) : an act of falling           diagnosis (Noun) : the act of dis-       tractive; shocking and violent
     damage (Noun) : physical harm             covering or identifying the exact        happy (Adjective) : feeling or
     caused to something which                 cause of an illness or a problem         showing pleasure; pleased
     makes it less attractive, useful          preface (Noun) : an introduction         abundant (Adjective) : plentiful;
     or valuable                               to a book                                more than enough
     injury (Noun) : harm done to a            identity (Noun) : who or what            bright (Adjective) : full of light;
     person’s or an animal’s body,             somebody or something is                 shining strongly
317. (4) puzzle (Noun) : mystery;         321. (2) hunt (Verb) : to search; to     325. (4) hidden (Adjective) : difficult
     something that is difficult to un-        chase wild animals in order to           to find; covered from view
     derstand or explain                       catch or kill them for food, sport
                                                                                        concealed (Adjective) : not ac-
     enigma (Noun) : a person, thing           or to make money
                                                                                        cessible to view; hidden out of
     or situation that is mysterious           poach (Verb) : to take and use
     and difficult to understand; puz-         somebody or something that be-
                                                                                        covered (Adjective) : having a
     zle; mystery                              longs to somebody or something
                                                                                        layer over it; having a roof over it
     truth (Noun) : the true facts of          else in a secret, dishonest or
                                               unfair way                               closed (Adjective) : shut; not
     something                                                                          open to everyone
     fear (Noun) : the bad feeling that        catch (Verb) : to stop and hold a
                                               moving object; to take hold of           sealed (Adjective) : closed/
     you have when you are in danger
                                               somebody or something                    secured with or as if with a seal
     difficulty (Noun) : a problem, a                                              326. (3) enjoy (Verb) : to get pleasure
                                               preach (Verb) : to give a religious
     thing or situation that causes            talk in a public place                   from something
     problems; the state of being hard         plunder (Verb) : to steal things         relish (Verb) : to get great plea-
     to do or to understand.                   from a place using force during          sure from something; enjoy
318. (4) agreement (Noun) : an ar-                                                      realize (Verb) : to understand or
                                               a time of war; loot
     rangement, a promise or a con-                                                     become aware of a situation
     tract made with somebody             322. (3) response (Noun) : a spoken
                                               or writen answer                         taste (Verb) : to test, have or
     concurrence (Noun) : agreement;                                                    recognize any food or drink
     two or more things happening at           repartee (Noun) : clever and
                                               amusing comments and replies             reveal (Verb) : disclose; to make
     the same time                                                                      something known to somebody
     occurrence (Noun) : something             that are made quickly
                                               refuse (Verb) : to say that you     327. (4) sharp (Adjective) : having a
     that happens or exists                                                             fine edge or point; intense
     conquest (Noun) : the act of tak-         will not do something that some-
                                               body has asked you to do; turn           acute (Adjective) : very serious
     ing control of a country, city, etc.
                                               down                                     or severe; keen; sharp
     by force
                                               celebrate (Verb) : to show that a        dull (Adjective) : not interest-
     currency (Noun) : the system of
                                               day or an event is important by          ing or exciting
     money that a country uses
                                               doing something special on it            drowsy (Adjective) : tired and
319. (4) spying (Verb) : to collect se-
                                               question (Noun) : a sentence,            almost asleep; sleepy
     cret information about another
                                               phrase or word that asks for in-         unpleasant (Adjective) : not
     country, organization or person
                                               formation                                pleasant or comfortable
     espionage (Noun) : the activity
     of secretly getting important po-    323. (3) pressure (Verb) : to persuade   328. (2) request (Verb) : to ask for
     litical or military information           somebody to do something, es-            something or ask somebody to
     about another country or of find-         pecially by making him feel that         do something in a polite way
     ing another country’s secrets by          he has to or should do it                solicit (Verb) : to ask somebody
     using spies; spying                       exhort (Verb) : to try hard to per-      for something; to try to get some-
     planning (Noun) : the act or pro-         suade somebody to do some-               thing or persuade somebody to
     cess of making plans for some-            thing; urge                              do something
     thing                                     recommend (Verb) : to tell some-         command (Verb) : to order
     pioneering (Adjective) : intro-           body that something is good or           sympathize (Verb) : to feel sor-
     ducing ideas and methods that             useful                                   ry for somebody
     have never been used before               coax (Verb) : to persuade some-          agree (Verb) : to accept; to ap-
     lineage (Noun) : the series of            body to do something by talking          prove; to tally
     families that somebody comes              to him in a kind and gentle way;    329. (3) overcome (Verb) : to succeed
     from originally; ancestry                 cajole                                   in dealing with or controlling a