eminent (Adjective) : famous         306. (1) ask (Verb) : to say or write in      acquire (Verb) : to gain some-
     and respected; unusual; excel-            the form of a question                   thing by your own efforts, ability
     lent                                      request (Verb) : to ask for some-        or behaviour
     reliable (Adjective) : that can be        thing or do something in a polite   311. (1) correct (Adjective) : right;
     trusted to do something well;             way                                      not wrong
     dependable                                please (Verb) : used for adding          right (Adjective) : correct; not
302. (4) storm (Noun) : very bad               force to a request or statement          wrong; suitable, just, proper
     weather with strong winds and             suggest (Verb) : to put forward          marked (Adjective) : easy to
     rain and after thunder and light-         an idea; propose                         see; noticeable; distinct
     ning                                      offer (Verb) : to say that you are       straight (Adjective) : without a
     tempest (Noun) : a violent storm          willing to do something for some-        bend or cause; going in one di-
     drama (Noun) : a play for the             body or give something to some-          rection only
     theatre; an exciting event                body                                     finished (Adjective) : no longer
     temperature (Noun) : the degree      307. (1) alarm (Noun) : fear and anx-         doing something or dealing with
     of hotness or coldness of a body          iety that somebody feels when            somebody or something
     or environment                            something dangerous or un-          312. (2) arrested (Verb) : to take into
     temptation (Noun) : the desire            pleasant might happen                    custody, as a suspected criminal
     to do or have something that you
                                               foreboding (Noun) : a strong             apprehend (Verb) : to catch
     know is bad or wrong                      feeling that something dangerous
303. (3) immediate (Adjective) : hap-                                                   somebody and arrest him
                                               or unpleasant is going to happen         understood (Verb) : to know the
     pening or done without delay; in-
                                               forecast (Noun) : a statement            meaning of words, how a work
                                               about what will happen in the            is done, what somebody says, etc.
     instant (Adjective) : immediate;
                                               future                                   feared (Verb) : to be frightened
     happening immediately
                                               failure (Noun) : lack of success         questioned (Verb) : to ask ques-
     constant (Adjective) : all the
                                               in doing or achieving something          tions
     time; repeatedly; that does not
     change ; fixed                            foresight (Noun) : the ability to
                                                                                   313. (1) real (Adjective) : genuine; not
     distant (Adjective) : far away in         predict what is likely to happen         false or artificial
     space or time; remote                308. (1) alter (Verb) : to become dif-
                                                                                        genuine (Adjective) : real; not
     sudden (Adjective) : happening            ferent
     or done quickly and unexpect-             change (Verb) : become or make
                                                                                        unreal (Adjective) : not related
     edly                                      different
                                                                                        to reality
304. (3) misfortune (Noun) : bad               renew (Verb) : to begin something
                                                                                        similar (Adjective) : like some-
     luck; an unfortunate accident,            after a pause or interruption
                                                                                        body or something but not ex-
     condition or event, blow; disas-          review (Verb) : to carefully ex-         actly the same
     ter                                       amine or consider something again
                                                                                        false (Adjective) : wrong; not
     disaster (Noun) : an unexpect-            repeat (Verb) : to say or write
                                                                                        correct or true
     ed event – a very bad accident,           again and again
                                                                                   314. (2) hide (Verb) : conceal; to keep
     a flood, a fire, that kills a lot of 309. (2) real (Adjective) : genuine and
                                                                                        in a place where it cannot be
     people or causes a lot of damage          not false or artificial
     death (Noun) : the fact of dying          genuine (Adjective) : real; not
     or being killed                                                                    conceal (Verb) : to hide
                                               artificial; authentic
     epidemic (Noun) : a large number                                                   show (Verb) : to make something
                                               good (Adjective) : of high quality;
     of cases of a particular disease                                                   clear; to prove something
     happening at the same time in a                                                    cancel (Verb) : to decide that
                                               attractive (Adjective) : pleasant
     particular community                                                               something that has been ar-
                                               to look at; appealing
     derailment (Noun) : being off the                                                  ranged will not now take place
                                               lovable (Adjective) : having
     tracks                                                                             excuse (Verb) : to forgive
                                               qualities that people find attrac-
305. (2) unfavourable (Adjective) :                                                315. (4) capable (Adjective) : having
     not good and likely to cause prob-        tive and easy to love                    the ability or qualities necessary
     lems                                 310. (2) introduce (Verb) : to tell two       for doing something; skilled;
     adverse (Adjective) : negative            or more people who have not met          competent
     and unpleasant; not likely to pro-        before about each other (names)          efficient (Adjective) : doing
     duce a good result                        acquaint (Verb) : to make some-          something well and thoroughly
     unequal (Adjective) : in which            body or yourself familiar with or        without waste of time, money or
     people are treated in different           aware of something                       energy
     ways; unfair                              arouse (Verb) : to make some-            clever (Adjective) : quick at
     unwanted (Adjective) : that you           body have a particular feeling or        learning and understanding
     do not want                               attitude; excite                         things; intelligent
     undue (Adjective) : more than             appoint (Verb) : to choose some-         smart (Adjective) : looking clear
     you think is reasonable or nec-           body for a job or position of re-        and neat; well – dressed
     essary                                    sponsibility