imbalance (Noun) : a situation          hungry (Adjective) : feeling that         sufficient (Adjective) : enough
     in which two or more things are         you want to eat                           for a particular purpose
     not the same in size or are not    293. (3) intention (Noun) : what you           ignificant (Adjective) : important
     treated the same, in a way that         plan to do; your aim                      enough to have an effect or be
     is unfair or causes problems            motive (Noun) : a reason for              noticed
     movement (Noun) : the act of            doing something; aim; cause               vibrant (Adjective) : full of life
     moving from one place to another        reason (Noun) : a cause or an             and energy; exciting; very bright
289. (3) unalterable (Adjective) : that      explanation for something that            and strong; brilliant
     cannot be changed                       has happened or that somebody        298. (2) expect (Verb) : to think or be-
     irrevocable (Adjective) : that          has done                                  lieve that something will happen
     cannot be changed; final                occasion (Noun) : special event,          or that somebody will do some-
     changed (Adjective) : very dif-         ceremony or celebration                   thing
     ferent from what it was before          preparation (Noun) : the act of           anticipate (Verb) : to expect
     done (Adjective) : finished; com-       getting ready for something or            something
     pleted                                  making something ready                    antagonise (Verb) : to do some-
     reversible (Adjective) : that can  294. (2) mercy (Noun) : a kind or for-         thing to make somebody feel
     be turned inside out and used           giving attitude                           angry with you
     with either side shown; that can        pity (Noun) : a feeling of sym-           accept (Verb) : to take willingly
     be changed so that something            pathy and sadness caused by               something that is offered
     may return to its original state        the suffering of others                   hope (Verb) : to want something
     or situation                                                                      to happen and think that it is
                                             offence (Noun) : an illegal act;
290. (4) displeasure (Noun) : the feel-      crime                                     possible
     ing of being upset and annoyed;
                                             kindness (Noun) : the quality of     299. (2) prohibit (Verb) : to stop
                                             being kind                                something from being done or
     anger (Noun) : the strong feel-
                                             joy (Noun) : a feeling of great           used, especially by law; forbid
     ing when something has hap-
                                             happiness; delight                        restrict (Verb) : to control some-
     pened you think is bad and unfair
                                        295. (3) reject (Verb) : to refuse to ac-      thing with rules or laws
     calmness (Noun) : the state of
     not being excited, nervous or           cept or consider something                curtail (Verb) : to limit something
     upset                                   quash (Verb) : to officially say          or make it last for a shorter time
     leisure (Noun) : time that is           that a decision made by a court           retain (Verb) : to keep some-
     spent doing what you enjoy when         is no longer valid or correct; over-      thing; preserve
     you are not working or studying         turn; suppress; to take action to         retail (Verb) : to sell goods to
     vagueness (Noun) : the state of         stop something from continuing            the public through shops/stores.
     not being clear                         question (Verb) : to ask ques-       300. (2) remarkable (Adjective) : un-
291. (1) undecided (Adjective) : not         tions (official)                          usual or surprising in a way that
     having made a decision about            pledge (Verb) : swear; to make            causes people to take notice; as-
     something or somebody                   somebody or yourself promise to           tonishing
     irresolute (Adjective) : not able       do something
                                                                                       tremendous (Adjective) : very
     to decide what to do                    slash (Verb) : to make a long cut         great; huge; remarkable, ex-
     angry (Adjective) : having strong       with a sharp object; slit
                                                                                       tremely good
     feeling about something that you   296. (3) methodical (Adjective) :
                                                                                       awesome (Adjective) : very im-
     dislike very much or about an           done in a careful and logical way;
                                                                                       pressive or very difficult and
     unfair situation                        disciplined; precise
                                                                                       perhaps rather frightening
     ignorant (Adjective) : lacking          meticulous (Adjective) : paying
                                                                                       considerable (Adjective) : great
     knowledge or information about          careful attention to every detail;
                                                                                       in amount, size, importance, etc.;
     something; not educated                 thorough; fastidious; methodi-
                                             cal                                       significant
     firm (Adjective) : not likely to
     change; strongly fixed in a place;      correct (Adjective) : right; ac-          excessive (Adjective) : greater
     secure                                  curate or true; without any mis-          than what seems reasonable or
292. (1) economical (Adjective) : pro-       takes                                     appropriate
     viding good service or value in         clean (Adjective) : not dirty; not   301. (3) hardworking (Adjective) :
     relation to the amount of time or       harmful                                   putting a lot of effort into a job
     money spent; frugal                     painstaking (Adjective) : needing         and doing it well
     frugal (Adjective) : meagre; us-        a lot of care, effort and attention       diligent (Adjective) : showing
     ing only as much money or food          to detail; thorough                       care and effort in your work or
     as is necessary                    297. (2) plentiful (Adjective) : exist-        duties
     delicate (Adjective) : easily dam-      ing in large quantities; abundant         intelligent (Adjective) : good at
     aged or broken; fragile                 abundant (Adjective) : plentiful;         learning, understanding and
     splendid (Adjective) : excellent;       more than enough; existing in             thinking in a logical way about
     very good; great                        large quantities                          things