275. (3) progress (Verb) : to develop         wishes and feelings; careful not to        turning especially when you
     or improve; advance                      hurt or upset others; thoughtful           have a responsibility
     advance (Verb) : to move for-            agreeable (Adjective) : pleasant           keep (Verb) : to stay in a partic-
     ward; develop; to help something         and easy to like                           ular condition or position; to
     to succeed; progress                     kind (Adjective) : caring about            continue doing something
     reduce (Verb) : to make some-            others; gentle, friendly and gen-          cherish (Verb) : to love some-
     thing less smaller in size, quan-        erous                                      body or something very much
     tity, price, etc.                        like-minded (Adjective) : hav-             and want to protect him or it
     halt (Verb) : to stop                    ing similar ideas and interests            enlarge (Verb) : to make some-
     extend (Verb) : to make some-       280. (2) grow (Verb) : to increase in           thing bigger
     thing longer or larger                   size, number, strength or quality;    285. (1) abolish (Verb) : to officially
276. (2) refuse (Verb) : deny; to say         to develop                                 end a law, a system or an insti-
     that you will not do something           nurture (Verb) : to care for and           tution
     deny (Verb) : to refuse to admit         protect somebody or something              cancel (Verb) : to decide that
     or accept something                      while he/it growing or developing;         something that has been ar-
     regain (Verb) : to get back some-        foster                                     ranged will not now take place;
     thing you no longer have                 encourage (Verb) : to give                 annul; abolish; neutralize
     repair (Verb) : to restore some-         support, courage or hope                   approve (Verb) : to think some-
     thing that is broken, damaged or         maintain (Verb) : to make some-            body or something is good, suit-
     torn to good condition; put right        thing continue at the same level,          able or acceptable
     reduce (Verb) : to make some-            standard, etc.; preserve                   allow (Verb) : to let somebody
     thing less or smaller               281. (4) postpone (Verb) : to delay             or something do something
277. (3) scorn (Verb/Noun) : to have          until a later time; put off                break (Verb) : to be damaged
     a strong feeling that somebody           defer (Verb) : put off; to delay           and separated into two or more
     or something is stupid or not            something until a later time               pieces
     good enough, usually shown by            indifferent (Adjective) : having      286. (4) beautify (Verb) : to make
     the way you speak                        or showing no interest                     somebody or something beauti-
     abuse (Verb) : to make bad use           defy (Verb) : to refuse to obey            ful or more beautiful
     of something; misuse; insult; to         or show respect for somebody               adorn (Verb) : to make something
     use power or knowledge unfair-           in authority, (a law, a rule etc.)         or somebody look more attrac-
     ly or wrongly                            differ (Verb) : to be different            tive by decorating it or him with
     use (Verb) : to do something with        from somebody or something                 something
     a machine, a method, an object,     282. (2) stop (Verb) : to come to an            trust (Verb) : to believe that
     etc. for a particular purpose            end                                        somebody is good, sincere and
     praise (Verb) : to express your          cease (Verb) : to stop happen-             honest
     approval or admiration for some-         ing                                        writer (Noun) : a person who
     body; compliment                         begin (Verb) : to start doing              writes books, stories, articles, etc.
     raise (Verb) : to move or lift to a      something                                  suspect (Verb) : to have an idea
     higher level; to increase the            create (Verb) : to make some-              that something is probably true
     amount; to collect money or peo-         thing happen or exist                      or likely to happen, but without
     ple together                             dull (Verb) : to become weaker             having definite proof
278. (1) submissive (Adjective) :             or slower or less lively              287. (3) rest (Verb) : to relax, sleep
     willing to accept somebody else’s   283. (1) religious (Adjective) : con-           or do nothing after a period of
     authority and willing to obey him        nected with religion                       activity of illness; to be buried
     without questioning                      pious (Adjective) : having or              repose (Verb) : to rest, sleep or
     docile (Adjective) : quiet and           showing deep respect for God               feel calm
     easy to control                          and religion; devoted                      place (Verb) : to put something
     stubborn (Adjective) : deter-            sympathetic (Adjective) : kind             in a particular place
     mined not to change your opin-           to somebody who is hurt or sad             keep (Verb) : to stay in a partic-
     ion or attitude; obstinate               afraid (Adjective) : frightened;           ular condition or position
     strong (Adjective) : having great        scared; terrified                          replace (Verb) : to be instead of
     power; firm                              faithful (Adjective) : loyal; staying      something or somebody else
     changeable (Adjective) : likely          with or supporting a particular       288. (3) disturbance (Noun) : a noisy
     to change; unpredictable                 person, organisation or belief             fight; the act of disturbing some-
279. (4) thoughtful (Adjective) : con-   284. (1) forsake (Verb) : abandon; to           thing or somebody
     siderate; kind; showing that you         leave somebody or something,               commotion (Noun) : sudden
     think about and care for other           especially when you have a re-             noisy confusion or excitement
     people                                   sponsibility to stay                       cheer (Noun) : a shout of joy,
     considerate (Adjective) : al-            abandon (Verb) : to leave some-            support or praise
     ways thinking of other people’s          body with no intention of re-