merit (Noun) : the quality of           mimic (Verb) : to copy the way           personality trait (Noun) : the
     being good and of deserving             somebo dy speaks, mo ves,                various aspects of a person’s
     praise; worth                           behaves, etc. in order to make           character that combine to make
     loss (Noun) : the state of no           other people laugh, imitate              him different from other
     longer having something                 simulate (Verb) : to pretend that   271. (2) flexible (Adjective) : able to
     pain (Noun) : mental or emotion-        you have a particular feeling            change to suit new conditions or
     al suffering                       267. (2) acknowledge (Verb) : to              situations; able to bend easily
263. (4) indecent (Adjective) : mor-         accept that something is true            without breaking
     ally offensive; not wearing prop-       laud (Verb) : to praise                  elastic (Adjective) : made with
     er clothes                              like (Verb) : prefer/ wish to do         elastic; able to stretch and then
     obscene (Adjective) : outra-            something                                return to its original size and
     geous; indecent; connected with         praise (Verb) : to show approval         shape
     sex in a way that most people           of or admiration for somebody or         rubbery (Adjective) : looking or
     find offensive                          something                                feeling like rubber
     beautiful (Adjective) : pretty;         record (Verb) : to set down in a         expensive (Adjective) : costly
     good looking                            permanent form                           exciting (Adjective) : causing
     unhealthy (Adjective) : not of     268. (1) liberate (Verb) : to free a          great interest or excitement
     good health                             country or perso n from the         272. (1) waver (Verb) : to be or
     unwanted (Adjective) : that you         control of somebody else                 become weak or unsteady; to
     do not want                             emancipate (Verb) : set free; to         hesitate and be unable to make
264. (1) result (Noun) : a thing that        free somebod y from legal,               a decision or choice; hesitate; to
     is caused or produced because           political or social restrictions         move in an unsteady way
     of something                            exist (Verb) : to be present in a        vaci llate (Verb) : to k eep
     effect (Noun) : a result; a change      place or situation; to be real           changing your opinion or
     that somebody or something              correct (Verb) : make right/             thoughts about something; waver
     causes in somebody or some-             correct                                  never (Conjunction) : not at any
     thing else                              restrain (Verb) : to stop                time
     warning (Noun) : a statement or         somebody from doing something            quiver (Verb) : to shake slightly;
     event telling somebody that        269. (2) engrossing (Verb) : to be so         tremble
     something bad may happen in             much interested in something             queer (Adjective) : odd; strange
     the future so that he may try to        that you pay no attention to any         or unusual
     avoid it.                               other thing
                                                                                 273. (1) perfect (Adjective) :
     chance (Noun) : a possibility of        absorbing (Verb) : take in; to           complete and without faults; ideal
     something happening                     take something into the mind and
                                                                                      impeccable (Adjective) : without
     purpose (Noun) : the intention,         learn or understand it; to be so
                                                                                      mistakes or faults; perfect
     aim or function of something            much interested in something
                                                                                      fair (Adjective) : acceptable and
265. (2) guess (Verb) : to try and give      that you do not pay attention to
                                             anything else                            appropriate in a particular
     an answer or make a judgement
                                                                                      situation; treating everyone
     about something without being           concentrating (Verb) : to give all
                                                                                      equally; quite good; fine; beautiful
     sure of all the facts                   your attention to something and
                                             not think about anything else            faultless (Adjective) : having no
     speculate (Verb) : to form an
                                             fascinating (Adjective) : extremely      mistakes; perfect
     opinion about something without
     knowing all the facts; wonder;          interesting and attractive               criminal (Noun) : a person who
     conjecture; guess                       enriching (Adjective) : improving        commits a crime
     think (Verb) : to have an idea          the quality of something by         274. (4) obstruction (Noun) : the fact
     that so mething is tru e or             adding something to it                   of trying to prevent from making
     possible or to have a particular   270. (2) grotesque likeness (Noun) :          progress
     opinion about somebody or               liking towards a person who is           impediment (Noun) : something
     something                               extremely ugly in a strange way,         that delays or stops the progress
     argue (Verb) : to speak angrily         in a book or painting                    of something; obstacle; a physical
     with somebody because you               caricature (Noun) : funny                problem that makes it difficult
     disagree with him                       drawing or picture of somebody           to speak normally
     speak (Verb) : to talk                  that exaggerates some of its             clear (Noun/Verb) : no longer in
266. (3) imitate (Verb) : to copy            features                                 danger or thought to be guilty;
     somebody for something                  biographical sketch (Noun) : a           away from something ; to remove
     emulate (Verb) : to do something        sketch of or relating to a               something from a place; easy to
                                             biography – the story of a person’s      understand
     as well as somebody else
     because you admire him; imitate         like written by somebody else            ailment (Noun) : an illness that
                                             eccentricity (Noun) : the quality        is not very serious
     echo (Verb) : to send back and
     repeat a sound; to be full of           of being unusual and different           incapable (Adjective) : not able
     sound                                   from other people                        to do something well