insensitive (Adjective) : not            compromise (Noun) : an agree-      258. (1) false (Adjective) : wrong; not
     caring how other people feel; un-        ment made between two people            correct or true
     sympathetic; callous                     or groups in which each side            fictitious (Adjective) : invent-
     repulsive (Adjective) : causing          gives up some of the things it          ed by somebody rather than true
     a feeling or strong dislike; very        wants so that both sides may be         frail (Adjective) : physically
     unpleasant; disgusting                   happy in the end                        weak and thin
     revolting (Adjective) : extremely   254. (2) distinguish (Verb) : differen-      foul (Adjective) : dirty and smell-
     unpleasant; disgusting                   tiate; to recognise the difference      ing bad
     cunning (Adjective) : crafty;            between people or things                flattering (Adjective) : saying
     clever and skilful                       discriminate (Verb) : differenti-       nice things about somebody;
250. (1) scarcity (Noun) : shortage           ate; distinguish; to show a dif-        making somebody feel pleased
     dearth (Noun) : a lack of some-          ference between people or               and special
     thing; scarcity                          things                             259. (3) indecent (Adjective) : mor-
                                              compare (Verb) : to examine             ally offensive; not wearing prop-
     familiarity (Noun) : the state of
                                              people or things to see how they        er clothes
     knowing somebody or something
                                              are similar or how they are dif-        obscene (Adjective) : outra-
                                              ferent                                  geous; connected with sex in a
     closeness (Noun) : a feeling of
                                              comprehend (Verb) : to under-           way that most people find offen-
     being close and belonging together
                                              stand something fully                   sive; indecent
     relation (Noun) : the way in
                                              connect (Verb) : to be joined to-       dirty (Adjective) : not clear un-
     which two people, groups or
                                              gether                                  pleasant or dishonest
     countries behave towards each
                                         255. (3) seem (Verb) : to give the im-
     other                                                                            unhealthy (Adjective) : not hav-
                                              pression of being or doing some-
251. (1) stop (Verb) : to end an activ-                                               ing good health
                                              thing; appear
     ity                                                                              unwanted (Adjective) : that you
                                              appear (Verb) : seem; to give the
     cease (Verb) : to stop happening                                                 do not want
                                              impression of being or doing
     or existing                              something                          260. (2) copy (Verb) : to make or
     lapse (Verb) : expire; to come to                                                write something exactly like
                                              see (Verb) : spot; notice
     an end                                                                           something else; to behave or do
                                              allow (Verb) : to let something
     close (Verb) : shut                                                              something in the same way as
                                              happen or be done
     arrest (Verb) : to take into cus-                                                somebody else; to cheat in an
                                              enter (Verb) : to come or go into
     tody (by the police)                                                             exam; imitate.
252. (1) debt (Noun) : a sum of mon-                                                  imitate (Verb) : to copy some-
                                         256. (3) flatter (Verb) : to say nice
     ey that somebody owes                                                            body or something; mimic
                                              things about somebody to please
     liability (Noun) : the state of          him and want him do something           follow (Verb) : to come, go after
     being legally responsible for            for you                                 or behind somebody or something
     something                                cajole (Verb) : to make somebody        think (Verb) : to have an idea
     debit (Noun) : a written note in         do something by talking to him          that something is true or possi-
     a bank account or other finan-           and being very nice to him              ble; to have a particular opinion
     cial record of a sum of money            insist (Verb) : to demand or to         about somebody or something
     spent                                    say firmly that something is true       allude (Verb) : to mention some-
                                              persuade (Verb) : to make some-         thing in an indirect way
     asset (Noun) : a person or thing
     that is valuable or useful; a thing      body believe that something is     261. (3) domesticated (Verb) : to
     of value–property, money, etc.           true; convince                          make a wild animal live with or
                                              recommend (Verb) : to tell some-        work for humans
     credit (Noun) : an arrangement
                                              body that something is good or          tame (Adjective) : (animals) not
     that you make, to pay later for
     something you buy                        useful                                  afraid of people and used to live
253. (2) unity (Noun) : the state of     257. (2) aroma (Noun) : a pleasant,          with them
     being in agreement and working           noticeable smell                        wild (Adjective) : living or grow-
     together                                 fragrance (Noun) : a pleasant           ing in natural conditions; not
     integration (Noun) : the act of          smell; perfume                          kept in a house or on a farm
     combining two or more things so          taste (Noun) : the smell that al-       savage (Adjective) : aggressive
     that they may work together              lows you to recognise different         and violent; causing great harm;
     symmetry (Noun) : the exact              food when you put them in your          brutal; primitive
     match in size and shape between          mouth                                   silent (Adjective) : not speak-
     two halves, parts or sides               sight (Noun) : the ability to see;      ing; quiet
     coordination (Noun) : the act of         eyesight                           262. (2) sympathy (Noun) : the feel-
     making parts of something,               touch (Noun) : the sense that           ing of being sorry for somebody
     groups of people etc. to work            allows you to be aware of things        mercy (Noun) : a kind or for-
     together in an efficient and or-         and what they are like when you         giving attitude; humanity; sym-
     ganised way                              feel them with your hands.              pathy