disparity (Noun) : a difference,           distinctive (Adjective) : having         natural (Adjective) : existing in
     especially one connected with              a quality or characteristic that         nature; not made by man
     unfair treatment                           makes something different and            neurotic (Adjective) : caused by
     disseminate (Verb) : to spread             easily noticed                           or suffering from a mental illness
     information, knowledge etc.                derogatory (Adjective) : show-           in which in person suffers strong
     discord (Noun) : disagreement;             ing a critical attitude towards          feelings of fear and worry
     arguing                                    somebody; insulting                 245. (3) genial (Adjective) : friendly
     difficulty (Noun) : a problem; a      240. (2) violence (Noun) : violent be-        and cheerful; affable
     thing or situation that causes             haviour that is intended to hurt         mellow (Adjective) : soft, rich
     problems                                   or kill somebody                         and pleasant; calm, gentle and
236. (4) strengthen (Verb) : to be-             atrocity (Noun) : a cruel and            reasonabl e; smooth and
     come stronger; to make some-               violent act                              pleasant; relaxed, calm and
     body or something stronger                 envy (Noun) : jealousy                   happy
     fortify (Verb) : to make a place           jealousy (Noun) : envy; a feel-          melodious (Adjective) : pleasant
     more able to resist attack; to             ing of being jealous                     to listen to music
     make yourself feel stronger, brav-         absurdity (Noun) : the state of          dramatic (Adjective) : sudden,
     er; strengthen                             being completely ridiculous; illog-      very great and often surprising
     create (Verb) : to make some-              ical or insensible                       fruity (Adjective) : smelling or
     thing happen or exist; to pro-        241. (2) fictitious (Adjective) : in-         tasting strongly of fruit
     duce a particular feeling                  vented by somebody rather than      246. (4) noisy (Adjective) : making a
                                                true                                     lot of noise; full of noise
     generate (Verb) : to produce or
                                                imaginary (Adjective) : existing
     create something                                                                    boisterous (Adjective) : noisy
                                                only in your mind or imagination
     prohibit (Verb) : to stop some-                                                     and full of life and energy
                                                fabulous (Adjective) : extremely
     thing from being done; forbid                                                       boyish (Adjective) : looking or
                                                good; very great
237. (1) calm down (Phrasal Verb) :                                                      behaving like a boy
                                                factitious (Adjective) : not gen-
     to become or make somebody                                                          huge (Adjective) : enormous;
                                                uine but created deliberately and
     become calm                                made to appear to be true                vast
     pacify (Verb) : to make some-              fallacious (Adjective) : wrong;          sound (Noun) : noise
     body who is angry or upset be-             based on a false idea               247. (4) glitters (Verb) : to shine
     come calm and quiet; placate; to      242. (4) peaceful (Adjective) : quiet         brightly with little flashes of light;
     bring peace                                and calm; not worried or dis-            sparkle
     satisfy (Verb) : pleasing; fulfilling      turbed in any way; tranquil              shines (Verb) : to produce or
     rouse (Verb) : to wake up some-            tranquil (Adjective) : quiet and         reflect light; to be bright; to pol-
     body                                       peaceful; serene; calm                   ish to be very good at something;
                                                tremendous (Adjective) : very            glitter
     rejoice (Verb) : to express great
     happiness                                  great; huge                              glows (Verb) : to produce a dull,
                                                dynamic (Adjective) : having a           steady light
238. (2) shortage (Noun) : a situation
     when there is not enough of the            lot of energy and a strong per-          dazzles (Verb) : to cause some-
     people or things that are needed           sonality                                 one to lose clear vision because
                                                treacherous (Adjective) : that           of a strong light
     paucity (Noun) : a small amount
                                                cannot be trusted; deceitful             blazes (Verb) : to burn brightly
     of something; less than enough
                                           243. (2) unpleasant (Adjective) : not         and strongly
     of something; shortage
                                                pleasant or comfortable; dis-       248. (2) roundabout (Adjective) : not
     surplus (Noun) : an amount that            agreeable                                done or said using the shortest,
     is extra or more than you need
                                                sordid (Adjective) : immoral or          simplest or most direct way pos-
     excess (Noun) : more than is               dishonest; very dirty and un-            sible
     necessary, reasonable or accept-           pleasant; squalid; wretched              circuitous (Adjective) : long and
     able                                       sore (Noun) : a part of body             not direct; roundabout
     meanness (Noun) : the quality              which is painful and often red           short (Adjective) : measuring a
     of being mean; unwilling to part           because of infection                     small distance, height, time,
     with anything; likely to become            splendid (Adjective) : excellent;        breadth, name, etc.
     angry                                      very good; great                         circular (Adjective/Noun) :
239. (2) dull (Adjective) : not inter-          dissatisfied (Adjective) : not           shaped like a circle; round; mov-
     esting or coexisting; boring               happy or satisfied                       ing around in a circle; document
     tedious (Adjective) : lasting or      244. (4) wicked (Adjective) : morally         sent to a large number of people
     taking too long and not interest-          bad; evil; mischievous                   different (Adjective) : not the
     ing; boring; wearisome                     nefarious (Adjective) : criminal;        same; not like
     devious (Adjective) : behaving             wicked; inmoral
                                                                                    249. (4) callous (Adjective) : not car-
     in a dishonest or indirect way;            docile (Adjective) : quiet and           ing about other people’s feeling
     deceitful                                  easy to control                          or suffering; cruel