fabulous (Adjective) : extremely        cooperative (Adjective) : involv-         disagree (Verb) : to be of differ-
     good; very great; outstanding;          ing doing something together or           ent opinions; differ
     wonderful                               working together with others to-     231. (1) taste (Noun, Verb) : that al-
     beautiful (Adjective) : having          wards a shared aim                        lows you to recognise foods when
     beauty                                  inspirational (Adjective) : pro-          you put them in your mouth; to
     interesting (Adjective) : attract-      viding inspiration                        have a particular flavour
     ing because it is special, excit-       charitable (Adjective) : connect-         savour (Noun, Verb) : relish; a
     ing or unusual                          ed with a charity                         taste or smell, especially a pleas-
     charming (Adjective) : very        227. (4) courageous (Adjective) :              ant one; the particular quality that
     pleasant or attractive                  brave                                     different foods and drinks have
223. (4) puzzling (Adjective) : not          daring (Adjective) : willing to do        protector (Noun) : a person, an
     clear to the understanding; enig-       dangerous or unusual things;              organisation or a thing that pro-
     matic                                   brave; courageous                         tects somebody or something.
     enigmatic (Adjective) : myste-          brilliant (Adjective) : extremely         sour (Adjective) : having a taste
     rious and difficult to under-           clever or impressive                      like that of a lemon or of fruit
     stand; puzzling                         energetic (Adjective) : having or         that is not ready to eat
     magnetic (Adjective) : behaving         needing a lot of energy and en-           flavour (Noun) : taste; how food
     like a magnet                           thusiasm                                  or drink tastes
     automatic (Adjective) : having          enthusiastic (Adjective) : feel-     232. (3) competed (Verb) : to try to
     controls that work without need-        ing or showing a lot of excitement        be more successful/ better than
     ing a person to operate; instinc-       and interest about somebody or            somebody else who is trying to
     tive                                    something                                 do the same as you
     speeding (adjective) : moving      228. (2) show (Verb) : to make some-           rivalled (Verb) : to be as good,
     with great speed                        thing clear : to prove something          impressive as somebo dy or
224. (4) hopelessness (Noun) : the           demonstrate (Verb) : to show              something else
     despair you feel when you have          something clearly by giving proof         hatred (Noun) : a very strong
     abandoned hope of comfort or            or evidence; display; protest             feeling of dislike
     success                                 remonstrate (Verb) : to protest           revised (Verb) : to change your
     desperation (Noun) : a state in         or complain about somebody or             opinions or plans, book or an
     which everything seems wrong            something                                 estimate; to prepare for an exam
     and will turn out badly; hope-          witness (Verb) : to see some-             contradicted (Verb) : to be so
     lessness                                thing happen                              different from each other that
     depression (Noun) : feelings of         complain (Verb) : to say you are          one of them must be wrong
     gloom; slump                            annoyed, unhappy or not satis-       233. (4) cutting (Verb) : to make
     jubilation (Noun) : a feeling of        fied                                      shorter; to make an opening
     great happiness                    229. (3) intentional (Adjective) :             trimming (Verb) : to make some-
     fascination (Noun) : a very             done deliberately; deliberate; in-        thing neater, small, better etc.
     strong attraction                       tended                                    by cutting parts from something
225. (3) dislike (Noun) : a feeling of       deliberate (Adjective) : inten-           skimming (Verb) : to remove fat,
     not liking                              tional; planned or done on pur-           cream etc. from the surface
     aversion (Noun) : a strong feel-        pose rather than by accident              arranging (Verb) : to plan and
     ing of not liking somebody or           purposeless (Adjective) : mean-           organise; to put in a particular
     something                               ingless; pointless; having no             order
     aggression (Noun) : feelings of         meaning, use or clear aim
     anger and hatred that may re-                                                     planning (Noun) : something that
                                             perpetuate (Verb) : to make               you intend to do
     sult in threatening or violent be-      something such as a bad situa-
     haviour                                                                      234. (1) annoy (Verb) : to make slight-
                                             tion, belief, etc. continue for a
     assertion (Noun) : a statement                                                    ly angry; irritate; bother
                                             long time
     saying that you strongly believe                                                  pester : to annoy somebody;
                                             intervention (Noun) : the act of
     something to be true; claim                                                       badger
                                             intervening; coming or existing
     impudence (Noun) : rude; not            between any two things                    insect (Noun) : any small crea-
     showing respect for other people   230. (1) postpone (Verb) : to delay            ture with six legs and body di-
226. (2) dictatorial (Adjective) : us-       until a later time; put off               vided into three parts
     ing power in an unreasonable            defer (Verb) : to delay until a lat-      upset (Adjective) : Troubled or
     way by telling people what to do        er time; put off                          disturbed
     and not listening to their views        different (Adjective) : not the           paste (Verb) : any mixture of a
     or wishes                                                                         soft consistency to stick using
                                             same; not like something or
     autocratic (Adjective) : of the                                                   glue
                                             somebody else
     nature of or relating to a ruler                                             235. (2) difference (Noun) : the way
     who has complete power; des-            accept (Verb) : to take willingly         in which two people or things are
     potic; dictatorial                      something that is offered                 not like each other